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...Dude, what do you *normal* people put here? Ah, well.

Name: Yi Gabriev/TBFH/Yi-na
Gender: Male
Yeah right, we know you're a girl: Screw you!
Hobbies: Crossdressing, eating, sleeping, video games, slacking off, cheap stupid Dragonball marysues, drawing, gardening, guitar (I play better when I'm drunk then when I'm sober, which is a little sad), biking, swimming, baseball, soccer, sports of pretty much any kind, fencing (big obsession with fencing...), and er... yay.
Obsessions: Boys, men, males, Dragonball, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (It's a NENE-GRAM!!), Utena, Krillin (ARGH! He's just too adorable to be HEALTHY! My biggest obsession *ever*. HAIL TO KRILLIN!), the Ginyu Tokunsentai, fencing, food, crossdressing (Women suck!), and TOMBA! I luv that video games to death. :goes and tries to light the One Thousand Year Old Man on fire:

I, er... let's see. I really like to eat a whole lot, but I'm disturbingly muscular from playing so many sports. People tease me because of my thick ankles, which makes me throw rocks at them. I have the world's only Transvestite Frieza doll, which Friez (Mah best friend. She loved Frieza so much she named herself after him.) threw at me when I tried to give it to her for Christmas. I personally thought it was cute, but she said that's just because I'm a gender confused moron. I'm very stupid and masculine and I hate women even though I *am* one. Except I *don't* really hate women, I just say so to emphasise the fact that I am *not* a woman even if I'm in a damned female body. Eh. My purpose in life is the GINYU TOKUNSENTAI :Flash pose pose: which I've been obsessed with ever since I first saw them on the Japanese channel when I was an ickle baby girl of seven. If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm *very* obsessed with Dragonball and am probably the only person on Earth who has a crush on Kamesennin. AND WANTS TO SCREW HIM. But it is top secret and no-one must know. ...oops.

Well, have I ranted about myself long enough? I believe so. Hope you lot have fun giggling at my stories!

~Yi-na/Yi Gabriev/TBFH/Saiyajin no Baka/whatever..

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