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Author has written 13 stories for Kamichama Karin, Card Captor Sakura, Digimon, Pokémon, Assassination Classroom/暗殺教室, Kingdom Hearts, and Shugo Chara!.

Warning : Sorry my language is not perfect. There is little Indonesian language in my profile.

About me :

Pen Name : Rai Sakura.

Real Name : You don't have to know my real name.

You can call me : Rai, Ai-chan, Sakura, Ai-tan, Ai-ppi, Sakupyon, Raichi etc. Because I am a girl!

Birthday : It's a secret. Actually I was born on 1999, Indonesia. But, I still keep my birthday's date and month as a secret.

Where am I (?) : Currently in Indonesia.

Hobby : Reading manga, watch anime, playing games, drawing, writing stories(not just fanfiction, I also write my own stories though I just showed it to my friends), etc.

Favorite things: (Recomended)

I like anime/manga: Cardcaptor Sakura, Di Gi Charat Nyo, Detective Conan(a bit), Digimon Adventure, K-ON, Kamichama Karin, Kirarin Revolution, Kobato, Last Game, Mamotte! Lollipop, Mermaid Melody, Ojamajo Doremi, Pokemon, Pretty Cure, Shugo Chara, Tokyo Mew-mew, Youkai Navi Runa etc.

Misc : Vocaloid!(is the best!)

Favorite Movies : Frozen, Tangled, Harry Potter, Shrek, Lion King, Big Hero 6 Mostly Disney Movies. But, I remembered that I also like Nickelodeon movies.

Cartoons: I remembered that I liked Nickelodeon cartoons when I was a kid. Such as Spongebob Squarepants, Avatar, Jimmy Neutron, Fairly OddParents, Rugrats/All Grown Up, Chalkzone etc. Well, I still like these cartoons until now. Because they remind me of my childhood.

Video games : (If there's a walkthrough, don't forget to grab walkthrough! )

- Nintendo DS games : Cooking Mama, Harvest Moon DS Cute, Pokemon DPPtHGSSBW, PMD Blue, PMD EoS Ranger(1,2,3. But, I reaallyyyy like the second ranger game), Trauma Center : Under the Knife2, Tokimeki Memorial Girls side (the 1st and 2nd one), Professor Layton and the unwound future.

- 3DS games : cooking mama, pokemon ORAS, KH 3D

-PC games : Insaniquarium, Dinner Dash, Pizza Frenzy, Plant vs Zombie, Feeding Frenzy, Iggle Pop, Chocolatier 2 and many more. Oh, I also play X-Note and Area X (though I just watch my sis playing it). I don't know if the both games are considered as PC games or not.

-Ipad games (actually I don't have an ipad, but my sister does. I just playing her ipad) : Hello Cappuccino, Temple Run, Quiz-Up(in Pokemon and Frozen), Symphonica and many more. (I can't play this more often since my big sis is in university)

-PSP games (with PSP emulator) : Project Diva (Yayy, most of the songs is my fav), Digimon Adventure(I like this one since it based on the anime), KH BBS (I play this my my sis and I often trained them. So my sis can beat the final bosses. Basically, I'm the trainer, like Green in PokeSpe manga), TMGS 3

-GBA games (via emulator in PC) : Pokemon R(half played. I have hard time to beat Trainers in Petalburgh Gym even the GYM LEADER!), Pkmn FR(half played. I had hard time to beat Misty, since my starter was a Charmander) LG(post ending, on the way completing Kanto dex), Pkmn E(post ending),

I have hard time for playing these games until now :(Any advices?)

-) Chocolatier 3. Reason : Dieter asked me to collect Infusions recipe. Since I don't given job by someone who have the recipe, how can I complete it?

-) Pokemon R : I can't beat Norman. I don't have a fighting type but I have a sturdy Aron and highly attack stat Marshtomp. My sucks Pokemon are Nuzleaf, Kirlia, Trapinch. My so-so pokemon is Tailow

-) Pokemon FR : I can't beat Misty even I have a Pikachu. Is it because my Charmeleon?

