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Author has written 11 stories for Gakuen Alice, Maid Sama!, Naruto, Bakuman, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Welcome to my profile =)


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11. Progress on my stories (includes, update dates and a list of my stories and their progress, I change this daily for you guys to keep track)

I'm Filipino-Australian. Okie-dokie.

Name: Call me Noey (that's like no and then E)

Age: Umm in between 10 and 20?

Gender: I'm a girl (just to clear that up)

Birthday: April baby!

Reviews: They really inspire me to write and are very motivational. Like most authors would say, they really fuel our writing. I love it when my readers voice their opinions, quirks and thoughts. I love to hear the feedback and I write to please (mostly, muahahaha). So keep in mind, no matter how long or short, REVIEW ME! I'm a keen reviewer too. You'll find for newfound stories, I'll review each chapter as I go. I review cuz I love to be reviewed. Me no likey hippocrites (although I'm one for just saying that).

My awesome part-time Beta: Asian Ranga

LAST EDIT July, 2014: So much embarrassment looking over this right now. I haven't written (and probably won't) in so long. Come find me, Fiona.

Okay, since I'm currently a slowly dying writer, I've decided to save myself with fanfiction. I'll try to come up with a story or two and get back into it!! Here's to improving!

I'm not the sort to copy/paste stuff on my profile but I love this:

You know you're an FMA fan when you... clap your hands together randomly and touch nearby walls. (I seriously love that)

I'M A DARNED OTAKU. Most of my reading nowadays consists of manga, poetry and schoolbooks (sad, I know... I'll try to compensate with writing). I'm a shoujo manga addict but I'm equally stoned by epic awesome animes (the Gurren Lagann sort of epic awesome).

Some of my favourite mangas (though I've read hundreds) are:

Gakuen Alice (since I was 9 and it's been more than five years now... the unforgettable childhood anime)

Ao Haru Ride (I'll spare you the insane fangirling)

Kamisama Hajimemashita (on hiatus until the anime comes out)

Tonari no Kaibutsukun (same here)

Special A

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Library Wars: Love and War


... meh just check out my manga list on MAL:

And favourite animes?



One Piece


Panty & Stocking

Cardcaptor Sakura

Ano Hana (Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai)


... actually yeah just check out my anime list on MAL too:


Any good shojo manga for me to read? I love the really fluffy ones that make you squeal teehee (eg. Maid-sama, Special A, Love Berrish). Ones with guys like Natsume, Nagisa or Usui are greeeeat! Please tell me!!!

Shuffle Challenge Unpublished Ficlets:

Author's Note:

Alright, so this particular author’s note is in probably a couple of my fics by now. You see, over the weekend I was on a writing retreat sort of thing with this school creative writing club and I didn’t have my laptop (under maintenance, annoyingly enough) but I had my phone. With the readily available stock of music, ya know, I just thought that I’d give that exercise a go.

The aim was to put your iPod on shuffle and you must write a little ficlet inspired by that song within the running time of the song. Me being a cheater and mildly uninspired, I gave myself a range of fandoms to pick from which were (by the way, I don’t own them or these ficlets wouldn’t be so amateurish):

Naruto, Bleach, Maid-Sama, Gakuen Alice, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bakuman and Special A.

I decided to go with simply doing a separate fic for each of them and add to them later if I decide to do the exercise again (which I did a lot throughout that retreat between sessions). Forgive me if some or really out of context or character. Time pressure! Anyway, they’re numbered in the order I wrote them. They probably suck but I’m putting them out there. I edited the grammar and quickly finished unfinished ones by the way.

There are individual authors notes in them anyway...

So, if you scroll down, you'll find that Bleach and Special A don't have their own fic. I only wrote two about both of them and personally, I think they're crap. But if you're simply curious or just happened to stumble by, here they are anyway.


All Night Long – Lionel Ritchie
Rangiku was drunk, of course, but her companions had the decency to lock her away before she could do anything rash.

#12. Author's Notes: Twelfth ficlet and yes, pitifully short for a pretty long song... I think I had to rush off to a session halfway through... Really random too.

Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
A Disco? Ichigo's face was contorted in a weird twitchig mess of wrinkles. Shinigami... host discos? He stood at the door accompanied by a cool looking Rukia. He listlessly following her to a VIP seat amongst the dancing crowd, face unchanging.

