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Author has written 12 stories for Simpsons, Doctor Who, Resident Evil, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dawn of the Dead, Mario, Ghost Busters (Real/Extreme), The Mask, and Ghostbusters.

Hi there!

Welcome to my profile

General Information

Name: Ross Pickering

Age: 24

From: Britian, specifically North East England, Yorkshire

I enjoy reading and writing fan fictions but never found a place to post them up until now. I really enjoy well written and well thought out crossover fan fictions between my favorite TV shows and I'm also a big fan of time travel stories.

I mostly write for Doctor Who, Resident Evil, Ghostbusters, Star Wars and the Mask though I may try writing for others.


Why not check out some of my youtube videos.


Mario & Luigi: The Mask

A Youtube sprite series I'm currently making, based off the fan fiction I'm writing here.

Luigi is tired of standing in Marios shadow finds his world turned upside down when he finds a mysterous, wooden mask which is cursed into granting the wearers innermost desires. Luigi sees this as his chance to become his own super hero but who's really in the driving seat, Luigi or the Mask?

Full Trailer


Chapter One: The Good Loser

Chapter Two: Who's Laughing Now!

Chapter Three, Part 1: The Masqurade

Chapter Three, Part 2: The Masqurade

Chapter 4, Teaser


I am now on Deviant art, it's mostly just drawings at the minute but I hope to expand into actual coloured art later.

My Deviantart page

Forums I visit on Fanfiction.net

(Doctor Who, TARDIS forum) 'I travel in Time and Space with the TARDIS Doctor Who challenge forum.'

(Resident Evil, Writing and Resident Evil forum)

(This list will grow eventually)

Challenges I’m currently working on.

From the TARDIS challenge forum

Doctor Who, The Disney Challenge (Planning stages)

Doctor Who, The Pure Historical Challenge (Planning stages)

Fan Fictions I am currently reading on FanFiction.Net (I'm a little slow when it comes to reading fan fictions.)

Resident Evil, A Corrupted Summer, by CJJS

Harry Potter/The Mask crossover, Harry Potter and the Mask of Loki, by Marcus S. Lazarus

The Mask, Family Mask, by TylerFG

Stories I would recommend -updated 21/04/2011

Resident Evil-

A Corrupted Summer, by CJJS

End of the Line, by CJJS

The Mask

Ties that Bind, by Shini02

FAQ- Not so much Frequently Asked Questions, as Frequently Anticipated Questions.

Q: When are you going to finish/update [insert story here]?

A: Sorry, but I need to work at my own pace and I need to remain inspired, if not then the quality of my writing will decrease.

Q: How often do you usually update a story?

A: I usually try to update one story every week, however recently my Uni work means updates are going to take longer. Also which story I update is often random because I need to remain inspired to write for the story in particular.

Q: Is [Insert story here] canceled?

A: I never, ever cancel a story so if you're reading one of mine which hasn't been updated for a while then I ask you to please be patient. Also if I’ve put a story in hiatus, your wait might be a little longer, sorry.

Q: How can you put a fanfiction in hiatus? It’s not a TV show

A: When I put a story in Hiatus it’s because I’ve simply ran out of ideas of where to take it, but it will be continued when I get some inspiration. However I rarely do this with stories I’ve planned out from start to finish. I also try not to have any more then ten active stories going at once so I get at least one of those finished before moving on, but if I put a story into hiatus then I can start a new one because a hiatus-ed story is on 'pause', until I have both an idea of where to take it next and when I finish one of the others. Again if you're reading a story I've put into Hiatus, then I'm really sorry, but you might have to wait.

Q: Why only ten stories at a time?

A: Well, don't you think its annoying when you're reading what you think is a fantastic story only to have the author just stop writing it altogether? I do, and I do get annoyed with myself when I leave a story for so long that I've just lost the flow of it. Which is why I only have ten on the go at once because then you know I'm going to finish them before writing another.

Q: You said you've written Fan fiction for a while before joining FF.net, so how come you haven't posted your older stuff up?

A: My older stuff is unpublished and really not that good and its honestly a mess because I'd start writing but stop before I'm even halfway through, put it on the back shelf and just forget the plot I was trying to write, so though I have a lot of old stuff its unfinished and not very good but I do recycle some of the old ideas I had into my newer fictions. That's why none of my old, unpublished stuff is on FF.net.

Q: Why write for Doctor Who?

A: It has the most flexible format you can have, you can literally do anything and go anywhere with it.

Q: Why write for Ghostbusters?

A: Cos bustin’ makes me fell good!... Okay seriously it’s because simply Ghostbusters is one of my favorite films and cartoon series. The whole ghost cop thing had been done before but it was always cheesy or childish. Ghostbusters took a silly idea and put a more serious spin on it yet still had time for a joke or two.

Q: Why write for Star Wars?

A: It’s a mixture of Sci-fi and fantasy, plus they’re some of my favorite films baring ‘Attack of the Clones’. It also managed to fleshed out its world really well in most of the films. Though I haven't written any Star Wars fan fiction at the moment I intend to at some point.

