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Since: December 6th, 2014

First term at college is beginning on January 12th. And classes at the Alliance Française were quite intense on this Niveau (level). I need a break, but I will return! ...One of these days.

"Short" Bio

G'day, dear chaps! I am 'Nicole Prower'. I live in El Salvador, that little country amid the Americas. I am 18 years old as of December 6th, 2014. I speak both English and native Spanish, currently interested in learning French. I feel much more comfortable with English though. However, I still have some grammar mistakes, and I am thankful for the correction of them!

I have used different usernames throughout my little poking around here. I have works under:

-Slanguage (eeeeh... I used improper grammar, misspellings and stuff of the sort because I loved Zora Neale Hurston's folktales' style. Dumb, little kid stuff, eh? I know.)

-The REFORMED Slanguage (I stopped using improper grammar after "Married to Books" However this username was too... bloodily complex to use.)

-Miss Nicole Murder (Mate, I do enjoy crime poetry and murder mysteries!)

-Nicole Prower (That is the actual me.)

Bookish, sociable, loyal and perfectionist are the best words to describe myself in the moral/psychologic area. Physically, I am not that appealing. 'Nuff said.

My greatest fear must be presencing/smelling/seeing/hearing someone vomiting: I'm emetophobic.

I am a fan of:

Vocaloids: Kaito, Rin, Gakupo.

AXIS POWERS HETALIA. Fav Characters: Austria, Sweden, Hungary, France and England (you CAN'T have a single favorite!). I am a student of International Relations, so... yeah, you get the idea.

FullMetal Alchemist. Fav Characters: Riza H., Kain Fuery (he's important, too!), Greed (he's so funny!!! x3 ).

Sonic Videogames series. Fav characters: Miles "Tails"Prower, Blaze, Silver.

Kuroshitsuji; I'm new at this. Favorite character is Finny. :'D

Total Drama Series was great before "Revenge of the Island". What a shame. Favourite ORIGINAL characters were Noah, Izzy and Bridgette.

Books? My older brother just presented me with the complete collection of Sherlock! IMAGINE MY FACE WHEN I OPENED THAT WONDERFUL BOX!

Movies? I barely watch them.

Music? A little bit of everything, except for rock/metal and reggueatón. My favourite classic composer is Mozart, and maybe Chopin, as well. Modern-day musicians: Clean Bandit, Coldplay, Meghan Trainor.

I enjoy making up rhymes, tycoon games, making crafts, studying History, going to theatres, and learning new things. This 2014, for example, I took on HTML classes and a course of French. Doing well on both, thank God.

I really like football ("soccer", you know, 'Muricans)! National squads I support include Germany, England, and Brazil (that 7-1 at the World Cup left my mind in blank--), as well as El Salvador's SELECTA, even though we have been stained by soccer mafias as of lately. I am a fan of Liverpool F.C. and F.C. Barcelona.

By the by, I have finished uploading for Lessons, which was my main task. Now, I have frozen all other projects. That means that Yooyuball, Our Passion is suspended. No, it is cancelled. I just lost interest. Maybe I should even take it down? You tell me.

'Nuff said. Cheerio!


La felicidad consiste en darse cuenta de que nada es demasiado importante.

Antonio Gala

The Austrian Anschluss (Hetalia manga; scanlation in English)

Austria is an elegant prisoner.

Los ideales son como las estrellas: nunca las podrás alcanzar; pero, como un capitán en altamar; de brújula, para llegar a tu destino, te servirán.

A review once in a while is cool, you know... Even if it is only to say "hello".

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