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Hello! My name is Angelina Rain Marquin. But just call me "Angel" for short. Everyone does. This is the part where I tell all of you people a little bit about me and my twisted, boring, totally normal life, right? Okay, here we go.

"I am a greaser. I am a JD and a hood. I blacken the name of our fair city. I beat up people. I rob gas stations. I am a menace to society. Man,do I have fun!"~~ Sodapop Curtis, The Outsiders.

I like to think that people can get to know me through my writing. Please read my stories, if you would like. If you have anything to say about my work, say it. I want to hear your questions/ suggestions/comments. Also, if you have any requests, email me. Thanks!

Basically, I just write Outsiders and Lita-centered SM/GW romance fics. Maybe one day, I'll move onto something different, but until that time, here I am. ^_^.

My Stories:

Outsiders fanfics-
I'll be that Girl:Finished-20 chapters

The Color of Green: Incomplete-9 chapters- author:Hollie.

Bittersweet Hearts: Incomplete- 4 chapters.

Somewhere Between Hello and Good-bye: Incomplete-3 chapters.

Tragic Greaser Song Fics: Incomplete- 4 chapters.

SM/GW Crossovers-
The Heart of a Clown: Finished-15 chapters-Lita centered.

The Love of a Bounty Hunter: Incomplete-7 chapters-Lita centered.

A Vampire's Lonely Tears: Incomplete-8 chapters-Lita

A Heart of a Child: Incomplete-8 chapters-? centered.

Blame it on the Moon: Incomplete-2 chapter-Lita centered.

You've got the Key to My Heart: Imcomplete-2 chapters-Lita centered.

I Won't Say I'm in Love: Incomplete-1 chapter.

Let's talk about little sisters. I have one. Her name is Heaven Marquin. She has decided to join fanfiction.net and has asked me to tell everyone about it since everyone listens to me.
If "everyone" listens to me, then I have to find everyone because I have a lot to say. Her pen name is "Rockabye", ok?

Look out for Heaven's first story that should be coming up in a while. It's kinda the sequal to the sequal of "I'll be that Girl",I think. If you think I'm good at writing Outsiders fics, you need to read her work. To give you an honest opinion about my little sister's writing talents, SHE ROCKS! Well,I have done my sisterly duty and bragged about Heaven enough. So, read her fics, ok? If you do, I'll be a happy little angel!

My dear friend, Jade, has decided to join FF.net, also! It's a catchy thing. Her penname is Take a Picture. She's the one who wrote "The Color of Green", a sequal to my story, "I'll be that Girl". Jade also has a story up under her own penname. It's called "Insanity and Chip Clips." It's a humor Outsiders fic. I loved it, personally. She did a real good job with it. I highly reccomend it to anyone who is having a bad day or needs a good laugh.

I'm a HUGE ice hockey fan. I love hockey with a passion. It's, in my opinion, the best sport. I go to ACHL (Atlantic Coast Hockey League) games whenever Jade will take me. So, some of my fics will have to do with hockey occasionally. I may be obsessed, I don't know, but I love the sport, and some of the players are really good looking, also! I have a twisted little plan to include certian aspects of the ice hockey sport in one of my Outsiders stories called "Bittersweet Hearts". I'm having fun with all of the twists and turns in that one.

Okay, just so no one will get all confused, here's the status of my Outsiders stories:

I'll be that Girl: set POST-novel. Heaven's story will explain it all.

Bittersweet Hearts: set PRE-novel

Somewhere Between Hello and Good-bye: set PRE-novel.

Okay, I just want to get a few things straight since some people get confused when I try to explain things to them.

I wrote a story called "I'll be that Girl" sometime back and Heaven and Jade absolutely loved it. Or atleast that's what they tell me. So, we decided to do a sequal to it. And eventually it turned into a series. So, here's the order that they need to be read in:

1.) I'll be that Girl--by me, Angel Marquin
2.) The Color of Green--by my bestest friend, Jade West
3.) Greasers Go To Hawaii*--by me, Angel Marquin
4.) Life as a Greaser--by my little sister, Heaven Marquin

They all fit together to form one big, greaser chain of events. I'm being told that Heaven has another one to add, but I'm not totally one hundred percent sure on that one, so don't hold me to it.

: "Greasers Go To Hawaii" isn't finished yet, and I haven't started posting it. Heaven is being a wonderful little sister, and she decided that she was going to help me finish it. She's such a wonderful person. But the story picks up right where "The Color of Green" leaves off. Yes, I realize that it's not done yet, but I'll see what I can do. I'll talk it over with Jade and let you guys know, okay? All right.

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