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Heyy people :) i am a very spontaneous writer! I hope people enjoy every moment of my stories :) I don't know when I'm going to post but i know that when I do, people will be amazed :D More about me...hmmm...where to begin...

I am a writer on youtube, so check me out if you haven't already :

My favorite color is Orange :) It's very vibrant and crazy like my personality :D My best friends are people who I won't say :? I will tell you that one of them is on here and that would be critterkid323 !!! She is an amazing writer! Better than me :) Even though she claims that she is horrible. So this is what I have to say to her: Shut your mouth! You are the best damn writer I know! Deal with it! lol :) Love ya

I am not afraid to cuss nor write very pervy scenes S:) (eyebrow wiggle lmao) People hate me for unknown reasons but you know what? I don't care :) Have a nice life without someone as awesome as me in it :) lmao jk I'm not awesome, I just overuse the word too much :D i love the sexiest man on the planet known as Justin Bieber :D And no, I am not writing Justin Bieber love stories on here, that is what Youtube is for ;) lmao Peopl can't get enough of it lol So people who happen to hate or really 'detest' him don't have to worry because I will put my best effort into writing this story...once I figure out what the plot and basis of it will be -_- hehe I have met some amazing and crazy bitches on youtube XD Most of them have deleted their accounts or just stopped writing all together, but I want them to know that I love them all :

1. sodrealist (I fxcking missyou!)

2. NoomBieberFever (She is beast!!!)

3. BieberShawtyy (She deleted her stories but is writing agains :D)

4. TheDizzyDuck (Ah-maz-ing)

5. Brittwrites (She started a new series, hell yes!!!)

6. xolifeisgoodxo326 (I haven't read her stories in forever becuz she like completely stopped writing...I think she dead :? jk but she won't respond to no one)

And that's about it :D I won't tell you how old I am because I am real scared of people stalking me, just about as much as I hate seeing a spider crawl around my house -_- You will not ever find out my name, and if you do...stalker! I am very protective of my friends and family because they are the only ones you can turn to when life comes down to the shittiest days. Live life to its fullest just because. People need to love one another so we can stop hate. Peace, love, and happiness :) Don't forget me, cuz I will never forget the people who comment and read my stories. Never have in the past, and I never will :) My viewers make me day shine bright even if it is raining outside :) So I want each and everyone of you to know that, I fxcking love you I don't like saying that word because as southpark would say 'Fuck is the worse word that you can sayy, it's easy m'kay' lmao XD I love the South Park movie Hilarious shit :) Well, I have written more here than I probably will with my stories bwaha :D So I will let you guys stop reading this big paragraph that probably has you snoring ZzZzZ...lmao :) Sorry, my humor isn't the best, but if you gots a problem with it...we can fix it!!! Lol

Lots of love,



love all you bitches XD

~People come up to me and ask "Do you miss him?" all I can do is turn around while I hide my tears and whisper, "So much,"~