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Cacoethes scribendi!

Le Update: Well... I don't have anything to say. I have no Spyro motivation. TP updates every Saturday, probably. Seeya. xD

Hey. I'm a 17-year-old girl who writes stories and then never updates them because I'm lazy. :D Maybe someday I can dream of finishing my stories. Maybe someday.

If you leave a review or even a favourite/follow I will luff you forever. Sadly I don't get much of any anymore, so I'd appreciate it. But I'll keep writing anyway. xD

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If you want my immediate attention, PMs are best since I always have my email open, the forum next. If you want to see my failed attempts at art, check Newgrounds. MC forums if you can't seem to get my attention on the other options or you want to download my creations. xD

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The Story of Toodles

by Toodles

In Association with Toodles, Inc.

Once upon a time there was a twelve*cough*thirteen-year-old girl named Toodles. Everybody hated her because she had ADHD, but that was okay, because she hated everybody else too! Toodles was extremely bored with her life because she had no friends. Then she realized that she liked writing stories about her crappy Mary Sue Spyro copy OC and proceeded to write stupid stories about her. She wrote a zillion other stories of varying quality until she finally became somewhat good. And then when she turned 14 she never updated her stories ever again, except like once a year, maybe. Toodles really has no idea what the crap she's been doing for 3 years.

Oh and she learned about the magic of friendship or something, and found ~TRUE LOVE~, and stuff.

And there was that one time she freaked out about the rules and started frothing at the mouth about them in reviews to a lot of stories that didn't deserve it because they had like 1 line of script format or something dumb like that. Toodles is sorry. Unless you were a complete douchecanoe anyway, in which case screw you.

Today Toodles spends her time hyperfixating on one project and dropping it a month later, and in general not writing. She's actually a lot nicer than this flippant story makes her sound, she's just sarcastic and has a short attention span.

So like PM her or review or something. Or go stalk her on other sites. She doesn't care. The end.

It's over. The story's done.

Toodles is boring. That's it.

Go away.

((̲̅ ̲̅(̲̅( ̲̅ (̲̅ ( ̲̅ (̲̅( »ºø„„øººø„„ø٠


I guess I'll just explain what my stories are about here, and what audience they're intended for. So you'll be more likely to read them or something like that? xD I'm putting them in a rough order of best/most important (at least to me) to worst.

The Promise: It feels weird to put a Sonic fic here when I'm mainly a Spyro writer, but this is #1 priority right now. This story, the first of a trilogy (and possibly a totally original snippetfic after that), focuses on Shadow and Maria's relationship throughout the games, beginning on the ARK. It expands the original game's storylines. And uh... that's about it really. It's going to be EPICALLY ANGSTY. xD

The Legend of Crystal/Maggie's Tail: Basically just a rewrite of TLOS with Spyro's twin, Crystal, and Maggie's Tail expanding upon after the story. You know, when Malefor gets back out. ...Yes it's exactly as cliched as it sounds. I'm not going to lie. These fics really aren't for everyone; if fanfiction tropes bother you then TLOC isn't for you. They were my first stories after all. However I'm in the process of rewriting them and some of it is really my best work.

And Everything Started to Fall/Broken: These are basically AUs of the above starring solely Crystal. In Broken she's trying to come to peace with murdering of Spyro and Cynder because of Malefor. In AESTF she is sent to jail for a murder she has no memory of and has to figure out what really happened.

Hourglass: I'd say this is my best standalone story. The Guardians find two kids, each orphaned by the war, and take them in. Tempo is one of the rare dragons that can harness time, but she has no memory of what led to the Guardians finding her. As she, the Guardians, and Rukas flee to Warfang, Tempo must come to terms with her past and keep her new family safe from the war as she goes through her life in Warfang.

Viva La Vida: Spyro dies a lot, as narrated by Death. xD This story is made to help me stay on track with my writing, since once I start I usually can't stop. Plus if it's been a while it's something to read until I can manage to actually write one of my main stories. xD Story is going to be serious by the way, not satire, so if you don't want a depressing story it's not for you. xD

The Forgotten: This is a little creepypasta I made, and my only M fic. It's not THAT bad, but one scene in it includes child mutilation, though there's not much gore, but it's just to be safe. So if that bothers you, don't read it. As for cliches you can spot a few but I did my best to avoid the bad ones (I watch too much SOG :P). Anyway "I" find my old Spyro 3 disc and pop it in, only to realize the characters in the game have all aged without me and the Sorceress has taken over.

Weaver's Web: This is essentially going to be a retelling of the first 3 Spyro games, but along with Spyro, a young Dream Weaver named Morida is caught in the fray. The original Spyro games kind of left out telling about the inhabitants of the world so it kind of fleshes out on some of their cultures. And no it's not just The Legend of Crystal but original Spyro, I pwomise. Okay maybe a little but seriously half the time Morida won't even be with Spyro. .-.

Kimya's Silence: It's kind of like The Lion King 3 if that ever happened, which... isn't a very original idea. Eheh... But Kovu and Kiara's kid is a mute so she has to grow up trying to deal with that, which makes it a little more unique. And also maybe a certain character who's less than canon but whatever wants to kill everyone. There's that too. Being princess is hard. .-.

Theresa 100: If I wrote this as a fic it would suck. Seriously. It would be the worst thing you'd ever read and you would hate it. However in its current form I don't think it's that bad. It's just the story of Oblivion but it focuses on the adventures of the Champion of Cyrodiil, even before the events of the game, since the character's backstory in TES games are never stated.

Forgotten: Yes I realize I have two stories with the same name, one just has "The" in front of it. Oops. Well anyway this is a one-shot that basically shoves all the Spyro universes into one, and explains what happens between every game. Spyro gets trapped in this sort of special dimension and gains all the memories of his past lives, before having it wiped and sent to his next adventure.