Favorite pairings :

1. Sakura x Syaoran (CCS,TRC): it's canon!!!!

2. Shinichi x Ran (Detective Conan): it's canon!!!! because of that, I really want to go to London

3. Takeru x Hikari (Digimon adventure)

4. Kazune x Karin (Kamichama Karin): it's canon!!!!

5. Red x Yellow (Pokemon Special): when will Red not dense anymore?

6. Ruby x Sapphire (Pokemon Special): it's canon!! Stupid Ruby! You act like you forgot that incident!

7. Green x Blue (Pokemon Special)

8. Kuukai x Utau (Shugo chara)

9. Nagihiko x Rima (Shugo chara)

10. Ikuto x Amu (Shugo chara)

11. Len x Rin (Vocaloid)

12. Black x White (pokemon Special)

13. Hiroto x Kirari (Kirarin Revolution)

14. Yanagi Naoto x Kujo Mikoto (Last Game): aw, c'mon. they're cute together. It is canon btw.

15.Heiji x Kazuha (Detective Conan): All right, Heiji reminds me of Ruby (or in this case franticshipping).

  • 16. And many canon pairings (most of them)

  • The pairings that I support as a friendship, not couples: (Pokemon)

    1. The ship that involve the human with their partner or pokemon such as Pikashipping, Wishshipping. Lilblueshipping, Jabshipping, Handyshipping, Relicsongshipping
    2. Pearl, Twinleaf, Fortune, Penguin and all shipings that involve Dawn with someone else. But, I wanna Lucas and Barry become Dawn's travelling companion or Ash again.
    3. The shippings that involve Ash and his female companion (not including Bonnie). Well... I used like Amourshipping and Pearlshipping cuz I only watch XY and DP. The reason I don't ships any couple that involve Ash because Ash's denseness! Even I'm writing fanfictions. Kinda hoping I can write 'not dense Ash'.
    4. The ship that involve Kate (I mean Almiashipping and Vatonageshipping not the other shippings besides these). I wanna this trio always together like Sinnoh trio.
    5. The pairings that look cute together. But I don't support them.
    6. Okay that's concludes me one thing. I support canon shippings in Pokemon. (except the ones that I mentioned on Favorite pairings. I mean I just support PokeSpe pairings)

    About shippings :

    - Well, I'm not a shipper since they're so many shippings. I mostly ship the canon ones. Especially in Pokemon games and anime! Everyone has their own point of view. So, I can't choose. Which shippings that I should support.

    - Though everyone have their Point Of View on their favorite couple, but still! I can't choose one.

    - Sometimes I support their friendship, in means as a friend, not as a couple.

    The pairings I hate: (in every ways and every anime/manga/movies/cartoon)

    1. Yaoi and Yuri. Sometimes, I like their friendship, not as a couple.

    My favorite character from anime/manga/cartoons/movies etc:

  • Big Hero 6 : Baymax (he's funny)
  • Cardcaptor Sakura : Sakura Kinomoto, Little Kero Suppie(big kero big suppie is uncute), Tomoyo Daidouji.
  • Chalkzone: Snap! I remembered when I made a comic strip about Snap because I was a big fan of Chalkzone.
  • Di Gi Charat Nyo : Puchiko(Petit Charat), Rinna Charat, Mike Charat.
  • Digimon Adventure : The Chosen Children/ Digidestined and their digimon (okay, no offenses for this one)
  • Frozen : Olaf (?)
  • Kamichama Karin : Karin Hanazono, Suzune, Shii-chan.
  • Kingdom Hearts: I like all of main characters/ protagonists (Sora, Riku, Kairi and friends). If I have to choose, it would be Ventus (or Roxas)
  • Kirarin Revolution : Na-san (If I'm stuck at chores, I feel like I need this cat)
  • K-ON : Azunyan(Azusa Nakano).
  • Last Game : Shiori Fujimoto (maybe), because she supports NaotoxMikoto
  • Mermaid Melody : um... Seira
  • Pokemon : Dex Holders (okay, no offenses for this one), Pochama(Piplup), Hikari(Dawn), Serena, Mimirol(Buneary), Pachirisu, Hajime (Kellyn) and many more.
  • Ojamajo Doremi : Onpu Segawa(Of course!).
  • Shugo Chara : Amu Hinamori, Daiya(not batsu), Utau Hoshina(she is pretty)
  • Spongebob Squarepants: I like Sandy. But I can mimic Squidward attitude
  • Stitch: of course Stitch!
  • Tangled : Maybe Pascal(that charmeleon) or Max(that horse) or PAN!!!!(the one that Rapunzel and Flynn used)
  • Tokyo Mew-mew : Maybe Mint, because she's from notable and rich family(Is she?!).
  • Youkai Navi Runa : Mini Mokke and Suneri. I also likes Runa and Tai.
  • etc.
  • Favorite songs in Vocaloid :

