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Okay, since I seen people looking at my profile a couple times, I decided to take the time to add something here~!

So, I'm Tealcloud! You can call me whatever creative nickname you can think of. I'm a female and I want to be an author at one point in my life. I'm really into Anime, Manga and Games. Love Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Digimon and currently, Criminal Minds (since Spencer Reid is there...swoon~!). At the current moment, I'm writing one story for Digimon, but at one point I will expand since I rather finish this story first before I move onto another one. My next story hopefully will be related to Digimon. I will write one shots at one point, but most likely featuring an Oc.

Since I have nothing else to write...TO BE CONTINUED~(Maybe...)

OC's in Digimon Story

Reina Archer; 17 years old; 5'0"

A petite girl with pale skin, long inky black hair and emerald eyes. Reina is bit on the small side and looks fragile which she is even though she acts all tough on the outside.

Personality wise, Reina is a mysterious girl to others and gives off an ice princess vibe to others, but the reason behind this is because she is a bit shy around others. She is blunt with her words and has habit of insulting others back when they do to her. Reina is a bit rough around the edges, but is actually very kind hearted and nice that she shows through her physical actions than emotions. She's very polite to adults. When it comes to anything involving love, Reina is more shy about it since she usually isn't the type to fall in love and will the last one to realize her feelings. She is also pretty smart, only because she studies and reads a lot. Unlike Hinako, her emotions don't go wild.

Hinako Yagami; 18 years old, 5'5"

Hinako has an average built, peachy skin, light brown hair and brown eyes. She looks a lot like her grandmother (Hikari Yagami) and is actually pretty athletic.

Personality wise, Hinako is a cheerful and emotional girl. In simple words, she is much like an average teenager with hormones. She tends to a bit crazy when it comes to love and depression. She gets loud when overly excited and is almost the total opposite of Reina. She easily trusts people and is very loyal to people even if they betray her in someway.

