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Double Trouble Togepi... That's what they call her... Her father abandoned her... Her mother will never be the same again... The youngest member to ever join Team Rocket... She relies on crime...

They scoff as she walks by... But they could never know the pain she's lived... How could they...? An egg who expirienced so much pain is not a common site... But she ignores them... Every Rocket has expirienced pain... But none deserve so much...


I have to say this now - If anybody wants to read a wonderful story based on Ancient Egyptian YuGiOh! please visit my friend's story, To Love the Dark.
(( Warnings of Black Mag. Girl/Dark Mag., Jonouchi/Mai, slight Honda/Miho, Yuugi/Anzu ))


Away From It All~

Her feet pushed through the cool, damp grass,
her fingers wringing 'round her wrists.
Her eyes were brimming full of tears,
her hair tangled around the wind.

Her skirt bit at her sore red legs
as she peered over the mountain.
Before her stood a troubled life;
below, an escape from it all.

With even steps she faced her end,
the freeway bustling below.
With just a breath she left the ground
and the world that she never knew.

~ Mondai-San


Been probably a year or two since I even looked at this... Well, I am Double Trouble Togepi, aka: DTT, Togi-chan, JessieHeart's left arm, Mondai Senshi, Mondai, or, occasionally, Senshi no Mondai. X3 The anime that got me started was Pokémon, then Ranma made me an 'otaku'. Right now my heaviest anime obsessions are that of Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragon Ball etc., though I also await a single day of the week for .hack//SIGN. My mom got sick of my laziness and is cleaning my room with me.

As things stand, it would seem that Mondai Senshi is more or less sometimes considered to be DTT's yami, though I use my names interchangably. I support a limited amount of Shonen Ai, even less Shoujo Ai, and no Yaoi or Yuri, but mostly I support thousands of anime couples. The way I see it, you shouldn't support a couple because it's unusual, because the reason is most likely that it's unusual due to the fact that it's either sick, disturbing, wrong, or just plain impossible.

Summed up in a nutshell *

Fav. anime - Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball, DBZ, DBGT, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, YuYu Hakusho, Chobits, the older episodes of Pokémon (aka: the first 3 or 4 seasons, not the newest one), and soo much more. Currently excessively YGO, Naruto, and a few more.

Fav. manga - A lot of the same, as well as One Piece, Hikaru no Go, and probably still a few more.

Fav. games - Shall always be Final Fantasy and Pokémon games, Kingdom Hearts, Dance Dance Revolution, and many more.

Fav. bands/music/etc. - I listen to a lot of country, and many of my fav. songs are anime opening themes, but I think my favorite band right now is Smile.Dk - They have a few songs on some DDR games, and they have really nice tunes and lyrics.

Favorite books - Harry Potter, all the way. I also loved the Pit Dragon series - Dragon's Blood, Heart's Blood, and I can't remember the title of the third, but it was my least favorite of the series anyways.

Mostly writes - Yu-Gi-Oh. Also have a few pokemon, maybe a scattered handful of Ranma, but I still think I most enjoy writing Yu-Gi-Oh fics. The characters are so much fun to manipulate, I guess.

Uhmm... Favorites:
Color - Red
Food - X3 ... Chocolate
Cake/Ice Cream - Vanilla
Game - Kingdom Hearts

Yu-Gi-Oh - Mai/Katsuya, Seto/Shizuka, Yuugi/Anzu, Miho/Honda, Ryou/Bakura
Ranma - Ranma/Akane, Xain/Muu, Kuno/Nabiki, Tofu/Kasumi
Ehmm... What else...?

I really don't know if there's anything else that anyone would care about. My finished fics are as seen here in order of my most fav. to my least:
Aete Nabiki
Put The Screws To 'Em!
Kokoro no Hikari
Eternally Lost Thoughts

My most likely abandoned fics are as seen here in the same way:
Millenium Tours
Insane Glomping Bishoujo

I'm currently working on Double Meaning, and How the YuGiOh cast eat Reeces is a fic that's never really completed, per say, and I simply discontinued it.

If anyone wants to know anything else about me, feel free to contact me, though I may be too lazy to answer. I can be contacted quite often through AIM, ICQ, Y! messanger (rs_dtt), and MSN IM (


The rest I just put here out of boredom.


You really don't hafta read this.




... May as well put something else here... X3
Because Mondai Senshi has no official form, as of yet, I feel free to modify her for any purpose. If anybody wants to draw fanart/suggest an official look, feel free to e-mail me. Oo`

Mondai Senshi - The background story:
Now, this is funny. As you should know, I am Double Trouble Togepi and Mondai Senshi, both mostly at the same time. When Yu-Gi-Oh was new and me and my BFF were still the pokémon-obsessive types, we started making cards. X3 Pretty cards, I guess, which, of course, starred us or our ideals. Me being Double Trouble Togepi, and probably a bit more of a tomboy than her (( or at least as much )), I was dubbed as Trouble's Warrior. JessieHeart being a bit more into magic, and being the vessel and creator of our local brand of soul magic, she became Heart's Magician. Well, I'm still looking into translating Heart's Magician, but she came up with Mondai Senshi, literally meaning problem soldier/warrior, which I came to know as my other self. X3 See how we change each other for the better (( or worse ))?

... Yeah. Anyways, I suppose if I am going to have a personality specifically for my 'yami,' it'd be something like this:


Hungry, sometimes for bishounen. Nothing raunchy, just slight fanservice.

Fav. bishounen: Marik, Bakura, possibly Ryou, Jonouchi in punk form... Eh... Maybe Seto if he's not being a jerk in the storyline at the moment.

Pet peeves: People who really think they have a seperate entity feeding off of their own mind and flesh, which is darker and more evil, and people who dress their dogs.

Passtimes: Sitting there in the back of my mind poking herself with black pins and white pins, seeing if Voodoo really works ((that's a LITTLE bit of an inside joke...)), and shoving shonen-ai into my head when I'm trying to be half-normal at school.

Acts of violence: Ehmm... Mondai Senshi does not care for causing pain, 'cept maybe to my best of friends. (( Watch out I don't get to know you too well... (j/k) X3 )) And even then it's probably not too bad.

Least fav. people: Definately Weevil and Tsunami, Rebecca, probably Anzu, maybe Mai when she's acting a bit more out-of-character. Same for Jonouchi - When he's being unusually nice to anyone (( except Mai )). Really doesn't dislike anybody too much.

Good moods: Eh... She has no good moods, as she is my bad moods. I suppose her good moods might be my slight sadistic habbits - AKA: the tomboy thing again, seeing any bishounen draw his own blood in a hot way. Oo` I think my language is slipping.

Fav. foods: Easily sweets, possibly meat. Venison tastes soo goood... Poor deer~!!!

Least fav. foods: Anything too spicey, and I have a low tolerance.


Nothing else to put in the profile, I don't think.





Ehmm... Yeah, so just so that you know, I have a tendancy to chew on bishounen's hair, so uh... Yeah, I do that alot. So it's not an act of malice or anything, just my weird way of showing affection.


Don't mind me. Ignore me. Really. *hides in corner*

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