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Hi there!

I'm Fiz, there's not much to know really; I feel like I spend all my time on school work, I get yelled at for not coming out enough by several of my friends and I am a complete shopahollic. :)

Feel free to pm me :)

Starsign: Leo :)

Favourite stories for all time: Greek myths and legends

Favourite day: CHRISTMAS!!! (the presents, the food, seeing family and friends! oh golly!)

Favourite Animals: Pandas, Komodo Dragons, Jaguars, Ocelots

Favourite series: (maybe of all time) HARRY POTTER!!!

Favourite Colour: indigo :) cause I'm awkward :)

I'm the independent girl who doesn't need a boyfriend, who doesn't want to be tied down. I'm the girl who has lots of friends, who isn't in the popular group. I'm the one who doesn't go out every weekend but gets A's and A*'s. I'm the one who isn't a girly girl and doesn't scare easily. I'm the girl who's a fighter. The one who won't cry and gets bored of girls getting hyterical over boys. I may not be the nicest girl, I may not be the best person, but I know I'm that girl and there's nothing I can do about it.


Night World Poems:

Fifty one chapters finished, from the Night World, latest about Ricky- updated 02/01/13

P.S. I love you:

My first real story, from the Mediator. It's a Paul/Suze one-shot-completed 02/19/11


A two week winter school trip would be great, right? Two weeks in the snow with your best friends? Well little ever seems to go to plan in Suze's life... And this winter's about to get very... cold. From the mediator.- completed 01/03/12

You left, but I don't have to be alone:

One-shot song-fic using Sometimes by Britney Spears, from the mediator, partly as a "sorry" to my dear reviewers for being so long updating Canada... -completed 07/26/11

My Best Friend:

Basically a poem dedicated to Harry Potter. God, how we're all going to miss him... Odviously from Harry Potter :P -Completed 08/01/11

More than you'd ever admit:

How true were those words that Master Cyclonis said to Piper in "Best Friends Forever"? From the Storm Hawks :) -Completed 06/03/12

Best Friends Forever:

A song-fic about just after the episode "Best Friends Forever" well... a few weeks after, but still! A little "sorry" for not updating my other story :D From the Storm Hawks :) -Completed 04/26/12

If you'd give me the chance:

A what-if scenario from the last book Twilight/Heaven Sent. From The Mediator! :) -07/14/12


Adopted from Loulabel246 as she wanted me to finish what she had started... What happens when Suze and her family have to move to Seattle, land of the evil Paul slater? Will Suze fall for him and what happens when Suze meets a nasty gang OC ghosties? Will she get Pauls help or suffer in silence? From the Mediator :) -Updated 01/04/13

I'm a fan of:

The mediator, by the amazing Meg Cabot

The night world, by genious L.J Smith

Percy Jackson, by the famous Rick Riordan

Harry Potter, by J.K. Rowling who should be made a saint or something for the pure genious of the series she wrote that transformed my childhood

Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy), by Wendy Higgins... Not my usual style but an absolutely amazing book with addictive characters (Kaiden Rowe... Oh my...) Anyways, Wendy Higgins is a legend and I can't wait for the second book! (SUMMER 2013 EEEP!)

And just about anything with a bit of action in... Those romantic, lovey dovey books? Yeah? Just not me.

Music = My saviour in life, I wouldn't get anywhere without it.

The script


Fall out boy



Bowling for soup

All American Rejects

Avril Lavigne

Lily Allen

James Blunt

Jessie J

My Chemical Romance

Good Charlotte


Green Day

Panic! At The Disco

All these bands are legends!


- Twilight has got to the stage were you're either obsessed or you're sick of it.

- Boys will be there later, Qualifications and Exams won't be.

- Don't be scared, be cautious.

- Very few tell the truth, protect those who do.

- Those who seem young and innocent are often those who aren't.

- It doesn't matter how strong you are, be strong for too long on your own and you'll break in one way or another.

- Never assume you know everything.

- Love is a drug; addictive and gets you high, but often ends up causing pain and damage.

- Sometimes someone doesn't have to have done anything, you don't even have to have met them, but you know they exist. And that is enough.

- It is entirely possible to need someone and want to kill them at the same time, to love someone and to hate them. The opposite of love is not hate. It's indifference.

- Being in love, having feelings, isn't always a strength. Within chosing between your head and heart; your heart may tell you the right decision, but your head will cause less pain and damage in the end.

- Begging someone not to hurt you is basically an invitation to do so. If you can't cope with it, leave.

- You don't need emotions to grieve, not when you have memories.

Tata for now! ;D

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Mediator - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 27 - Words: 25,877 - Reviews: 119 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 8/31/2010 - Published: 10/30/2007 - Susannah S., Paul S.
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