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Author has written 14 stories for Darren Shan Saga/Cirque Du Freak, Pellinor, and RuneScape.


I'm an aspiring writer (90% of us are here for the same reason) and I just love spinning a yarn of my own on existing stories - stories which I like, love and... well, you get the idea.

Visit me at SFF forum for the Pellinor series - The Singer.


Hope you all like my stories,

My current stories-

To Anhil, Greetings! - A Pellinor fan fic. Let me tell you one thing: I LOVE Dernhil! And he was such a great character, but too less explored upon. I wanted to just sum up his feelings right before his death, and his brother's reply which he would never get. My only regret is that Dernhil didn't compose me a poem... Completed

The Written Words - A Darren Shan fan fic. See, Kurda Smahlt is A-MAZE-ING. And I mean it. This story is one for a quote-contest, and it happens to involve the chemistry between challenger of the contest and Kurdy-Wurdy. Now, the main character is a girl who knows about every book of past, present and future, and helps Kurda out to avoid his death, as recorded in certain books. No cookies for guessing what books I'm talking about here. Completed

Past, I disbelieved; Now, I follow - A Darren Shan fan fic. And my very first. Aadela Felix is this lovely girl who's dragged into the vampire world partly because of Darren, and her romance with him, and the struggles she faces. Based on the first 6 books of Darren Shan. Completed

Past I followed; Now I lead - The sequel to Past, I disbelieved; Now, I follow. Set in the final 6 books of Darren Shan, with Aadela coming to terms with herself, moving along the quest of revenge for her dead family and becoming a reknowned General. She becomes more kick-ass, compared to her soft side in the present series. And, it portrays how Aadela not only changes the sequence of the War of the Scars but also how she helps Darren in the present, whilst he is lost in the Lake of the Souls. It'll probably be followed by another very small story, which just about sums up Aadela's life and revenge after the War. The word is 'probably', so I'm not putting down the title of the story here as of now.

The Lost Love - A Pellinor fan fic. Will explore Cadvan and Nerili's relationship in graphic detail. Which will also have to involve Cadvan and Ceredin pairing. Basically, many people dislike Nerili (because MC shippers can't stand the fact that a beautiful, living - Ceredin's dead, right? - woman of Cadvan's age should be interested in him; no offence to any shipper!) but I don't. Okay, I'm an MC shipper too, 'kay? But I rather like Nerili. She comes across as very mysterious, very... broken, in a sense. A romance is hinted, and so is rejection in the books. She is, by far, the most difficult character I've taken up, because I wanted to give her that cliche personality of a split woman - happy, but restricted, who wants to be happy and free. The difficulty lies in adopting this point into the free and lively and wise Bardic lives.

The Summer - A Pellinor fan fic. Shyasana of Jerr-Niken is an ordinary Bard, and this is a story about the lifestyles of other Bards in the Maerad-era. Shyasana is a descendant of the longest line of Bards, the House of Enakhra, and was initiated at the School of Jerr-Niken. The story goes on to describe the sack of the famous Suderaini School, and shows Shyasana's struggle to re-build her life, and find love in the famous (and handsome, don't forget) Dernhil of Gent. It is slight AU in the sense that Dernhil doesn't die in the fic, and is instead saved by Shyasana. The other two ways it is different from the original is the the latter focused on the life of an extraordinary Bard, the saviour Maerad of Pellinor, but my fic shall focus on a lifestyle which can be applied to almost all the Bards of that era, barring a few exceptions. And thirdly, while Pellinor explores the conquest of Light over Dark, and all the events that have led to the rise of the Dark, my fic shall focus more on the workings and plannings and strategies of the Dark.

List of Obsessions

1) Shawn Roberts

2) Albert Wesker

3) Darren Shan

4) Kurda Smahlt

5) Dernhil of Gent

6) David Tennant

7) The Doctor

8) Hans Landa

9) Sliske

10) Wahisietel

11) Alec Hardy

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Mahjarrat hands were not meant for gentle childrearing; they were meant for war and survival, for eking out a living from ash, for shielding eyes from the treacherous lightning, for dragging brethren to sacrifice and teaching the young ones the same. But if he were to bring up this child well, he was going to need not just Ali's human hands but Wahisietel's Mahjarrat ones as well.
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Past, I disbelieved Now, I follow reviews
Watching your family be killed in front of you isn't easy. Giving up a perfect life to track down the vampaneze who killed your family by becoming a vampire maybe harder. This is Aadela Felix, desperate for revenge and Darren's saga's redeemer. R&R pls!
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The written words reviews
Lina's quote contest 1. Kurda Smahlt still lives, thanks to a warning from a friend of his who's connected to every book of every age. But his death still approaches. Are his nights over, as originally stated in a book, or does he still get to live?
Darren Shan Saga/Cirque Du Freak - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,764 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Published: 8/7/2011 - Kurda Smahlt - Complete
To Anhil, greetings! reviews
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