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I prefer not to write about myself being a private person, so I'll write about my stories. I think I am an optimistic person, so my stories tend to be happy and more on the romanticized side. Now that I've been writing for a few years, I found there are three wonderful things about Fanfiction: 1)the satisfaction of writing and completing something you are proud of 2)learning there are so many amazing writers, and 3)finding so many friends around the world.

These are the stories I have written.

1)"Thoughts of You" Tried to write a classy romantic love story with Mike and Connie. All about the yearning and then the realization. Influenced by "Sleepless in Seattle", one of my fave movies. Fave chapter: #7. Story just wrote itself.

2)"Motion to Suppress" Action/Romance. Influenced by Bruce Willis move "Red". Again with Mike and Connie--can you tell I want them together?Tried to make it a fast pace thriller, but once Connie got hold of the bat, it became somewhat comical. Wanted to be sure to include the small town of Dargerville--that was one of my fave episodes with L and O. Fave chapters: #10 and #15.

3)"A Simple Beginning" was written in December for the Christmas season. It tells the story of how Mike and Connie first met. Like the title said, it was written with a simple style, with little dialogue and action. Later I added how they spent New Year's Day, too. fave chapter: #6. Very sentimental.

4)"Motion to Dismiss", a sequel to "Suppress". This is the thriller that the first one should have been. I did end the series this time. Really worked hard on developing Mike and Connie's characters. I hope I portrayed them as thoughtful people with a great sense of humor. Again, a lot of romance. Fave chap: last one, of course.

5)"To Love Again" a romance with Jack McCoy this time. Love his brash personality and incorporated it in the story. It would be a mature love.

I've finished up with the "Law and Order" series. Now on to "Burn Notice"!

6)"Mom's the Word" Another action/romance. It's more than just that. I've tried to add humor/mystery to the story, too. I've always loved the actress Sharon Gless, and I think she is just great on this show, which is why I wanted to bring Maddie up to the forefront. I've soften the love relationship to make it more romanticized. I loved all the Michael/Fiona scenes together. Probably the most beautiful would be chp. 24. The most humorous part of the story would be Sam fighting off a thug in chps. 9 and 10 or any scene with Maddie wanting to get involved. Also what I like about this story is that each main characters will shine in a chapter. Oh, and my husband had the idea for the crazy car chase in the story. So blame him.

7)"A Twist of Nate" now has Michael dealing with his brother. This is a sequel to "Mom's the Word" but in some ways, it is the complete opposite. Whereas "Mom" starts off very simple with a purse snatching before getting more complicated with PI's and thugs, "Nate" starts off very complicated and simplifies as the story goes on. So in this story I have several plots that I must tie into one story. A lot harder, but I am up to the challenge! Fave chapters: the soup cans, of course! and the Seymour chapter.!

Somehow, with Mike Cutter back on SVU, I felt a need to return to the Law and Order Mothership:

8) "Coming Home". Mike Cutter is back! I couldn't help but go back to my first story love. Another romantic story, bringing Connie back from LA for a visit due to Jack's retirement party. I love Mike and Connie and hated that there was no closure to their personal story. I've grown as a writer and hope this will be my best written law and order story. Favorite chapter: chapters 5 and 21.

9) Christmas is here! I had planned to do a sequel to "A Simple Beginning" but work, "Seymour" and life got in the way. I knew I would not finish a story by Christmastime. I was watching a Hallmark movie and thinking that every Christmas movie on that channel was about a city person coming into a small town and finding love, so I thought I could do that with Mike and Connie. So "Keeping Warm" was that attempt, but I had to move the event to New Years. Next year I'll start earlier!

10) My next story is a Law and Order story called "Love and Order". I really wanted to challenge myself, so I've added scenes with Mike prosecuting a case in court. Not the easiest to do when you don't have a legal background. Hope I did it justice, get it? So far, my favorite chapters, actually, HAVE been the courtroom scenes!

11) "No Hidden Fi" is my first attempt at plot-based vs. character driven story. I got the idea from a "Mrs. Pollifax movie." I always thought it would be funny to write a story where everyone has a 'reaction' in dealing with Fi, for she is such an entertaining character.

12) "When Opposites Attract" I've always loved the episode "Strike" where Mike and Connie went up against one another. I tried to recreate the chemistry as they combat their way through the case. I have to admit, I was very pleased with the humor of the courtroom scenes.

13) I LOVE watching "Perception" and I came up with this storyline. Of course, I have to get in the chemistry of these two! I think my story is a little more simple and more optimistic than the show. Part of that is I am not a neuroscience professor so I'm sure "my Daniel" is lacking in the intellectual department LOL, so instead I try to write an engaging story. Hope I got that right!!!!!

14) "Hazy" was written because I wanted something diametrically different from "Undeclared", my first Perception story. It's much more serious, altho of course, I do have the fluff. I especially liked the first few dramatic chapters.

15) My friends and I love exchanging one shot stories and thought, why not publish one of our one-shot? That's how "A Law and Order Christmas: came about. We used the relationship of Lupo/Connie as our prompt. I thought RubirosaRocks and theSilverChef did an excellent job!

