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CazEvelyn is a gestalt entity of two Red Dwarf fangirls - cazflibs and MaxEvelyn.

cazflibs is probably better known for her 'Ace Chronicles' series and love of gunp0rn.

MaxEvelyn is probably better known for her works on Deviantart under the pseudonym 'Matirx7' and love of gunp0rn.

Beginning to spot where they meet, yet?

You see, MaxEvelyn has a problem. She has all these great ideas chatting away in her head but can't get them down on paper.

You see, cazflibs has a problem. She loves to write but is often stumped for decent ideas.

After reading 'The Ace Chronicles' back in 2009, MaxEvelyn had AN IDEA of such epicness, it has to be written in caps to be given sufficient justice. She approached cazflibs and whispered that plotbunny in her ear. The resulting evil cackle could be heard in the next county.

And the gestalt entity was born.

So together, the story 'Cosmic Castaway' was plotted - the sequel to 'Rimmer's Return' and 'The Prophecy'. In September 2010, the pair met at a London pub (a meeting place where people attempt to reach advanced states of mental incompetence through the repeated consumption of fermented vegetable drinks) and finalised the story. And now, we - the writer and her crazy-ass muse - are ready to release it upon the Red Dwarf-loving world.

May god have mercy on your lunchboxes.

Because 'Cosmic Castaway: The New Divide' is a sequel to previous works, here's the plot summary of eeeeeeeeeverything you'll need to know to make your reading experience the best it can possibly be. Oh and chocolate. Every fic session need chocolate...

After three years of being Ace, Rimmer indulges in a little advanced training on Blerios 5 with a Maitiaki guardian called Tonga ('124 Days'). During his training, a group of holograms show up in the market - searching for an unknown man - but leave when the Blerion traders refuse to co-operate. One night in the temple, the mirror shows him a prophecy of sorts, where he sees himself transforming into something dark and sinister. However, it's pushed to the back of his mind when both the palmist and Tonga suggest that his lost love, Nirvanah, could be reunited with him in the future.

Spin on six years, and Rimmer meets his son McGruder on a human colony ('Blurry'). McGruder explains how the simulants and the holograms have been at war for hundreds of years, and that their violent battles threaten to spill out into the cosmos, potentially endangering what remains of the human race. After Rimmer stops the simulants from reaching the human colony to protect its inhabitants and his son, Pizzak and the simulants seek revenge. Suffering the consequences of making an impossible choice (give up the Jadestone and the Dwarfers' location, or see a survivor's colony be destroyed) Rimmer retires as Ace for almost a year, unable to cope with the fatal decision he made.

But when Rimmer discovers that his old crew are at risk from the wrath of the simulants, he decides that despite what's happened and what he's done, he has to go back to save them ('Rimmer's Return'). In the final confrontation, nano Rimmer is killed but resurrected as hologram, taking on the flame as Ace. And in order to prevent his lightbee from burning out from the stress he's had to endure, Lister helps Rimmer to wipe his entire memory of being Ace in order to protect himself and the Dwarfers from any hostile beings out there in the vast cosmos.

After learning that Kochanski is, in fact, still alive, the Dwarfers spend 14 months searching for her. Their travels take them to a Blerion Trading Post ('The Prophecy') where Lister meets a fortune teller. She tells him that he will indeed be reunited with his lost love - but on that day, Ace will return - not just the newest incarnation, but the darker version still buried in Rimmer's mind. She explains that the forces of war will try and bring him back, and if they succeed, he'll be consumed by darkness and destroy everyone and everything in his path.

It seems that this seemingly fairy-tale prophecy may hold some truth. Whilst in the markets, Rimmer is kidnapped by Juno (a symbi-morph who worked for Pizzak and the simulants - 'Only the One', 'Blurry') who tells him that the holograms are keen to locate Ace and recruit him as their main murder weapon in their war against the simulants. And understandably, with a huge bounty on his head, Juno is keen to pick up the cash for bringing him in. Yet upon realising that Rimmer has no memory of being Ace, and feeling sorry for his certain destruction should he be turned in, she lets him go.

When Lister and Rimmer share what has happened to each of them, Lister makes a decision. They run.

Cosmic Castaway: The New Divide reviews
In this sequel to 'Rimmer's Return' and 'The Prophecy', the Dwarfers face their toughest adventure yet when they're caught in the middle of the hologram/simulant war. And sometimes, your most feared enemy can be lurking in your very midst...
Red Dwarf - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 47,269 - Reviews: 75 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 7/23/2013 - Published: 11/13/2010 - Rimmer, A., Lister, D.