"If the wind changes, Ichigo," Rukia shook her head.

"Shinigami have night lives too, geez," inputted Ikkaku.

Rukia got up, " C'mon." She dragged him to the dancefloor just in time for a seemingly popular song. Everyone went wild. They scraped the floor with their feet and suddenly the music stopped.

Out of the blue, the whole club screamed, "Everyday I'm shufflin'."

#13. Author's Notes: Gosh, I need more insipiration... why I chose Bleach of all fandoms for this song, I will never know. That was just brutally out of context.


Love and Sex and Magic – Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake
"Hey, Kei." He whipped his head around to find his perfect girl. Hikari cocked her head and bit her lip in frustration. He wondered if she knew how crazy it drove him for her to bite her lip. It made him want to kiss her. "This doesn't mean Im admitting defeat, but is there anything I could win against you in?"

He smiled, grabbed her head and said, "I've already lost to you." He then couldn't resist the urge and kissed her.

#20. Author's Notes: It was as awkward as you can imagine. But since I set myself up for it and I hadn't done Special A up til then, well... It turned out rushed like that. That last sentence actually stabs me in the throat whenever a read it, it's so bad.

MOVIN! – Takacha (Eighth ending to Bleach)
The Special A Greenhouse was indeed a rowdy place. Today in particular, a special event was being held. A special mandarin peeling competition was being held in order to assist the Fruit Festival soon. At the moment hikari and kei were head to head. However, not far behind was Ryuu who was somehow allowed to have his animal friends help him. Tadashi was being scolded by Akira as he ate every fruit she put before him. Megumi clapped as she happily watched and for some reason Jun was missing. Indeed, it was a typically eventful day in the Special A greenhouse. Things were moving forward as normal.

#21. Author's Notes: You've no idea how incredibly sad the quality of this makes me. But it doesn't matter much anyway. Time and song... meh.

A Fanfiction Reader?

Two years ago, I would have screamed like a total fangirl and listed about 30 of my favourite fanfics. Notable mentions are probably from My Hopeless Romantic and Xed Alpha.

Now I read fanfiction on a tangent and am not as totally enthusiastic as before. What has age done to me? But really, who knows what will happen to me now.

Since I forget way too much on my actualy stories. DISCLAIMER: I own neither Gakuen Alice, Maid-Sama or Bleach. Only my OCs and plots are mine.

Complete fics:


The New and the Old (credit goes to Lainey-chan)

Aoi, Baseball and a Change of Tactics (I had ideas to make it longer but both the ideas and my interest burnt out...)

Goodbyes and Greetings (Thank you very much for waiting.)

Lists and Apologies.

Inspired by Jitterbug! called I Think I Wanna Marry You

Prospective Fix These are from two years ago, if I pick them up, a lot of rewriting will occur.

I'm thinking of writing a Bleach Winter fic... but we'll see :) I've started but you see, it's a first Bleach fic and I'm nervous... plus I've got mini writers block.

Title: Skate Upon the Frozen Heavens

Summary: It's the annual winter celebrations and it seems like the whole of seretei is going ice skating. What will happen when two icey Shinigami challenge each other to a hockey match? How will the teams fair out when Ichigo sucks at ice skating and everyone else has their fair share of faults. Which of the two team leaders' will coordinate their game right? HitsuHina is the only significant pairing.

Main Characters: Rukia K. and T. Hitsugaya

Please PM me if you actually want to see that fic, or else I may give up on it...

A few Gakuen Alice fics that I thought of...

Title: In Progress

Summary: Natsume didn't like gatherings. Unfortunately he belonged to a very social family. There was only one exception: Family Gatherings. There, he would be surrounded by his closest friends and family. Namely his best friend, sister and cousin. But was there room for one more? Our little introvert is about to find out just the kind of weird and wonderful people you meet at these sorts of occasions.

Main Characters: Natsume and Mikan (duh) Warning, I don't think Hotaru will be in this fic. Oh and there will be AoixRuka and maybe MikanxYoichi

Genre: Romance/Friendship/General (you know, the usual)

I have so many ideas, that are thankfully written down. But I like to go a story at a time (with the ocassionaly in-between one-shot) I wanna expand my bracket ot include not just mangas but anime and novels and movies and everything so watch out, haha.