Oc's in Pokemon Story

Name: Hailey Levine
Nickname(s): Demon girl (by some people), Manly Otaku (Mostly Ross), Munchkin (some people)
Alias: Hal (as a boy), Lei (as a girl)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hometown: Olivine City, Johto
Appearance: Hailey is a short girl, standing at 5’0” and has an average yet semi-tone body. She does have muscles resulting her training previously to the story, but she isn’t too muscular, so it doesn’t show at times. She is pretty pale with pale colored hair. She looks more European and has a platinum blonde that reaches to her shoulders. Her hair is usually is in a messy manner since she gets lazy to fix it and usually hidden under her hat. Her eyes tend to stand out a lot since they a golden amber color that is rare to come by. She does have feminine features on her face, but it tends to be hidden by the harsh scowl that she usually plants on her face.
Clothing: Hailey is the type of girl that wears whatever is laying around. She has no problem wearing any style or color. She does like stripes in most of her clothing though and is attached to wearing light colors rather than dark.
Usual clothing: Hailey wears a yellow and light brown stripped T-shirt that reaches to her hips with jean shorts that reach to her thighs. She also wears light gray knee high socks with white worn out sneakers. She does a yellow poke belt around her waist that is hidden under her shirt. She also wears a white beret hat on her head that has a the official LOLS button pinned on it.
Sleeping: She wears a loose white tank top with checkered shorts and pikachu slippers.
Formal Event: Hailey would actually dress up with strapless ruffle dress that is light pink and stops an inch above her knees with a bow right in the middle of her chest with white heels. She curls her hair slightly and actually keeps it neat.
Swimming: She wears a yellow bikini top with black board shorts and she usually walks barefoot.
Winter: She wears her usual outfit with a thick yellow jacket that reaches to her knees. She also replaces her white sneakers for white snow boots.
Personality A rough personality, Hailey is the type of girl who tends to intimidate others even if they are physically bigger then her. She has a tough way of talking and is often rude without meaning to. She does have a bit of a short temper which she usually takes out on her brother, Ross. She does have a bit of a potty mouth and tends to be very blunt with her words. She does a secret soft side that tends to come out around cute things, but she usually tries to suppress it. She is very obsessed with video games and will often stay up all night just to play it. She will probably soften up as the story goes on. She does like to watch people struggle, a trait shared with her brother.
Likes: Video games, sleeping, watching television, waffles, cute things (secretly)
Dislikes: Her brother (at times), getting lost, feeling hungry
Strengths: runs faster than most characters, martial arts, and her reflexes
Weaknesses: cute things, gets sea sick easily, can be easily bribed with the promise of video games, short temper
Favorite Pokemon: Her favorite legendary pokemon is Celebi probably and her favorite non-legendary is Riolu.
History: Hailey was born and raised in Olivine City with her brother and father with no mother, who left the family when she was 6 years old. From a young age, she always wanted to become a gym leader who specializes in fighting pokemon. When she turned 12 years old, she and her brother started their pokemon journeys. She studied martial arts under various type of fighting type gym leaders along with a group of people who wanted the same dream as her. She trained until she was 17 years old, which after an accident, she was banned from becoming a gym leader. She returned home shortly after and has been in a rut in her life ever since.
Family: Ross Levine- her twin brother. Alive.
Levi Levine- Her father. Alive, but has no idea where he is.
Ashley Cole- Her mother. Unknown since Hailey has not talked to her since she disappeared.
Why did they join LOLS and How: She had no choice in the matter as seen in chapter one when her father randomly left her and Ross the company. Even though she didn’t want to at first, she joined anyways because there was nothing better to do. She is now the co-leader to LOLS with he twin brother.
Skills that they can attribute to LOLS: She is naturally fast runner and thanks to her martial arts, she developed good reflexes.
Pokemon: 1) Flygon aka Gon (male)- Doesn’t really like to get out it’s ball much unless he’s at a desert or needs to fly. Seems to love lettuce that he will maul Gwen just for his fix. She caught Gon by accident when she mistook him for a fighting pokemon.
Knows Dragonclaw, Supersonic, Sand Tomb, Hyper Beam
2) Riolu aka Ron (male)- An energetic pokemon that seems really attached to Gwen. He’s the last pokemon Gwen caught before she left her dream. He is a bit childish, but reliable. Gwen and Ron are attached to each other and it helps with the aura thing. Likes to play around and Gwen is particularly gentle with him. She hatched Riolu from an egg which was given to her by one of her friends.
Attacks: Endure, Brick Break, Quick Attack, Force Palm
Love interest: Most likely one of the recurring characters and more likely her rival. She’ll probably end up with someone who is a bit similar to her personality wise, but is much gentle then her.
Oc thoughts on Hailey: …That’s her so XD
Oc thoughts on Ross: She tends to take her anger out on Ross since he tends to poke at her manly characteristics. She calls him closet pervert for his odd habits, but in the end she cares about him very much, to the point she gets a bit protective when he says he’s going on a date.
Specific thing you want for your OC to experience: You shall see~
Others: Nope, not that I can think of.

