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This project is mostly a Pokemon / Case Closed Cross over. There will be several other anime characters and Video game characters along with references from comics and other series in general. This series is not intended to be an offense and is purely fan-made. Any jokes made are for amusement purposes only. If something/ someone is made fun of, we have to do it with everyone/ everything.

RATED: T some scenes may be appropriate for only a selected audience and some will be suitable for all. The series will progress randomly and has no specific end date. This will eventually become a youtube series once we get everything together. Please enjoy the fanfiction as more will come.

Most characters are OC's (despite their names) meaning, they act out of characters and contain many INSIDE JOKES (some in which are pretty obvious). Anyways, these stories revolve around the legendary Pokemon in their human forms. Below is an overall description of the series: Diamond and Pearl Platinum;

When Arceus (who is the mother) is fed up with her childrens constant fighting, she decides to transform them into humans to solve the problem. As the fighting and clashing of space, time and matter continue, she decides to pull Dialga, Palkia and Giratina out and transform them as well. She not only transformed them into humans, she "stripped" them of their powers except occasionally they have them, but can't use them. They must learn how to get along and learn to live with each other. In order to do this she needs to teach them the value of their lives as humans so that means school. Ho-Oh is another problem, he's the strange hippie of a father. Can they survive? Or will it drive them further away from each other?

Among the land of Kahoenoh, (combination of all the regions; which are districts) there are many residents such as; Ash Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, P. Samuel Oak and many other strange residents (from different series).

Inside Jokes are pretty common in this series (some in which, you would need to hear the voices when it's officially a youtube series.) they may not be completely clear to understand because a lot of them came at random.

Time lines are confusing. Please bare with it.


Q. Are there pokemon?

A. No, the only pokemon that exist are the legendaries. The other characters that have the names of pokemon only represent them, ex. Jigglypuff is a stuck up pop star. That's all she is.

Q. Does this have a specific time-line?

A. No it doesn't however, since it is a cross-over where the Pokemon thing is non-existent, but the Case Closed thing does. It takes place 1 year after Jimmy Kudo (Shinichi Kudo for the JP) shrunk. (even if Case Closed is going a different way, we are going our own way with this) Why? Because we can.

Q. Will you be using English Dubbed names only?

A. If they're available, yes. Only because it's almost an inside joke themselves. Some names we did keep though. (ex. Shiho Miyano from Detective Conan. inside joke? yes. you'll see...)

Q: Are you gonna bash any characters?

A: Yes. There are so many characters that we just can't stand. Don't take it personally. We'll bash a lot of characters and even make fun of the ones we like. Don't consider it bashing, think of it as making fun of.

Q: Will I like it?

A: Read it and find out. You will be notified when it is released on youtube.

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Damien travels through regions as a Pokemon Coordinator with his friends Ash, Misty, Max, May, and Dawn. Damien secretly has magic powers and nobody knows of them. If anyone finds out of his powers, it can be dangerous for him, his friends, and the world.
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