16) Back to Law and Order! "It's Complicated" is my first foray into serious crime drama. I'm pretending there was a Season 21, which there should have been! I didn't totally ignore the Mike/Connie chemistry but this story is really about the crime itself. Kinda stretching my writing chops! Hope people find it interesting enough!

17) I do love joining forces with my L and O friends to write challenges. We had so much fun with "A Law and Order Valentine's Day". I think you will find both laughter and romance in all three stories!

18) Another Law and Order one shot challenge called "A Law and Order Time Change". theSilverChef thought of the theme, but unfortunately she could not join in the writings, but I was fortunate enough to get Selene Garcia on board. We had so much fun putting the characters in different eras! I want to do that theme again!!!!!!

19) "I'll Have Fries with That" is from the show, "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" , which was one of my favorite shows back in the day, (like over 30 years ago!) The show was dated and cheesy, but it was cute and romantic as well. Just the way I write!

20) "A Law and Order Summer". First time FOUR authors had contributed! Woo hoo! The other three ladies are the nicest people in the world and we worked so well together. I thought the stories were all cute and clever. I hope we do this forever!

21) "Letters" I had written this long ago and put it away. One day I took it out, reread it and thought, maybe it was worth posting (hope so) A lot is going on in this story, but I feel all parts were necessary. Hoping readers will like it. I think my portrayal of Daniel, Lewicki and Kate is lighter than the series.

22) "Partners" I seem to be hooked on this series. Loved Jon Tenney from "The Closer". I think for now, they are my favorite 'Will they/Won't they couple. I am still angry that this show had been cancelled after only 10 episodes! Grrrr!

23) "Crushes, Crimes and Christmas" Back to my first love, Law and Order. What could be more sentimental than writing a love story set during Christmastime? Favorite chps: 4 and 9.

24) "Truly a Spy" I love how on the show 'Scarecrow and Mrs. King', Amanda seems to 'stumble' across a mission. This is my interpretation of it.

25) "Puzzled" I've been dying to do a Mentalist story for the longest time. I love the banter/arguing/attraction between Jane and Lisbon. So I tried to show that while putting them in the middle of an interesting crime. I wonder if the readers can break the code before Jane and Lisbon can?

26) "Once Upon a Time" I've always thought Mike and Connie had a rom-com kind of romance, so this is my interpretation with this story, with the usual misunderstanding turning into a strong attraction with one another. I love writing about them as a couple!

27) "A Matter of Importance" Back to SMK. Some of my favorite episodes were the European missions in season 2. They were pure delight. So I decided to bring one of the characters from there and write him in this story. He had been unsure and shy and I kept him that way here. Just like in the European episode he was the perfect foil for Lee!

28) "A Law and Order Autumn" So the SilverChef requested that we do another challenge. That did sound like fun, but our previous two writers were not available, which is why I asked TuxedoCat42 and Moonlit if they wanted to join the challenge. Luckily, they agreed and voila! Here it is! I am very pleased with the results. I thought our four stories really fit very well together!

29) "The Good-bye" Well, TNT has disappointed me again. They have cancelled the series "Perception". As I write this, Daniel and Kate are nowhere close to being together, in fact Kate is engaged to someone else. So I decided to put them together MY way.

30) "Come Spy with Me" is very mission-based for the SMK readers. I used to enjoy watching shows like "Mission: Impossible" and "It Takes a Thief", so here's my version of that kind of story. Added bonus: Lee and Amanda get help from an old (but funny friend) friend!

31) For "You Spy Up My Life", I wanted to put in more romance, so I had L and A falling in love. I've included more scenes from Amanda's home life, yet there is definitely a mystery they have to solve too!

32) I've watched on the Law and Order: SVU episodes from day one. Though I was sad at Stabler's leaving, I really like the addition of Carisi and Rollins. They seem to have chemistry between them, so I thought of this "Mixed Signals" story to put them together!

33) "On Your Marks, Get Set...Spy!' I thought of this story one night after going to the library. I couldn't sleep that night, tossing and turning, thinking how I could incorporate the library into a spy story. I did it, so here it is!

34) "A Case of Mutual Attraction' There's a secret part of me that wishes Sonny and Amanda wouldn't get together as a couple because they make such great friends. But because I want the best for Sonny, here's how I would imagine a romance for him. Although they've written Amanda all over the place, I like to think it was Carisi who set her straight.

35) "The First Glance" In the mood for some SMK Lee/Amanda romance. As you know, I'm all about yearning looks, so I wanted to do a story with them where a simple glance evokes a strong reaction. I mean, it could've happened this way, couldn't it?

36) To prepare myself for Valentine's Day, I've been watching rom-coms non-stop ('Sleepless in Seattle' "While you were Sleeping', 'Nottinghill', 'Must Love Dogs', etc) so here's my contribution to the rom-com genre!

37) I thought of writing a story where Amanda uses her smarts as she goes on her first mission on her own. Of course, Lee eventually joins her in "Operation: Spy and Seek", and I wanted to show him as clever as well. And it's Lee who actually grew the most since he also had to deal with a little girl.

38) "A Three-sided SpyAngle" was influenced by the game of 'Cllue', believe it or not. I feel as though I'm improving as a writer since the plots are getting more complicated. Plus I always wanted to write a story with a likable Dean.

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