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OK, so I'm getting straight to the point, I'm just new to this fanfiction site, and I'm not really good at anything, well maybe sleep, im excellent at that. But other than that, I'm just trying to become a good writer. And yes im a total noob when it comes to writing but please bear with me . I live in Canada but I'm 100% pinoy, and I can understand and speak Filipino and English very well as a matter-of-fact.

So umm...this is where you put stuff that describe you...

I love to sleep and eat, but I'm surprisingly doing good with my studies, i have black hair that is super duper straight, I'm really short ( but I dont know my own height, don't ask me why I don't know because a.) I'm too lazy to measure it and b.) I haven't known my height since 7th grade). I'm a very lazy person, (my mom always calls me 'tamad' which means lazy in tagalog.) I love plaid shirts I wear them 4 times a week. My favorite color is oceanic blue, I love mangoes and I like to read manga. Just so you guys know, my blood type is O :O. I love angsty stories and also the same with fanfiction.

So I love Maria-sama ga miteru and Naruto

Pairings that I love

Yumi X Sachiko: Their relationship is somehow refreshing for me. And I know a lot of times they almost got their -air quote- relationship upgraded but not. Why? well Sachiko is just so, so dense when it comes to seeing love from Yumi and Yumi... let's just say she's the clumsy cute girl you'd want to be with, the one with the "100 faces" as Sei phrased it.

Naruto X Hinata: OMG they are the perfect couple for me, Like you can feel the love vibes just by reading fanfictions of them both!. I kinda hate the NaruSaku pairing, but as they say, everyone has their likes and dislikes on everything, even when it comes to pairings of course :)

Sei X Youko: Ok, I just love these two very much, one of my favorite pairing in Marimite. I believe that Youko secretly loves Sei, I mean she was with her through happiness and sorrow, (but more with the sorrow part). Other people think that its just strong bondship between friends, but I think otherwise.

PS. My pen name means "Blue Rose" in Tagalog :D (just in case you guys ask where I got my awesome pen name.)-lol-

OK! so if you're here for the explanation, I have it down here.

{MB} [TT]

N ]



MB: Mercedes Benz

TT: The Taxi

The Mercedes Benz was going at 120 kmph. Imagine it going straight at the taxi hood, because the taxi was just crossing the intersection. That's why they crashed :/

I'm very sorry for those who got confused on ch.18 because of this. I hope this will sort of give you the idea of how the car crash occurred.

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