Name: Roswell Levine
Nickname: Ross (by everyone), Nice guy, Closet pervert (mostly by Hailey), Smiles
Alias: Rose (girl), Lee (boy)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hometown: Olivine City
Appearance: Ross stands at 5’7” and looks very much like his sister. He has platinum blonde hair that reaches to his chin which is always kept in a neat, clean manner. His amber eyes unlike his sister’s, is more friendly looking and have a tinkle of happiness in them. He is a lean boy, who is more on the skinny side and barely has any muscles. He does a bit European than most people, even more compared to his sister. He usually seen smiling and has creamy peach complex. He is described as quite handsome by the characters in the story.
Clothing: Most of Ross’ clothing has a gentle man type of feel to it and he prefers darker colors than lighter, but doesn‘t want to be too dark, so somewhat lighter dark colors…if that makes sense
Usual clothing: He usually seen in a neat button up shirt tucked in a pair of skinny jeans and a pin stripped shirt, black polished shoes. He has a black pokemon belt attached to his jeans and has a button of LOLS pinned on his vest.
Sleeping: Sleeping wise, he wears a dark blue t-shirt (or he sometimes sleeps topless) , black sweats and has a dark red eye mask.
Formal Event: a light gray button up shirt with a few buttons open with slim dress pants with black formal shoes.
Swimming: he wears a pair of dark red swimming trunks with a white wife beater.
Winter: He wears his usual clothing plus a thick navy jacket and a white scarf.
Personality: Ross is a friendly type of guy, who can easily get anyone to trust him. He seems like a kind understanding guy, who will often stop his sister from attacking others. He tends to get people’s good side in contrast to Hailey, who does the complete opposite. Ross is a bit crazier than most people think he is. He likes to do random things and often has ‘dumb blonde moments’. He is much easier to get along with and he doesn’t lose his temper often. When he does, it is one of the scariest things that anyone can experience (according to Hailey). He does have glutton like tendencies and seems to have a fixed loved for money. He also tends to get have nosebleeds when he meets attractive females and is obsessed with a girl group called Shoujo Lovey (he is a fan boy of them). Other than that, he’s a mostly cheerful and ditsy character.
Likes: Eating, reading, watching television, money, making fun of Hailey, Shoujo Lovey (to the point of love)
Dislikes: people who take his food, people who try to con him, people making fun of Shoujo Lovey
Strengths: friendly demeanor, getting people to like him, stopping his sister from attacking others, saying facts about Shoujo Lovey and acting
Weaknesses: can be easily bribed with money, food, and Shoujo Lovey things, isn’t physically that fast
Favorite Pokemon: He seems to fond of Celebi and Eevees
History: Ross was born and raised by his father along his sister. Ross, unlike his sister, had no idea what he wanted out of life even as he went on his journey. He traveled around much more than his sister, even getting to Unova which very few people in have gone to. He did used to participate in gym battles, but soon found himself bored. He returned home at 18 years old and has been in a rut of what he wants to do.
Family: Hailey Levine- Sister and alive.
Levi Levine-Father and is most likely alive.
Ashley Cole- Mother and unknown
Why did they join LOLS and How: He was forced to since his father left. He actually wanted to help to join LOLS anyways and convinced his sister to join. He is also the co-leader of LOLS.
Skills that they can attribute to LOLS: With his natural ability to get people to trust him and his acting skills, he is a spy. He also, like mentioned in Chapter one, is head of the treasury and foreign affairs which he is good at.
Pokemon: 1) Swadloon aka Leaf (female)- A quite pokemon that usually keeps to itself. Usually only called out for battle. Seems to get long with Cain very well to the point the two are almost seen as best friends.
Attack: Protect, Slash, Bug bite, Razor Leaf
2) Blissey aka Joy (Female)- A cheerful pokemon and often likes to help out her trainer. She is the motherly one in the group and will often scold Cain when he gets out of line. Likes to help out with the house work and is often seen waking up the main characters.
Attack-Egg Bomb, Take down, soft-boiled, heal pulse.
3) Arcanine aka Cain (Male)- Energetic pokemon that likes to have fun, but only when he is not lazy. Doesn’t seem to like Hailey much, but she’s the only person who takes him out for walks and stuff so he kind of likes her. He likes to dig up things and tends to be a bit of an hand full. Ross had Cain the longest.
Attack- ExtremeSpeed, Flame Burst, Bite, Roar
Love interest: Hmm, I have no idea who would be good for Ross…We shall see XD
Oc thoughts on Hailey: Likes to make fun of her. He seems to enjoy calling her a manly otaku even though he is then physically abused. The two are actually very close and Ross is a bit protective of Hailey much like how she is protective him.
Oc thoughts on Ross: That is him XD
Specific thing you want for your OC to experience: You shall see~
Others: Nope.

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