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Author has written 6 stories for Harry Potter, and Final Fantasy X.

Stats: Jennie. 26. Married. American. Born and raised in Los Angeles. Living in Germany since 2004. 3 cats.

Favorites: Photography. Traveling. Anime. Reading. Imaginations. Thunderstorms. Sushi. Castles. Miles Vorkosigan. Baths. Airplanes. Learning. Meeting new people. Wine. Smell of ocean water and wet sand. Camping.

Like most authors, I thrive on feedback. I also respond to all reviews, more often than not.

07 July 2007:

So after five weeks of learning to survive without a computer due to a myriad of technical complications and malfunctions, I am now back and feeling slightly daunted at the amount of catch-up I have to play in email, fanfic and anime. I never thought of myself as dependent on the internet but, man, did I feel the lack of it keenly.

Chapter one (not to be confused with the already posted prologue) of Dread of Vanished Shadows is up but I regret to say that I have absolutely no idea when the next chapter will be up. I tend to write on a rotating basis according to my current obsession. And right now my passion lies with a story I had been toying over while I was technologically deprived that takes place in the Gakuen Alice universe. It's all a handwritten mess, scribbles on scratch paper and notes on a wall's worth of post-its, and it'll take me a while to organize and translate my thoughts into the computer but it'll be up eventually. I have a feeling though, after I read the seventh Harry Potter book, I'll be back in my Harry Potter haze and will get back to this overly complicated (and slightly intimidating now that I think about it) story that is Dread of Vanished Shadows.

I thank you for your continued patience and, as always, your support.

Obsessions at the moment:

Gakuen Alice, Bleach, Death Note, Prince of Tennis, Harry Potter, NANA, Gintama, Avatar, Witch Hunter Robin, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, D. Gray-man, Blood, Ghost Hunt, Samurai Champloo, Escaflowne, Spirited Away, Uninhabited Planet Survive, Veronica Mars, Carnivale, Ghost Hunters (of Sci-Fi Channel fame, not to be confused with the anime Ghost Hunt which also graces this list)

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Dread of Vanished Shadows reviews
I had a dream which was not all a dream... the dread of vanished shadows. Harry, presumed dead for years, reappears, a shadow of what he once was, with a young daughter in tow. With the help of an old enemy, wounds finally begin to heal. HarryDraco
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Do you still remember our Age of Gold? Full of bright hopes and brighter dreams; shattered moonlight and splintered rainbows. A few months after the destruction of Venegun, Rikku finds strength in solace in the last person she expected. RikkuGippal
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After the death of Voldemort, the world did not change as they had hoped it would. No, the death-eaters were not defeated; they merely shifted from one leader to another... one far more human and far more diabolical than the others before him. HDr
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Luring Me to Betray reviews
He wore a silver band on his thumb. It wasn’t ornate or intricate in any way, which intrigued me to no end. It was simple, unblemished, unambiguous… everything he was not. DGish
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