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HI! This is the first time I've ever written fanfiction, so my stories aren't that amazing. However, I love reading it! In my opinion, Faberry is the best coupling in the world. I'm attempting it, but it is a little difficult. I'm also a huge fan of Klaine but I can't write it to save my life. :) Faberritana sleepovers possibly make the most awesome stories. I'm a major gleek and basically like any glee fanfiction. I recently became a huge fan of South of Nowhere, but you won't see any SoN stories out of me for a while. Disney fanfiction is the most entertaining, though, because there's SO MUCH you can do with it. Everything's G rated so we can all tweak that A LOT. My favorite movie is Titanic, and I may write some fics for that. Maybe. DO NOT expect smut stories out of me for A WHILE. A WHILE. I'm still perfecting the first kiss stage. If and when I write a smut story, it will most likely be femslash. To be more specific, it will be Faberry smut. I also recently became a HUGE Sweeney Todd fan. Like...unhealthily obsessed. (Thanks Shi!) Possibly some fics in the future. But I wouldn't really want to change anything in that ridiculously amazing movie. So maybe or maybe not. We'll see. :)

Pairings (Glee):
Quinn and Rachel belong together. Nuff said. Santana only has 2 girls. Brittany or Rachel. Sorry Quinn/Santana fans. Samtana? Hilarious, but they're no Brittana. Brittany strictly belongs to Santana. As much as I love Bartie, we all know Brittana is forever. Rachel and Will? Sure. Quinn and Will? Excuse me while I go gag. Kurt and Blaine are soulmates. Kurt and Puck are bedmates. Sorry but it's true. Finchel only works when they're together. Separated, I can't stand them and they annoy me immensely. Tina and Artie need to get back together. Now. I'm all for Will and Holly. Will and Emma are getting exhausting to watch. St. Berry has its times and other times I want Jesse to slip off a cliff.

Pairings (South of Nowhere):
Spashley Spashley Spashley. I don't care if Aiden is in love with Ashley, Spashley is forever. Kyla/Aiden? Yes please. :) I'm still all for Glen and Madison. Glen and Chelsea is just...odd. Clay was the only one for Chelsea, but now he's kind of dead, so...yeah. Yes, I'm aware that the show has been over for quite some time, but it's a recent obsession (thank you your.kat!).

Pairings (Harry Potter):
Ron and Hermione will always be for each other, but I hope they can share. Ron and Harry is a favorite, and so is Hermione and Draco. Love that love/hate relationship. Luna and Neville is my OTP. They are for each other and each other only. Hermione and Harry are like brother and sister, so any romance is sort of awkward, but I love any UST between them. Dobby and Narcissa of course! (Only AVPM/S fans will get this) Harry and Luna fluff is sweet. Hardcore romance? Not so much... Voldemort and Harry is NOT my thing and never will be. I don't mind Hermione and Fleur, but any fluff between them just doesn't sit right with me.

I won't say my age, but I'm still in school, so weekday updates are extremely rare, unless it's over a break.

Like I said, it's the first time I'm writing fanfiction, so go easy with the flames.

Sorry my updates are so far apart. I'm working on that.

I try my best to name my glee stories after songs. Tell me your favorite song, and it might inspire me to write a story based on the title. Or write a songfic.

You need to help me inspire my friend wickedwizarded to post stories! Her stories are really good, but she's too freaked to post any. Thanks. :)

If you're a Camp Rock fan, and you think my story is OK, I need some ideas. No joke, I will take anything and most likely put it in there. As long as Tess doesn't get abducted by aliens, I'm open to pretty much anything.

Authors You Should Check Out:

"Forget regret, or life is yours to miss." -Rent

Happy Reading! :)

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