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Author has written 22 stories for Inuyasha, One Piece, Boondocks, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Hello everyone inudbzgirl here with my bio lol. I've decided to update it because some things have changed since I last did...I think but anyways...

Real name: Classified

Age: 21

Live in: Virginia...gotta love the in all the time.

Ethnicity: African American but should it doesn' all..not even a little bit..this is just here because I saw someone else do the same thing AND its a mini-survey

Favorite music genres: R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Some Heavy Metal

Favorite Artists/groups: Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Tupac Shakur, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Youngstown, Joe, Case, Finger Eleven, Maroon 5, Panic! At the Disco, U2, Usher

Favorite Anime/Manga (in order): One Piece and Inuyasha are tied, Bleach, Dragonball, Fairy Tail, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Naruto

Weirdest line I've heard in a rap song: some weird thing I've heard by Lil Wayne.

My favorite line from a song: "Say what you mean, tell me I'm right and let the sun rain down on me" -Panic! At the Disco...realized I used the wrong "right" here at first..kind of embarrassing

Favorite Song Quotes

1. "When the world is on your shoulder, you gotta straighten up your act and boogie down." -Michael Jackson

2. "If you ever leave me baby, leave some morphine at my door." -Bruno Mars

3. "I'm a sinner, whose probably gonna sin again. Lord forgive me...for things I don't understand." -Kendrick Lamar

4. "Love takes time, to heal when you're hurting so much." -Mariah Carey

5. "We'll travel down this road til it turns from color to black and white." -Frank Ocean

6. "They say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the root." -Tupac Shakur

7. "Cause we're the party people, night and day. Livin' crazy cause that's the only way." -Michael Jackson

8. "Lonely one and young so broken-hearted, traveling down the rigid road of life. Using pharmaceutical extractions, to find, the paradise. Finds the high but comes down feeling lower. Gets down on their knees and starts to pray. Looking up to heaven for the answer, they hear, a voice that says...You will know, troubled heart you'll know, problems have solutions, trust and I will show." -Stevie Wonder

9. "Girl take pride in what you wanna do, even if that means a new man every night inside of you. Baby I don't mind, you can tell by how I roll...cause my clique high and my cup cold, my tongue's slurred cause I'm so throwed, I'm wiping sweat from my last show. He's TG and I'm XO." -The Weeknd

10. "The wonder of the world is gone I know for sure. All the wonder that I want, I'd found in her." -Finger Eleven

Things I hate about the Inuyasha fanbase

1. The Kikyo-Kagome feud. Let me explain, no they aren't the same but neither of them is a bitch. They do bitchy things (i.e. dragging to hell and "sitting"). Kikyo has saved every damn character in the series (besides the evil ones). And Kagome has purified every damn character (including Naraku) both of them are awesome so both Kikyo and Kagome haters can suck it.

2. The "putting down" of character ships. Look everyone doesn't have to like InuKag or InuKik. I personally like both and several others (see above). That is why this is FANfiction. No, none of these couples (besides the canon ones) will appear on the show but that is why we have imaginations, to set up things how we like it. So those people can suck it.

3. Kagome is not a slut. She wears a school uniform that happens to have a short skirt. It also isn't her fault she's very pretty (blame Takahashi-san or genetics) and too many demons love her. She's only pursued one guy and that's Inuyasha (in show).

4. Kikyo is also NOT a slut. She dated Inuyasha first and had a trouble of letting go. I mean think about it, if you thought the love of your life killed you then moved onto another woman who looks like you, you'd be angry too (believe me I know). She also CAN'T help she's pretty (blame Takahashi-san or genetics) and yes she's pretty, very gorgeous just pale from death. She also can't help Inuyasha always seeks HER out, she never seeks HIM out. So blame Inuyasha not her.

5. Sango is NOT an EMO. She deserves to be depressed after losing her entire freaking family. Think about it, if it happened to you, you wouldn't be able to handle it either. So cut her some slack.

All the people above who have committed one of these acts can suck it. I don't care if you dislike a character (I dislike Shippo greatly) but at least have a reason that is not explained immensely on the show. (I mean c'mon these are common sense). Rant over now

I realized that I forgot to mention my favorite shipped couples:

1. Inuyasha and Kikyo - yes I said it...I don't care if some of you think she's a "clay pot hoe" (how ridiculous is that, seeing as she died a virgin and isn't a pot)...this couple has been through more things than I can count and still love each other in the end. Besides, first loves are cute.

2. Usopp and Kaya from One Piece - Their story is so sweet...who doesn't want a guy that would take time out of his busy day (letting everyone know "pirates" are coming) to come tell you stories just to make you feel better? And guys c'mon you know you love girls who laugh at your jokes and love listening to your stories.

3. Sesshomaru and Kagome - Can anyone say HOT...besides I like the whole innocence and purity bit (I've recently been reading some HimxBubbles from PPG) she reminds me of Bulma and he Vegeta and they are the cutest couple ever.

4. Sanji and Nami - I like guys who constantly dote on girls even when they aren't receiving any reciprocation in return...besides, there may be some feelings for him deep down within her

5. Luffy and Vivi - cute and I've watched entirely too much Toei animation specials that seem to throw them together...and worse, I like them

6. Sanji and Usopp - "You'll do whatever I can not do and I'll do whatever you can not do" my favorite yaoi Usopp refers to Sanji often as "Sanji-kun" which if I'm not mistaken is a honorific of affection towards males (I could be wrong)

7. Kikyo and Kagome (when I'm not pairing the two as sisters) - seriously there are some well written stories of these two together and plus it solves the whole Kikyo vs Kagome bit

8. Luffy and Hancock - He reminds me of Goku and she of ChiChi and they are my FAV DBZ couple

9. Zoro and Nami - face it, the guy gets lost all the time and needs a navigator to help him find his way...besides, the whole love-hate thing is pretty darn cute.

10. Franky and Robin - mother-father/husband-wife banter...its hilarious and he shows affection for her various times throughout the series.

If life was black and white, things would be easier. However, there is always the gray area. Damn you bitchy gray area.

I have absolutely no life..except writing..which I don't even believe I do that well...

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