Poisonous: What if Malefor had a daughter? Well obviously she would be quite unpleasant. Which she is, since she kind of wants to murder Spyro and take revenge on her father, even though she had some serious daddy issues going down in the club. ...*cough* Anyway, it's about revenge and honour and regret and stuff like that. And it needs to be rewritten since I wrote it when I was like 13 and haven't touched it in a long time. Don't judge me if it sucks. Read my better stories. ;_;

Some Hero: It's a Fable fic for the most hated Fable game. Walter's death (spoilers... oops too late) really hit me. Okay so maybe I'm a little emotional. But I decided to write out the scene where you have to fight him plus the funeral and throw in a bunch of flashbacks.

Emma's Endeavour: Hey, it's a story for a very obscure fandom. I'm out of ideas so this is probably the only time in my writing career I'll ever seriously declare hiatus. Much less indefinite hiatus. I might update it someday, it's just not priority right now. If you want to read it anyway it's the typical new-gardener-in-town story except it's changed so it's realistic, because who the crap can take care of 10 zillion different pinata creatures without ever eating, sleeping, or socializing. -.-

In Which We Say Goodbye: Yeah I'm probably just gonna delete this story. It sucks. I'm sorry. I wrote it like two months after I joined. When I was twe-- *cough cough* I mean thirteen because I TOTALLY didn't break the sign-up rule. Nopenopenope. .-.

((̲̅ ̲̅(̲̅( ̲̅ (̲̅ ( ̲̅ (̲̅( »ºø„„øººø„„ø٠

I decided to remove Golem Just Wants a Friend. I'm not sure if it could be considered a disregard for proper spelling/grammar since it's used for artistic effect, but better safe than sorry. You can read it here. If you want to comment on it, just PM me. xD

Deer Diaree

I lik malifore. He giv mee life. But he no teech mee how two spil. So i hav too spil miself. I cant yoos papir tho. Bicuz it burns win i tuch it. So I yoos bark and skrach the wurds in. I wil go now. Gudbi diary.


Deer Jurnul

I think i wil hav a jurnul now. I lik them betur then diarees. Ther is a orng cristul in my room. Ther ar sum draguns in it. I hop they wil bee my frinds. I lik malifor but he wont be my frind. And the grubleens ar stoopid. I am tird so i think i wil go now. Gudnite jurnul.


Deer Jurnal

Thos things in the cristul are meen! As soon as the grooblins got them owt i came up too say helo. i triid to giv them a handshake so many tims but they kept hiting mee. Then sumthing hit my i. Now i cant see owt uf my i. Maybi i got a litle mad and triid too kil the chetah who hit me. But i didnt meen it. I think i wil tri two say sory in a litle bit.


Deer Jurnal

I went two say sory. I piked up the piler they wer on and brot them to my fase so i culd say sory propur. Then win i was dun i put them in an alcov in a wal so they wuld be saf. Then I breethed fire becus i had hicups and whin i hav hicups i breeth fire. But I am so happi that i sad sory. Now we can be frends.


Deer Journul,

Whin i fownd the draguns, i axidentily smashed a piller, but i didnt meen too. When i trid to grab the draguns so we culd play, they kept mooving. I think we wer playing tag. But my arm got stick in the wal. When i puled it out i lost my arm. Now im sad beecuz now it wil be hard to play with my frends and writ in my journul. But its okay.


Deer Journul,

I fownd my frends. But i think they wer tring to leeve and i was sad. I trid to tel them not to leeve, but i got hicups and breethed fire. Then i grabed the blac dragun, and just as i was abowt to say hello, the purpul dragun draged her back. At first i was sad, but then i reelized that wee were playing tag agin! I trid to tag the purpuhl dragun but i missed. Then i trid to tag the black dragun but i also missed. After that they didnt com back so i thot the game was over becuz they went down a hal and i culdnt reech them. But then i reelized we were playing hid and seek. I slamed the wal in so they culd hide. Maybi i shuldnt hav done that, but ill find them aniway. Im going to go cownt now. Goodbi, journul.


Dear Journal,

My speling is geting beter! Im so hapy. But I cant find my frends now. They must be reelly good hiders. I loked everywhere and I stil cant find them. I think maybi they left the catacoms and hid somewhere else. So Im going to find them.


Dear Journal,

Finally, I've fownd them! I can only stop for a secont. I went under the erth and stoped to write this. I'm going to go play now! Me and the dragons can be friends forever and ever and ever, just like I always wawnted.


Dear Journal,

I got an idea to make my arm better. I had to destroy a bit of the citi but now we can play propurly! My tal waves when Im happy and its waving a lot rite now! In fact, its goin al over the place. I think Im vary hapy. Im trying to play with sum of the moles and dragons here, but none of them are as nice as my purpl and black friends. A bunch of mean dragons tried to hurt me and that mayd me sad. But its alrite. My friends are around here and they can play! We can be best friends and finally, finally I will have sombody who cares about me!


Dear Journal,

I'm just like the grublins. I'm so stupid. I thought they were just playing a little rough when they started to hurt me. I thought we were having so much fun. But then they tried to kill me. Then they betrayed me.

Now, when I think about it, they nevir really liked me at all. I always thot we were playing, but now i reelize that they were just triing to get away from me. I loked in sum of my other jurnal entrees and i cant beleev how stoopid i wus. Now Ive faled so far that i cant evin writ gud animor.

Why nobudy lik Golem.

Whi malefor giv me life if he no everithing wil hate me.

whi cant golem hav frinds

And that's all. But one more thing before I go...

May all your bacon burn.

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