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Hi there.

Wow. Its been 2 years since I updated this profile. Funny how time flies then proceeds to slap you in the face. Where do I start? A lot has changed. I moved cities, I'm studying, I have a part time job. Very adult I guess.

Writing has been a hobby of mine for years and last year I wrote my first short film and things were nuts. This year things are even more nuts and my motivation and confidence are faltering massively because I don't think I'm capable because of how I am.

To avoid sounding like a morbid sad donkey (haw) I'll stick to what a profile is supposed to be.

Writing is fun but pair that with crippling anxiety and spontaneous desire to be oscar winning results in a weird consistency.

My favourite shows currently are Akagami No Shiriukye (apologies for bad spelling) Transformers Rescue Bots, Gravity Falls, The Flash, Steven Universe and Star Wars Rebels.

I know my audience is nearly gone because of my inconsistency. And I'm sorry. I want to tell you the whole spiel of 'IM GOING TO WORK HARDER AND UPDATE Y'ALL HERDY GERDY' but that also comes with the possibility I'll let you all down again. If I post, then great. If I don't, then know what to tell you really. Its sucky but I'm tired of giving excuses when in reality the energy just isn't there for me.

The life of a student is funny. Either my social and financial life is going well while my studies falter or the other way around. Its hard to have both. But I'll get there (: Mentally I'm a lot more aware of myself and my situations so I think I'll be ok in the end.

Inspiration has funny ways of showing itself. I just need to keep my eyes open when it does.

Much love,



Hello my name's Hidden Waterbird and among many passions, writing is one of them. Which is weird because I'm a mentally lazy person and writing pretty much requires the opposite. It's nice though to have a pressure free hobby. I DON'T DEAL WELL WITH STRESS. *deep breath*

So basically for this website I try to update stories at least once every so often... As some of you may know that previous statement is utter bulls*... So I apologise in advance if you read one of my stories and don't get an update for months at a time! I have time management issues among other things...

Review's are awesome, that is that. (catchphrase?)

My writing is my own, hide in my bedroom on a Friday night 'thing.' I love reading fanfiction except for the creepy stories that pair the must unlikely of characters and describe them doing...uh, 'activities.' I'm also obsessed with EdxWin and ShinichixRan respectively. No comment.

I am an animation freak to put it lightly. I still miss the Saturday morning cartoons of Batman and L.O.S.H. Hopefully one day I can be among those creators. Now day's my favorite shows to watch and write about are:

Transformers Rescue Bots (Got to meet the voice of Heatwave in March. I died.)

Gravity Falls (Bill is always watching)

Legend of Korra #timeskip

TMNT (right now, I don't know if the writers were on acid at some point but these past 3 episodes have been nuts.) #aprilsmom

I'm actually also really enjoying the new Star Wars show as well. I'd definitely recommend it especially since Greg Weissman is involved.

So shows are off hiatus which is fantastic but that also means my work ethic goes out the window. That should speak for itself.

I could go on and on naming my shows and interests but then that would just prove even more of how busy my social life is. That was sarcastic if you were confused.

2014!!! OH HOW TIME FLIES! This year has been insane so far and not to mention crazy fast. This year a lot is at stake so in terms of my future so during semesters I won't be updating terribly often. However in the holidays I will push to update you all on my mediocre stories! My final project is due in two weeks which counts for more than half of my general grade so dang.

I've realised that I've been letting you all down a lot as I was reading reviews and some of you are so incredibly supportive and nice so I want to let you know that even though updates will come less than often, I still aspire to write because of how inspirational you guys can be.

UPDATE: I think I'm starting to crack this writers block of mine. I think instead of writing big 10K plus stories I'm going to try focus on shorter one shots. So if you are counting on some of my bigger stories to be updated then that is possible but not likely in the near future. Expect many random one shots especially in the anime genre!

Love Ya x

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