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I'm mainly here to write Superman fanfic, I guess. I like other franchises too and I might write fanfic for them, but who knows.

I have some old stories for that I'm not particularly proud of, but which might be of interest to some, and are labeled "ARCHIVED WORK" to indicate their oldness (and, more importantly, badness). None of them are about Superman, but are about other worthy series such as Sonic the Hedgehog.

My stories will probably focus more on the Clark Kent side of Superman since that's what I find the most interesting, and they likely won't be particularly action-packed most of the time. Hopefully, though, they'll still be interesting and even at times adventurous.

I haven't actually read many Superman comics, but I've watched episodes from all the major TV shows except The Adventures of Superboy and Smallville. I really like the 50's Adventures of Superman despite (or occasionally because of) the laughable quality of the writing, and I like Superman: The Animated Series because of the amazing quality of the writing. I have mixed feelings on Lois & Clark...I love it with regards to concepts, but the execution is hit-or-miss. Maybe it'll get better as I go on. I've also watched and enjoyed the 40's cartoons. My favorite is The Magnetic Telescope.

My depiction of the characters will probably stem from many different influences and various depictions of them over the years, with my own interpretations inevitably injected (it is fanfic after all). I may occasionally try to fit into one particular portrayal of the characters and world, but it probably won't be the norm.

I'll try not to write any stories which are just "my take on [event that happens in every version of Superman, such as his origin/meeting Lois Lane/fighting a certain supervillain/blah blah]", and instead focus more on telling new stories with the characters. I may break this rule someday, probably...but I hope not for a long time.

I doubt I'll write stories focused on romance, but expect Clois to be present very often, just as it is so often present in official Superman media.

I watched only the first Donner film and I found it extremely lacking, despite honestly wanting to like it, so don't expect my stories to have anything to do with the movies.

I'm not too interested in superheroes other than Clark, but Batman is kinda cool I guess.

Stories I contributed to:

I wrote the battle scene, plus some other stuff.

Where will you go when you die? Heaven or hell? The time to think about the answer to this question is now – not after it’s too late. No one knows how much time they have left.

In order to answer this question, we need to consider who God is and how he decides who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. His standards are clearly set out in the Bible. In it, he says we must not lie – which includes so called “white” lies (Exodus 20:16), we must not use the name of the Lord to swear (Exodus 20:7), we must not covet (Exodus 20:17), we must not steal – regardless of the item’s value (Exodus 20:15), hating others is a form of murder (Matthew 5:21-22, 1 John 3:15), and lust is a form of adultery (Matthew 5:27-28), and we must love God with all our hearts and our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40), among other things. NONE of us keep all of these commands all of the time. We may think that we don’t disobey them that often, or that we don’t disobey them that badly (which is admitting that we did, in fact, disobey them), or that we do a lot of good things, or had a “good” reason to disobey them. But would any of these excuses work in a court of law? Of course not. If we disobey the law, we must be punished. It’s as simple as that. God is just, good, and perfect, and He can’t just ignore our crimes. He must punish everyone who disobeys His righteous laws.

However, there is good news. God is incredibly loving and merciful. He sent His own Son to come into the world as a man – Jesus Christ, who is as infinitely perfect as His Father. He died on the cross and took the punishment for the sins of anyone who would believe in Him. He faced God’s wrath. He paid the price that we should’ve paid. Then, He rose from the grave, showing that He has full power over death. If we believe in His atoning sacrifice, not our own efforts, then our sins are paid for. We don’t have to face eternal punishment after we die, but will rather experience eternal joy in heaven! Also, His Spirit will live inside us and give us a new heart!

God is just. He punishes all crimes against His perfect law. But if we trust in Jesus, we don’t have to fear death. We don’t have to fear God’s wrath. And we don’t have to live a sinful life. The price for our sins is already paid – if we confess our sins, repent, and believe in Jesus Christ! Will you do that today?

Want to learn more? See And why not go to and read God’s word for yourself?

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