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Yeah, well I'm a teenage girl who likes videogames, anime, manga and loves fanfictions~! Ever since I was little, I've always been creating my own fanfictions for shows and games and whatnot. Aftering learning about this site, I was encouraged to write some of my fanfictions, but then discouraged from an article I read. It said something about certain authors being blinded by the fact that THEY like the story that they think it is amazing when it's usually really bad and not interesting. I just recently decided that I don't care, as long as one person likes my story, that's good enough for me :3



bleach, soul eater, pokemon


bleach, soul eater, persona 3, pokemon adventures

TV show/ cartoon!

Spongebob Squarepants, Courage the Cowardly Dog, South Park


Emerald Green



Fanfictions I'm currently writing:

1. World Champion- a pokemon fanfiction

summary- While Ash, Iris and Dent are traveling, they attend a strange battle in a HUGE stadium. They soon discover that somebody has challenged the World Champion, the strongest trainer of all the regions. A few days after the event, Ash and the gang run into a strange girl. She challenges Ash to a battleā€¦ but what will happen next?

Fanfictions I'm currently starting to write:

1. The Ringmaster- a persona 3 portable fanfiction

summary- There's a strange new girl in school. She suddenly moves into the dorm with Minako and the gang. She suddenly becomes everyone's friend. She suddenly saves Minako's life. But who is she really? ((relashionship wise, i think im going to go with a MinakoxShinji and NewcharacterxAkihiko))

2. Shadow Reaper- a soul eater fanfiction

summary- ((takes place right after the Kishin is reborn, will contain ideas from both the anime and the manga)) Death the Kid is informed by his father that a new student will be arriving at DWMA. He is told to look out for her, so he does. When Black Star decided to wait with Death the Kid to see how strong this new student is, the whole gang ends up coming. They waited and waited, but the girl didn't show. They were told to wait again the next day, so they do. The new student finally arrives... limping up the stairs... with a giant slash in her side... with a small blood stained towel... gasping, gasping for breathe... what happened???


~If anyone has a gaiaonline account, pm me ((on this site, duhh)) if you would like to be friends. I'll send you my username real quick ;)

~If anyone plays pokemon or animal crossing, pm me ((on this site duhh)) if you would like my friend code information.

~Yes, I have youtube! My username is also NinjahSocks. I made a few amv's with the little persona clips i had. they're kind of sad, but oh well...

~Yes, I have a PokeFarm! My username is also NinjahSocks. I only recently started playing, so help a brotha out?

~Any story recommendations/ideas? pm me ;)

~I WILL take story requests!!! Whether or not I write them depends on how well I think the basic plot is as well as whether I think I would be able to write it.

Thanks for visiting my profile ;)

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