  • Synchronicity(part 1-3. Karena akhirnya BAD ENDING, aku jadi down),
  • proof of lifesoundless voice(sedih banget akhirnya. aku gak nangis, sich. tapi tetap merasa sedihnya hiks...TT_TT),
  • Rin-chan Now!Len-kun Now!(Kocak!),
  • Rin(g) Rin(g) Signal
  • Capriccio Farce(reminds me of Ace Attorney!)
  • Mahou no Kagami (and Kagami no Mahou)
  • And many more...(Banyak banget sampai aku gak bisa nyebut lagi!)
  • About Vocaloid songs :

    1. I like it very much, especially Kagamine twins songs are good. (Well, it's up to the composer)
    2. My favorite Kagamines songs is a sad story (most of them). The reason is, when they make a sad song, the song was really nice to hear such as Soundless voice, Servant of Evil, Boukoku no Nemesis etc. But I hate the stories!
    3. Some good songs of Kagamine I've ever heard are bad endings (according to the story)
    4. I want Hitoshizuku p make a good happy ending song for Kagamines. Because most of (everyone said all of) Hitoshizuku's songs are bad ending though Hitoshizuku often make a good songs.

    Coming soon Fanfictions

    (the title may change since I'm still making it. Or won't updated fanfiction because the idea was abadoned)


    1. ???- Dawn (multi chapter)

    2. The Princess and her Knight - SalviaxAsh

    3. Your Figure - Specialshipping

    4. My Weakness and Our Past - Twinleafshipping (anime)

    5. Our Reversed Destiny - Fortuneshipping

    6. Our 'Good Luck' Charm - Advanceshipping

    7. Under Cherry Blossom Tree - Contestshipping, slight StevenxMay

    8. Father's Day - Silver, Giovanni, Ruby, Norman

    9. Sibling's Bonds - Kellyn, May, Lucas, Dawn (related to that multi chapter fanfiction. That's why I don't want to publish this sooner)

    10. Look This Way - many PokeSpe pairings

    11. Colorless Without You - Vatonageshipping

    12. and many more


    1. As an Author - RinxLen

    2. I Miss You - RinxLen

    A/N: well, I already finished most of them. But, I promise I'll upload them.

    My OC :

    Name : Sakura Ai (I got this from Rai Sakura, my pen name). Okay, very simple and common name. (karena nama ini terlalu pasaran)

    Initially her family name is Sakura or Sakurai in Digimon fanfiction (it's nearly resemble, right?). Her first name is Ai, so I often called by Ai-chan.

    Age : ? (It depends on the story. For example, she's classmates of Takeru and Hikari in my Digimon fanfiction, so she's the same age as them. Or if Ai appeared as Shinichi classmate in a Case Closed fanfiction, her age would be 17 of course)

    Birthday : Same as me and it's a secret :p

    Where did she appear(?) : She's first appear on my Digimon fanfiction. I will show again as a transfer student in 'Something's Missing',my first english Shugo Chara fanfiction.

    Appearance : I'll show her with a picture on avatar on this fanfiction author(I mean my profile). Actually I haven't draw her yet. Hehehe... *sweatdropped*

    I don't intend to make another OC because Ai is my favourite OC

    Notes to all fanfiction Author including me(this could be say an encouragement)

    It's natural if you (or I) make mistakes, because No Ones Perfect.

    Such as :

    Literal words/ sentences : "What kind of disease is it?"

    The mistakes I made : "What kind of deseaseis it?" or "What kinf dsease is it?"


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