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Due to some recent e-mail’s I was receiving about The Rise Of A New Beginning, I wasn't sure if I would continue writing it.

So I am going to explain to all of you what happened.

A woman emailed me telling me that I shouldn’t be writing about God and sex in the same story, that I should be ashamed of myself for doing such a thing.

I was rather upset about this email and several more that she has sent, which in turn made me feel like I shouldn’t continue on with it, as I wasn’t sure how the rest of you felt about this detail.

I would like to state for the record that I am not trying to make you all believe that sex before marriage is right or wrong, and you all have a right to your own opinions and beliefs, as do I.

So with the kind words of my fellow readers, husband and Editor Deonne, I have decided that I will continue writing The Rise Of A New Beginning. (The way I see fit)

I feel that it is very important to state that, this story is religious and will have sexual content.

If you are not comfortable reading this sort of story then I suggest that you don’t read it.

I value the opinions of my readers very much and you all have just no idea how much this has upset me.

I can only hope that the rest of you don’t think this way and continue to go down this journey of The Rise Of A New Beginning with me.

For the rest of you thank you for your support, you guys are simply the best.

To Deonne thanks so much for Editing The Rise Of A New Beginning and for your supportive and kind words… are awesome to say the least.

I look forward to working with you further...April

My name is April; I'm a 31 year old woman, with a very vivid imagination.

I live in small town in Ontario, Canada. My husband and I have become first time parents. With a 3 year old at home my passion of writing has now turned into a passion of finger painting and singing the wheels on the bus, so please be patient with me getting these chapters updated. It's a little harder now.

I have never pursued writing as of right now its just a hobby.

I'm a very creative person who loves to paint, write, and draw.

With the closure of my job, at Hershey Canada I made the decision to go back to school and have now completed, with high honors, Business Administration program. This was one of the proudest days of my life, as I never thought I would ever attend College, or have completed it with high honors.

I have two younger sisters Rachel 25 and Marsha 22.

I have been married for six years, to my wonderful husband Johnathan. We have been together in total, thirteen years; this up coming May 14th will be fourteen.

I was 18 and he was 17 (yep I got my self a youngin ;) We got married on our 7th year anniversary.

He is simply put the love of my life. (My Edward)

Twilight, Edward, and Robert have all become my little obsession.

And so my very encouraging husband encouraged me to share a story, to find out once and for all if I am good at my little hobby.

I have completed my very first story called Shawn Fusion, along beside it I completed one called, The Rise Of A New Beginning and then one that's more personal to me that I wrote that is called Marital psychosis. Cataclysmic Humanity is just about completed at this time.

They're all Twilight related I hope that you will all check them out and leave me your reviews.

Because Shawn Fusion, was my first story; the first few chapters are a little short lived, but I promise if you give it a chance you will love it.

I have also just received a Beta for Shawn Fusion (Dee; thanks again;) so I will be updating it just as soon as she has the time to Edit.

Both my husband and I are big movie people.

We love so many different actors such as: Jonny Depp, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jack Nicholson, Christina Ricci, Nicole Kidman and many more.

I was a late bloomer to the whole Twilight saga, In fact I wasn’t even going to see it, let me explain...

I thought Twilight would ruin the whole vampire image for me, No Vampire teeth, Edward can go in the sun ex...

It was my father in law that talked us into seeing New Moon. (It's his fault that I am addicted.)

My husband and I feel in love with the story so fast that we started bickering he was pro werewolf and I pro Vampire.(of Course)

We loved it so much that we went out and bought the first installment of Twilight, right after seeing New Moon.

My husband in turn bought me the Twilight books series. There was just no way; I could wait until all the movies were all made to find out what happened.

When I found out whom Edward was (Robert Pattinson) I tried to find any other movie he starred in.

I went out and bought How to Be; it was the funniest movie I have ever seen. Caution it is a little low budget but I like movies that way :)

I then watched some interviews with Robert, he seemed to always be laughing and joking, just plain and simply, an all around humble guy.

This for me was the first indicator that I was going to like Mr. Pattinson as an actor.

I like celebrities who are just like you and I, The money doesn't go to there heads and jazz.

Anyhow what you will come to realize about me, is that first and far most I have a very weird sense of humor…

I tell it like it is….and I am a little out there…Hope I didn’t frighten you all away ;p

I just wanted to let you all know a little something about me and to thank you in advance for sending your reviews, they all help me grow and develop my writing skills.

I hope that you all like my stories and if you do show me the love; I simply love it ;)

Thanks again


Shawn Fusion

Link to Abby's Red Carpet Dress in Shawn Fusion

Link for Abby's Shoes for the Red Carpet in Shawn Fusion

Link to Edward's Suit for the Red Carpet in Shawn Fusion

Chapter 8 Video of "Edward" playing the piano;) Copy and paste

This is what I visioned Edwards house to look like. Copy and paste

The pool house, copy and paste.

Abby's Lingerie

Out fit one

Out fit two

*if this one doesn't work when clicked on, copy and paste.*

Out fit Three

Chapter 11 link

Don't forget to view the new pictures on my site ;)

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