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About Me:

Wings. INTP. Absolute Anime Trash.

My Fics are as Follows:
These are all my current projects; either in the process of being written, or being published.

Fourteen Gold Pieces: "Fourteen gold pieces. That's..." That's the value of my existence. My whole life boiled down to currency. Fourteen gold pieces, exactly. But I'm still a free man until sunset. Yugi sells himself as a slave to ensure his mother and grandfather are cared for. He never expected to be purchased by royalty. VERY VERY slow burn Rivalship. All aboard, choo choo motherfuckers. AU [WIP, Currently Being Published] Accepting Beta Readers!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: "I wished for friends." Yuugi has spent eight years failing. Tonight - of all nights - he succeeds. A retelling of the original series, and my attempt to fix all the plotholes and bullshit that never made any sense. The premise and characters are the same; the events will start similarly, and turn out vastly different. Forget everything you watched. Haven't decided if I'm going to group it all together or separate by arc yet. Be prepared for wild divergence from canon Duelist Kingdom onwards. [WIP] Not Accepting Beta Readers

Savage: They couldn't be more different. Kaiba Seto - a ruthless commander. Kaiba Mokuba - an artist of deception. Mutou Yuugi - the lonely crown. Jounouchi Katsuya - a formidable attack dog. But pain doesn't care who you are, and cruelty doesn't discriminate. Title and Summary subject to change! The current project of my obsession, takes place post-canon - vaguely AUish. No set pairings yet, although Mokuba won't be in any of them. In which Katsuya must choose. [WIP] Not Accepting Beta Readers

My Musings:
These are all the ideas floating around in my head. These are always subject to change.

Sins of the Secondborn: A Darksiders fic, this one set centuries before the Apocalypse. Follow the Horsemen as they deal with a threat to the Balance that seems to be leaving Death out of the loop. The sins of the Firstborn, the oldest Nephilim, are innumerable and too awful to contemplate - a secret that the oldest Horseman keeps closely guarded. But the Secondborn are not without fault, and the time has come for one of their deepest secrets to be revealed.

It Was Just A Duel: A sort-of fluffy Rivalshipping fic, set post-canon. I say sort of because I'm terrible with fluff and it will probably get dramatic and angsty if I ever write it. Could be oneshot, but will likely be expanded and broken into multi-chapter. Because that's just the sort of crazy person I am.

Untitled: Puppyshipping fic where it was Noa's mother, not Gozaburo (may his soul rest in hell) who adopted Seto and Mokuba. Fast forward seven years and Seto is a highly trained little shit who has managed to force every bodyguard ever hired for him to quit - so Joey, who was adopted by the head of a personal security agency because may his father's soul rest right alongside Gozaburo's, is hired because maybe a bodyguard closer to Seto's age will do the trick. Shenanigans ensue. Seto's stepmother catches them hate-fucking. It's a good time. I LOVE THIS AU OKAY.

Bones: AU based on a crazy dream I had. Yuugi (and Atem, still in the Puzzle), Joey, Honda, and Anzu (don't question the mixed names, it was a dream) are fleeing the country, along with everyone else, because of reasons. The group, minus Joey, find three skeletons and four swords, only to find out that Atem sentenced the three to death millennia ago and they have been waiting for vengeance ever since. Joey takes a nosedive off a cliff, and is rescued by the pirate Duke Devlin. Honda dies. Shit gets real. It's kind of crazy. I kind of need it in my life. It has PIRATE DUKE DEVLIN.

Untitled: AU. Duelbeasts are unique creatures, bred by awakening a dormant Duel Monster egg (left over from the ancient war between the human realm and the Dominion of the Beasts) via an injection of human DNA - usually in the form of blood. The acquisition - and consequent rearing - of a Duelbeast is considered a rite of passage, and usually bestowed by the age of thirteen; in some places, it is legally required by age eighteen. Highly intelligent and bound to their human, a Duelbeast can contribute in many ways. One of those ways is by competing in official fighting tournaments and matches: duels. Heart of the Cards, not so much - but a strong connection and faith in one's Duelbeast accomplishes the same thing. And lots - and lots - of practice.

To Become a Heartknight: Takes place after Battle City but before Orichalcos. Yugi, Seto, and Joey (and Atem with them) are sucked into a parallel dimension known as Varyssia, and are turned into Heartknights. Magic is involved. It gets fucking wild. Be prepared for quests, LOTS of grumbling, and Atem getting his own body because SOMETIMES I GET TO INDULGE. Title subject to change, I'm thinking just Heartknight might do the trick. ALSO - Mokuba getting left behind, everyone thinking Yugi dead, and TIME DIFFERENCES. Yeah, baby.

Don't fall. Fly. Don't run. Fight. Don't be afraid. Be fearless.

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"Fourteen gold pieces. That's..." That's the value of my existence. My whole life boiled down to currency. Fourteen gold pieces, exactly. But I'm still a free man until sunset. AU
Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: M - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,747 - Follows: 1 - Published: 7/16 - [YĆ«gi M., S. Kaiba] Atem, Mokuba K.