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Hi there!

Madame Misfit at your service!

Now, I'm going to throw this out there right away: I write, but I've never written fanfiction before. Which, when I think about it is kinda ridiculous. Seeing as me and my biffle (BFFL=Best Friend For Life; yes I use it in a mocking fashion) come up with stories all the time, especially for Bleach. I'm a HUGE Bleach fan. I'm watching the anime (dubbed, I hate to say, I don't have the patience for reading my TV shows) and I'm trying to get around to reading the manga. I'm a little spastic, overly happy sometimes, quite loving and very lovable, BRUTALLY honest, incredibly sarcastic, annoyingly upbeat, but only when I want to be, and I have the annoying habit of talking too fast when I get on roll, kinda like right now inhales deeply I'm quite talkative (obviously) and I LOVE meeting new people. LOVE LOVE LOVE. If any of you reading this also happen to be fans of the Nancy Drew computer games, I suppose you could compare me to Yumi from Shadow at the Water's Edge. Though not as bossy. Though I can be a bit on the nosy side, I try to tone it down. If you've ever seen The Iron Giant, my biffle's momma, who I will most likely refer to as Momma 2 if I talk about her anymore, compares me to Hogarth. I'm quite hyper. My biffle also compares me to Erin from the show Titus. Never seen it? Look it up. Episodes 1 and 2. She talks about a pie-serving ho. Need I say more? I have the tendency to call people, among other things, whores, twats, twatnuggets, twatmonkeys, buttnuggets, bitches, douchecocks, douchefucks, cockbites, cockmonkeys, cockhoppers, and ENTIRELY too many more to list. I usually save whore for the people I love...I have an odd thought process [= Oh yes, and I make my smiley faces backwards because I myself am a little backwards. I love to sing, it's my life. Choir nerd since 4th grade and I'm damn proud of it. Right now I'm going to culinary school. I have graduated culinary school and I am currently looking to open my own vapor shop or a food truck.

inhales deeply after forgetting to breathe from talking

So. If you want to know anything else, please don't hesitate to throw me a PM

Requests? PM me. I'll see what I can do. Here's a list of anime/manga I like and could maybe do:

Bleach (Anime)
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Anime)
Hellsing (Anime)
Naruto (Anime)
Absolute Boyfriend
Ouran High School Host Club (Manga)
Loveless (Manga)
Deadman Wonderland (Anime)
One Piece (only through Alabasta; again, late joining the party)

And here's a list of shows that I am currently obsessed with:

Supernatural (up to mid-season eight)
Sherlock (up to series three)
Witches of East End
Doctor Who (I'm way behind the times, I've only seen through the end of Ten and Rose; HUGE fan of Nine)

I'm not sure of any others at this point but I'll definitely update this profile thingymabobber.

Now I would like anybody who reads my stories to be perfectly honest when reviewing. Most of my stories WILL be OC. Unless I feel like doing a yaoi pairing, then it will probably be between two anime/manga characters. My goal is to create a ridiculously random assortment of yaoi, yuri, and heterosexual stories that have enough lemon in them to make Jiraya and Kon both blush :D Though I don't think that's possible All in all I'm hoping you will leave my stories thinking "HOLEE SHMAOW!" [=

Like I said, you wanna know anything else, PM me!

Love you all,
Madame Misfit

UPDATE: Dear Goddess, I used to ramble a lot. I have not been on lately and I have not updated my one continuing story due to lack of feedback and some serious writer's block and rethinking. I promise, for those few interested that I am trying to work on it; just be patient with me. I am also brainstorming for a new original story.

Lots of love,
Madame Misfit

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