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I am Seventeen and I live in America. I love writing and hope to become an author someday. my favorite books are Harry potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. My favorite parings, in Harry potter are: Harry/Hermione and Jame/Lily. And I mostly read Harry potter and Percy Jackson and olympian fanfiction and power rangers. I mostly will write Fantasy, light romance, and actions stories. also as an author I am still learning my strengths and weakness. I discovered fanfiction three years ago when I was thirteen years old. I write and read during my spare time or when I am not doing anything.

What I love to do: love read,write, and play sports, and practice my trumpet and write scores for my stories.

What am I a part of: I am part of the marching band of my school and since that season has ended I'm part of the concert band now.

What I dislike : I dislike when characters are bash for no reason. They aren't real people so why bash something that isn't real. let them be the way the Original author portray ,them as or don't have them in the story all just that plain simple. Especially in Harry potter where authors seem to have joy in bashing Dumbledore,Ron,Ginny,Molly for what reason? they never did anything to you. Don't have them in a story if you don't like them. That all I see in most Fics today is bashing on those characters. I see bashing as sign of lazy writing or when an Author doesn't take writing seriously. I will not bash any characters in my stories at all even If don't like some of them.

My favorite type of stories is Characters-driven showing the development of each character in the story. my favorite characters if done right are Vernon and Dumbledore.I also I like plot development as well.

The reason why I chose Vernon because we don't know about him other than he's Harry uncle and Dudley father and he's Dudley aunt brother. And hate magic, but if he did hate everything magic why would he raise a magical boy for seventeen years. I do believe that he doesn't hate magic but tolerant it to a certain degree. I would love to see authors try that concept. Meaning have Vernon be a decent man who has a soft spot for his nephew and not an overly abusive uncle and cares about him.


White storm- As each chapter finish- on hitaus until I figure out how to process

Legions of Aether- on hitaus until I figure out how to process.

Favorite books :

Harry potter ( of course)

Percy Jackson and the Olympian series ( top favorite)

The hunger games series ( who doesn't like that series)

Pendragon series (love the series)

Favorite Anime:



Soul eater

Favorite power rangers series

MMPR(Season 1-3).

Power Rangers Zeo.

Power Ranger turbo.

Power Ranger In space. (Favorite season of all time).

Power rangers ninja storm.

Power rangers Time force.

My Favorite Power rangers couple are

Tommy and Kim ( love that couple).

Tommy and Kat.

Andros and Ashley.(Space)

Zhane and Karone.(Space)

Leo and Kendrix. (lost galaxy)

Wes and Jen.(Time force)

Shane and Tori.(Ninja storm)

Conner and Kira.(Dino thunder)

Casey and Lily (jungle fury)

Summer and Dilion (RPM)

My favorite type stories are AU because you get to build, a world based on that world with a mixture of cannon involved. I'm doing a story that based on power rangers In space. Its, going to be a three-part story or four depending on the arc length. For some reason I like the Idea of having one or two turbo rangers being from KO-35 but that's just me.

I'm putting my stories on hold due to writer blocks, homework, and life in general. But, I do write In my spare time I also have begun plotting two new stories. And I will try to update my stories weekly or every two weeks.

Stories that I am working on or will be working on.

White Storm part I-this will be updated once or every two weeks. White mask is my first Naruto AU story.

Next fic- White storm part I

Shortly after Naruto graduate from the academy, he kicks himself into high gear after his fight with Mizuki, and seeing Iruka injure. He is determine to never see anyone he loves hurt because of him… not if he can help it. This AU and does not follow cannon.

This will be updated once a week.

I also adore good good criticism.

Percy Jackson- Legions of Aether

Percy, thought everything was over and so did Jason Grace. Now stuck, in the void Jason and Percy must find a way to help camp Aether, from a new threat that will destroy all three camps. However Percy and Jason must uncover secrets that separated the three camps in the first place. And now they must unite the camps together. Simple right ... Nothing is ever simple.

After July 24 I will be Updating this once a week.

Future story's

Soul for a Soul- lost hero of Olympus and son of Neptune combine into one book.

Summary- Hera didn't wipe Jason and Percy memory, instead after dong a small quest Percy is found washed up on the shore of camp Jupiter. And Jason if found at the wilderness school where he and coach hedge has to protect two demigods and get the to camp half-blood.

Percy- the Greeks gave Percy the principles of being a leader, now the Romans will train him to be a leader/ warrior one where Rome can depend on. Just like the leaders before him.

Power Rangers fic- Timeless warriors- With the world put into a endless sleep,and time its self has moving, thanks to Kronos and Morpheus, three timeless warriors from the academy has to put a to them.

Rise To A Pokemon Master- every Saturday

His strength and weakness will be tested, after graduating from a Pokémon trainer school, and traveling with his father and cousin, Hayden for a year, ash Is now ready to take on the Pokémon world. In completing his dreams to become a Pokémon master and top coordinator. This time instead of being on the sidelines Ash will take he world by a storm.

Main Characters-

Ash Kectkum

Blake Stephen- a pokemon breeder that travel with Ash on his journey, and is sort of like a mentor .

Tori- a person from Ash past, who part of a organization.

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