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Author has written 12 stories for Gorillaz, Pirates of the Caribbean, Teen Titans, Total Drama series, South Park, Fantastic 4, NCIS, and A Clockwork Orange.

Yes, that's my picture! I recently got married! MARRIED! To whom? BrokenOrphan (Another Fanfictioner on here!)

I am bored. So let me begin by talking about some of my "friends" on Fanfiction. Yes I do know these people in REAL life. Haha.

Hyde'nGoSeek- His full name Is Elijah Quinton Hyde Adams. He has TWO middle names. But we call him Hyde, and then when want him to know we are being VERY VERY VERY serious, we call him Elijah. Which automatically let's him know the game is over. Hah! He's a bit..odd, and rebellious, but a total rocker and he's pretty much well awesome! Vandalizing, smoking, and making sarcastic jokes here and there are his favourite past times. He also has a strange attachment to his sunglasses and he works at a record store. He LOVES music. But only "good" music. Old rock. Ozzy, Led Zep., Nirvana(not AS old), Rolling Stones, SOME Beatles, Clash, Foo Fighters, AC/DC, Lynard Skynard, and the list goes on and on and on. Trust me. Plus, he believes in almost every conspiracy there is. He has MAJOR trust issues. He hardly even believes our clocks tell the right times. Haha, wha-? Love him to death though, regardless!

WeirdsBestFriend- She's nuts. Absolutly nuts. She's not a spaz, or annoying. She's crazy as in, she'll go to a rock concert and somehow get us all backstage with the band.

Omnes- Not as nuts as Weirds is. She's a bit more quiet but not by much but she has a very distinct point of view on life that I will leave up to her if she'd like to talk about it. She's a very personal person.

BrokenOrphan- He's not crazy nuts at all and I only know him real life upon seeing him at the movie theatre one time with what I think was his grandfather even though they didn't share too much of resembalance...I recognized his picture and we talked via PM'ing. Not sure if he considers me his friend or not but...I'd like it if we could maybe go out and talk sometime...*blush* usually, I'd be worried about him reading this, but he never reads profiles. He told me..haha. So,like I said before, he's not crazy but he is odd. He has some..quirks. But I take it that maybe he's just not the social type? So I suppose he has social quirks...UPDATE!: I'm now married to him! We've moved in together, gotten married, and now I am expecting a baby or two! Which is due around October sometime. I'm two months!!

Yes, so. I know those people in real life. Now,I've told you about there personalities, now I'll talk about different things about them and in the process maybe a little about about myself.

Weirdsbestfriend- I met her in my science class. She asked if we weremaking explosives. She didn't do it for a laugh or attention either because she went up AFTER class to ask the teacher personally if they were. A little later she won some tickets in some crazy contest she entered. She automatically asked me because I had sat at her table at lunch one time.

I asked why she didn't ask one of her close friends and she said she didn't exactly have "close" friends. SO, I went. I guess maybe I'm a little crazy too but we went and somehow we managed to get the front of the stage and Weirds managed to get a song sung to her specifically by the band because they said she showed great spirit for the band.

How does she manage...nevermind...I'm not gonna go nuts over this right now.

Omnes- I met her at a beach, she was avoiding the sun at all costs and I joined her unerneath a palm tree. THe beach wasn't my type of place either. I was obligated asI promised another of my friends I would watch her surf, (even though there was hardly any waves) and Omnes apparently thought that she needed to face her fear of the sun. TO this day I'm sure if she was kidding about being afraid of the sun. SHe usually does go at great lengths to avoid it...

Those two friends, I hang out with a lot to my dismay. Haha, and were the three most unlikely trio. Unlikely meaning, most unlikely to get along.

BrokenOrphan- Yes, well..I've already told you about that!

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