Q: Why didn't you like Attack of the Clones?

A: I could rant on and on why, but the bottom line is Attack of the Clones had weakest plot of all of the films and I felt it was just a springboard to launch things like the Clone Wars cartoon series which I also don't care for, mostly because it makes Jedi appear like they're unbeatable super heroes. (However I have recently changed my tune in regard to the CGI Clone Wars series, they are far better then the cartoon.)

Q: Why write for the Mask?

A: The Mask is like a Jekyll and Hyde story and I like stories like that. You introduce a character with a certain personality who’s in a certain situation and show how the Mask twists and plays with their minds. It’s especially interesting in crossovers (or to me it is) to see what hidden parts of the mind it digs out of a well established characters subconscious.

Q: Why write for Resident Evil?

A: Because I like the idea and the concept, that and the fact that zombies are the only cinematic monster that frighten me these days -as long as said zombies don’t run otherwise it tends to spoil their creepiness for me-

Q: Why do you like writing crossovers so much?

A: Why does anyone like writing crossovers so much? To see how two characters who wouldn’t normally meet interact with each other as they team up together or fight against each other. (Note: True most of my fictions are crossovers at the minute because I just like writing them so much, however I will start writing none crossover stories eventually)

Q: Got any none crossover stories planned?

A: Two Resident Evil plots, four more Doctor Who and one for Ghostbusters, however I’m going to let the plots bake for a while before I write them.

Q: Why do you put so much detail into your stories?

A: That's just my writing style but honestly I reserve that level of detail for crossovers. In my crossovers I provide quite a bit of detail from either side I am writing for so you don't have to know the details of both sides of the crossover to understand whats going on. But if you read some of my non-crossover stories you'll see they lack the detailed character introductions I provide in my crossovers.

Q: Are you going to write for something else other then the above?

A: Possibly, it depends if I feel I can do the characters justice, I usually don’t like writing a story if I can’t get the characters right.

Q: What's with all the Mask crossovers you write?

A: As I’ve said, the idea of the Mask intrigues me. A magical object that unleashes the wearers darker impulses and gives it the powers to indulge its every desire gives me the chance to explore a different side to a characters personality. The creature the Mask unleashes is as unique as the person who wears it and each time a new person wears the Mask it’s like re-inventing the character so they’re similar but dramatically different from the original.

Q: What do you do to fight writers block?

A: Me personally, I usually just step away from the story for a while and let the creative juices recharge, but I also try other stuff like if it's a TV show I'm writing for I watch some episodes of it, but mostly I just wait until inspiration strikes that's usually the best way of writing fan fiction seeing as there isn't a deadline the stories have to be completed by.

Favorite TV shows (in this order)

Doctor Who –Greatest show ever created-

Top gear –Greatest motoring show created, if you've seen it you'll understand why-

Mock the Week -A panel show made up of comedians just having a laugh-

QI -Another panel show made up of comedians, funny and Quite Interesting-

The Simpsons –Doesn’t need any explanation-

Jonathan Creek -A detective show about a man whose day job is dreaming up magic tricks, but helps solve unsolvable mysteries in his spare time-

Only Fools and Horses -It's funny-

Red Dwarf -A Sci-Fi based comedy show by the BBC that's actually funny-

The Walking Dead -Reminds me of Survivors (Except with zombies)-

Survivors -Don't know why, it's just good-

Mythbusters -Same reasons I like Top gear-

CSI –Might not be true to life but still good-

Futurama –not as good as the Simpsons but still good-

Heroes –Because I do-

Torchwood –Started off badly but soon picked up-

Lost –Most who watch it feel the same way about the plot, don’t know why, I followed it easily-

A Touch of Frost -I like detective shows-

Poirot -Another good detective show, based off Agatha Christie's books-

Colombo –I prefer ‘who done it’ detective shows but even a ‘how ya gonna catch ‘em’ is just as good.

Favorite films (In no particular order)

Ghostbusters (1 and 2)

Star Wars –Though I think 'Attack of the Clones' was a complete waste-

Pirates of the Caribbean -Even if part three was terrible, part four was pretty good though-

Back to the Future -You know, I can't really fault them, at all-

Lord of the Rings -I can't really fault them either-

Resident Evil (1-2) -3 and 4 were rubbish-

Moonwalker -I like Michael Jacksons music-

The Mask – A very funny Jekyll and Hyde type story, shame its squal Son of the Mask was so dull-

A Night to Remember (Titanic) - A film based on the real events relating to the sinking of the Titanic.

Nearly every James Bond film.

Harry Potter –The books are superior to the films in everyway, first 3 films okay, afterwards they were rubbish-

Dawn of the Dead -the original one not the remake, though the remake was good the only problem I have with it is 'zombies do NOT run!'

Raise the Titanic - Not as good as the book but it's music and the Titanic raising scenes really stick in my mind from when I first saw them, so its up as one of my favsorites. Could've been better though.

