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Hello Darlings,

If you are viewing my profile, you must have read one of my stories, so, big thanks for reading. If you left a review, you can have an imaginary puppy holding a chocolate muffin and my eternal thanks.

I understand it is customary to write a small section about yourself, just incase any readers feel the need to know stuff. So (despite the fact i've never felt this need myself, I will entertain this custom), I am an english, vegetarian female with a passion for tv, film, music and sarcasm. I have a little bit of a crazy disposition (who doesn't these day), which I like to think helps me create all these wacky story lines my brain holds onto.

Ultimately, I do write for myself, then share on here. So, there may be a lull in my writing/posting if things get crazy in the real world.

My laptop knows my preferences very well, there is probably an incomplete fiction idea for every show I watch, so, let's have the roll call shall we?

Smallville (Oliver Queen = yummy yum yum)
True Blood (Eric Northman = yummy)
Vampire Diaries (Damon = yummy)
Supernatural (Dean = yummy)
Buffy (Spike = yummy)
Firefly (Mal = yummy)
Blood Ties (Henry = yummy)
Gilmore Girls (Logan = yummy)
Criminal Minds (Morgan = yummy)
Naruto (Kakashi = yummy *drool*)
Fast and Furious (Dom = yummy x100000)
Riddick (Riddick = very yummy - those eyes)
Castle (Castle = yummy. Does this also clash with the Firefly yummy for Mal? I strongly believe so)
Dark Angel (Alec = yummy)
Veronica Mars (Logan = yummy)
Burn Notice (Michael = yummy yummy yummy)
Fairy Tail (Gajeel = Oh my days, yummy yum yum)
Are you seeing a pattern? It’s almost like I only watch things for the fit men… how strange a pattern… complete coincidence of course. Although, if there was a pattern, it should be noted as proof that all good girls do really love those bad boys ;) (Note; Yes I do refer to myself as a good girl, and anyone who tells you any different is lying).

Important: I rarely ever plead... okay, so I've done it once or twice... but I would really, really like to ask the readers of fanfiction to pick up the electronic pen and start cracking out some stories. Quite simply, I have run out of new ones to read on a select few archives, and I just know there are some sparkling ideas inside your head that you don't have the confidence to tap out, but please, please, please, just try a story for me. Give a poor girl some brain fodder, and she will do the same for you. Haven't you ever wanted to be in that Tv show you love, haven't you ever wanted to run your fingers over that hot man flesh you love (or girl flesh to those male readers ofc)? Where can you do it (without risking a restraining order)? On fanfiction of course. So, pick a genre, pick a fantasy and make it come to life.

Reviewers/PMer's you have no idea how much I love you. You got me through a depressing stage of adolescence, so I owe you one massively. And to all those out there currently in that stage, it gets better, I swear to all that exists, it gets better.

Much love, stay safe this year,

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