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Author has written 8 stories for Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Girl, Xenosaga, and Tenjho Tenge.

If you're wondering what's going on with my Real Bout fic, don't worry, I'm workin' on it. I won't use the excuse that school and work kept me busy, more like it's hard to get back into it after putting it on hiatus for a long time. I'll get it done eventually, sorry for you readers who've been waiting for it for nearly a year now.

Anyways, got some more bad news, this one's regarding my Rurouni Kenshin fan fics. 'Fraid I'm going to have to discontinue 'em due to lack of interest; I just got tired of Rurouni Kenshin after it went on Cartoon Network, not to mention I've moved onto other fics. That doesn't mean it's totally over though, I still plan to write the remake for my first Rurouni Kenshin fan fic, "The Twin Dragon Arc." Instead of writing the other two volumes of "Crimson String," I'll just compile the major scenes I had planned for them into the remake of "The Twin Dragon Arc" into flashback scenes. The remake will have all the characters from "Crimson String" and "When Angels Lost Their Wings" along with the characters from the original "The Twin Dragon Arc," but many events will be added in and previously made scenes and characters changed (Yurika's character especially for example and Shion will now play a major role in the story). The remake will probably be called something along the lines of "Niiryuhen," which roughly translates to "Two Dragons Arc." I'm not sure when I'll work on it though, but I will try to do it when I'm done with my Xenosaga fics.

On another note, I just got into Tenjho Tenge so I'll be writing a fic for it, although I doubt I'll be putting it on this site due to the controversial topic it deals with and the adult content within it. Unlike my Xenosaga fics, there might be too much content to edit out that it might affect the actual plot. It will be posted on shoujoai.com in the future (that should give you a hint of some of the controversial topics that it deals with) under my alternate pen name "cbman."

Sorry for the bad news folks, but there's only so much one can churn out when writing.

Finished Fics:

'Mina no Ryu' Saga Episode 1: 'Crimson String Book I: Siblings of the Sword'- Falling in love with Kenshin was easy, but learning to cope that it could never be was the hardest part. This is one third of the first episode of the 'Mina no Ryu' Saga, this fic takes place during the Meiji Revolution. This is Mina's story on how she lived through the Revolution, where the only thing that kept her going was the yearnings in her heart.

'The Twin Dragon Arc'- The Revolution ended fifteen years ago, Japan has finally earned it's hard-earned peace. But that peace maybe broken with the return of Himura Mina, Hitokiri Battousai's 'sister'. Kenshin must once again take up his sakabatou and defend the era the two once fought for. (This was my first RK fanfic written about 4 years ago, it sucks compared to my latest works. I'm planning on rewritting it, it'll be a while until I'm done though.)

Xenosaga Episode 1: Warm (Also available on shoujo-ai.com and under the pen name of cbman, my other pen name)- After the Proto Merkabah incident, Shion takes a moment to reflect on her true feelings for KOS-MOS. (The shoujoai.com version has the lemon found in the beginning of chapter 4.)

'Xenosaga Episode 1: Bound'- (Sequel to 'Warm') Can a device made for war bring happiness to one's heart? KOS-MOS has been pondering this ever since she and Shion have gotten together, but when another individual who is also bound to technology enters her life, will KOS-MOS be able to pursue her own path in love, or will she succumb into the same eternal depression her counterpart has? (WARNING: This story contains adult themes such as rape, depression, and suicide, read with your own discretion! Uncut version available at shoujoai.com and )

Fics Currently Writing:

'Xenosaga Episode 1: Mother' (AU to Xenosaga Episode 2 and sequel to 'Bound')- The day of destiny is at hand, Mankind takes its final stand against the Gnosis, but in the midst of this battle is another war. The U-TIC Organization is becoming more active, Albedo has achieved the Y-Data, and in the center of it all, the shadows of Vector are scheming. What part did all of these sides play in the Miltian Conflict fourteen years ago? As the final stand comes closer, Shion and the others must somehow change the flow of fate if they wish to save KOS-MOS and the entire universe. Another side lies waiting in this battle however, one who wishes to change the flow of fate for their own selfish ambitions. The final battle has begun. (fic is written under the pen name "Team KOS-MOS")

'Real Bout High School: Between Love and Lust'- Ryoko and Shizuma can't remember what happened at Daisaku's party, but when Ryoko finds some abnormal changes, the memories start to resurface.

Discontinued fics:

'Mina no Ryu' Saga Episode 1: 'Crimson String Book II: A Rurouni's Path'-Fate brought them together just as it tore them apart. This is a tale of the fifteen years Mina spent searching for Kenshin, fifteen years that would forever change her. (This story takes place in the same timeline as "When Angel Lost Their Wings." "Crimson String Book II" only tells one half of the tale, you must read "When Angels Lost Their Wings" to fully understand the story.)

'When Angels Lost Their Wings: The Crimson String Side Story' (co-written with Crystal Snowflakes of ff.net)- A war has been brewing between two clans for so long, the Oniwaban-shu and the Sanada Ninjas. Misanagi finds herself in a losing battle with the once protectors of Edo Castle and in her heart. The Oniwaban are coming closer and closer to destroying her clan as she finds herself engaged to a man she does not even love. With the appearance of Azumi Shion, the very fate of this long war could come to a change, both on the battlefield, and in her heart. (This story takes place in the same timeline as "Crimson String Book II," to fully understand the events of both fics, you must read both of them.)

Future Fics:

'Tenjho Tenge: Sin' (only posted on shoujo-ai.com under pen name "cbman")- How far would you go to make someone you care about happy? After Mitsuomi suddenly dies, Aya tries to comfort her depressed sister at the expense of her own happiness. However, is the cost of her own happiness worth the expense for Maya's? (WARNING: This fic contains controversial and adult subject matter such as rape, incest, and suicide. Only for mature audiences who can deal with these kinds of subjects.)

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