Zombi 2 -An Italian made horror film, okay the script is a little faulty at times and the dubbing is a little off, but I like it, deal with it-

Favorite computer games (in this order)

Mario series games – can’t argue with them

Grand Theft Auto -for so many reasons-

Resident Evil -though I preferred it when they still had proper zombies in them-

Sonic the Hedgehog –But I still think it was better before it went 3D

Tomb Raider - They're a bit like Resident Evil in that you have to solve puzzels and figure out how to progress through a level.

The Money Island series – great, humorous, puzzle game

CSI games –Crime investigation and puzzles-

The worst films I have ever seen (In descending order of terribleness) -If you see these in your TV guide, turn over-

Day of the Dead (remake) -Why did they call this a remake? It has nothing to do with the original except that it has zombies. Zombies that sprint, can climb walls and ceilings like spider man? Its more Resident Evil then Day of the Dead only much worse then those films. It's called 'Day of the Dead' yet the remake, unlike the original, is set at night? :S. Though compared to some of the worst films I have seen this one is currently 'the best of the worst'.

Son of the Mask –A comedy thats not funny, weak plot, hardly any Mask action, magic baby, they got rid of the Mask, need I go on? I won't though because I could write an essay on what was wrong with this film, but what is most wrong with it? Simple. It was made.-

Zombi 3 - Terrible acting, terrible script, terrible dubbing (the film was made in Italy. Thats why it needed dubbing, not why it was rubbish), and even the actors are not consistent throughout the whole thing, deffinatly a terrible film-

Titanic 2 – It truely is a disaster film in that it is a disaster of a film and it is a waste of 90 minutes of your life that you'll never get back, also contains major faulty physics that 'the Day after Tomorrow' would be proud of and with a terrible script to match (Melting icecaps causing massive tidal waves in the middle of the Atlantic able to push icebergs into ships? Forget the sodding ship, what's that wave going to do when it hits land?), also very, very preachy. I honestly don't know what they were thinking even giving this the green light. They give it a title that makes it sound like a sequal to a successful film and throw in some made up, preachy stuff about global warming and they think we're all stupid enough to go to see it? -(This rivals Zombi 3 as the worst so far.)

-Remember, I've sat in agony watching these so you don't have to ;) :D lol

Anyway, feel free to read any of my fictions, some of these I've published on deviantART under my name. If they appear anywhere else appart from Fanfiction.net or DeviantART then they are plagerised from this source.

Non-Crossover Stories

Doctor Who (The Five Doctors (again)) (inprogress) (Also on my DeviantART Profile)

Doctor Who (The Constant Drumming) (inprogress) Currently on Hiatus

The Real Ghostbusters (Ghost Ship Titanic!) (inprogress) *new*

Crossover Stories

The Real Ghostbusters/Doctor Who (A Rift in New York) (inprogress)

Doctor Who/Resident Evil (Midnight Storm) (Inprogress)

The Simpsons/The Mask (Things to do in Springfield when wearing the Mask) (Completed-09/08/2011)

Resident Evil/The Mask (Temporary Insanity) (Completed 04/09/2012) (Also on my DeviantART profile)

Sonic the Hedgehog/The Mask (Sonic the Hedgehog - The Masks we Wear) (Inprogress)

Ghostbusters/Dawn of the Dead (Zombie Apocalypse, Now what?) (Inprogress)

Super Mario Bros./The Mask (Mario and Luigi: The Mask) (Inprogress)

The Simpsons/Doctor Who (A Doctor Calls) (Inprogress)

Sonic the Hedgehog/Blakes 7 (Sonics 7) *New*


Be advised that I have never posted any of my stories anywhere else apart from Fanfiction.net or DeviantART (if I have stated above), so if they appear anywhere else on the internet they have been plagiarised from this source.

If you enjoyed reading one of my fan fictions, why not post a review on it? I like to hear what people think about my stories whether the comments be good or bad so don't be afraid to share your opinion.

Also when I reply to a review or give a review on a story, please keep in mind that sometimes what someone 'writes' and what they 'mean' can be two different things, in other words please don't read too much into what I write, and when it comes to me reviewing keep in mind that its only my opinion.


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Crossover - Sonic the Hedgehog & Doctor Who - Rated: K+ - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 14 - Words: 47,459 - Reviews: 336 - Favs: 182 - Follows: 134 - Updated: 9/30/2014 - Published: 10/8/2009 - 10th Doctor, Rose T., Sonic, Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Eggman - Complete
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Sonic the Hedgehog The Masks we Wear reviews
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Mario and Luigi: The Mask reviews
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In the not too distant future the hedgehog Cinos has his world turned upside down when he finds out his life is a lie implanted by the evil Robotink to supress his true identity, Sonic. With the walls of his faked life breaking down Cinos hijacks a captured space craft and flees, now with help from his crew he intends to overthrow the tyrannical galactic empire lead by Dr Robotnik
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