Title: 15 Love (geddit???? ;D)

Summary: All Mikan Sakura was looking forward to was an enjoyable tennis season with her best friend, Hotaru. But an unforseen presence on the courts has lead to quite a crowd at the tennis clubhouse. It seems the academy's prodigy athlete, Natsume Hyuuga is coaching tennis this season. With his complimentary groupies and cold, cold attitude, how will the mediocre player, Mikan, fare? And she's gonna learn the hard way that it's never easy when Natsume Hyuuga finds you... interesting.

Main Characters: Natsume and Mikan. Yeeeeaaahhhh man.

Genre: Romance/Comedy

So I started this FMA fic... if I go through with it, it'll be a thriller/mystery sort of thing. And for visiting my profile I'll show you guys my prologue :D

Title: In Progress

Summary: It's all jumbly in my head still... just read the prologue. HEehhee.

Main Characters: Edward E. and Alphonse E. (embarking on a new adventure :L)



"Fuck," remarked a young man who had just scratched his arm on a sharp branch. For nearly an hour now, he had been stumbling through a wood and daylight had been quick to dissipate. His face was dirty; his long, braided, blonde hair was flaked with forest debris; and scratches lined his arms and tore his trousers. However, as he held the glowing gas lamp above him, a burning determination - strong as if it could be the salvation of all - roared restlessly and unfalteringly in his golden eyes.

With growing anticipation, he voyaged in haste to his destination. This part of the wood had an eerie aura about it. Though nature's sounds could clearly be heard, it was almost out of place. The young man had noticed that several minutes ago, the volume of the surrounding wildlife had significantly decreased. Now, it was practically non-existent. The only signs of life were the snapping of twigs and dead leaves beneath the man's feet which cracked the noiseless air like shattering glass; and the rare scuffling of a frightened critter because of it. It was almost as if there was a foreboding presence bordered by this area that exuded an ominous warning to every creature that dared to draw near.

This, conversely, only drove the blonde youth forward. For him, it was a dead set signal that he was nearing his destination; that which he had been searching tirelessly for for the preceding few months. The eerier the atmosphere and emptier the forest, the larger the spring in his step and the hungrier his eyes.

Finally, the trees cleared to reveal a dirt path, much different from the one he had previously strayed from. It was older and less worn; fallen branches and old, organic matter had collected along various areas. The ground was much more solid and dry - as if even the rain dared not approach this certain place. The man also noted a change in the sedimentary composition of the dirt, not that it mattered so much in his current investigation.

The weary yet giddy blonde followed the long and narrow path to its conclusion. His heart beat faster with every second step; the culmination of his research was about to be uncovered. His boots marked the coarse ground with a print and a scuffling sound until he was finally compelled to a halt.

There, before him, stood a magnificent and grand manor. From the general size and the generous building materials to the intricately carved ornamentation on the wood and doors, it was clearly a home to behold in its time. Finest pointed, bronze bars lined the gate and capped the tops of the fencing around the property. A handful of stained glass windows, some spanning two storeys, were displayed at the front of the house and a glint of a fine metal could be seen throughout the front door view. However, no longer was it a pristine shelter to admire as time and the elements had robbed it of its former glory - though all of that was still clearly evident today.

The setting sun cast a sickly red glow on the dark mansion, allowing long dark shadows to extend to the lengths of the house, shrouding almost half in a sinister shadow of darkness. Thick curtains were drawn behind every one of the dusted glass windows except for two at the very top which allowed the vision only tendrils of further swirling blackness to see. As if on cue, an unwelcome and spine tinglingly cold breeze blew across the abode, spurring a malicious creak from the foundations of the building itself.

This did not faze the intruder at all.

Could such a place truly be the ultimate result of months of effort? Indeed. This was proven as the man held up the lamp and read the faded words engraved on a plaque beside the gate, labelling the owner of the home.

Dr Filbert M Goesbury

The man read it contentedly for he had in fact found what he had been searching for. It struck him heavily that this was an almighty breakthrough in his research and though he had accomplished one of his major goals, the journey had just began. But it all started here and so he congratulated himself out loud, the quiet making his voice ring clearly through the air, "Congratulations, Edward Elric. You've found Goesbury Manor..."

After finally declaring it aloud, his lips pulled upwards into a malicious and oh-so-Ed grin that could only have been worn in such a fashion through over a quarter of a century's use.

"...home of the Preacher Alchemist."

There. PM me what you think :D Subject to change too.

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