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Author has written 6 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars, Mega Man, Naruto, Titanic, Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, Familiar of Zero, Bleach, and One Piece.

Hey guys!!! This is kenskywalk19. I really don't know what to write but I guess you could say a lot of things about me.

Age: ???

Sex: Male

Occupation: English Teacher in Japan

I like watching anime and reading manga such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, DB, Black Cat, One Piece and watching shows like Gundam. I also like playing video games, particularly FIFA, Metroid, Super Mario, DBZ games, Final Fantasy Series and others.

Favorite movie is STAR WARS.

My PSN screenname is skete007. If you want to add me, give me a heads up.

Update 8/9/2013

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing? I'm doing good but super busy these past few months that I can't update as quickly as I used to. I know I have been updating the Cross Epoch story more often the "Saiyan in Mahora" story but there is a good reason. One reason is because I am surrounded by One Piece and Dragon Ball here in Japan. So it's hard not to think about the two great mangas. Also, I've been having a bit of writer's block with Saiyan in Mahora recently, until today. Now, I should get more free time soon so I probably will update within this month hopefully.

Please don't get mad at me. I understand that everyone wants to read the next chapter quickly but sometimes we have to be patient. And also, I'm doing this for own my purposes. It's something that I like to do in my free time. I have a life outside of this website so please understand that. Anyways, I hope you all enjoying yourselves by doing something that you like.

If you wish to use my story as a basis or would like to have a different kind of ending or maybe a spin-off, feel free to do this but with my permission of course. I don't like plagiarism, especially when it concerns with my stories. That is all.

Have a wonderful day! Peace!

Anyways, PM me if you want to talk about any of these ideas with me. Or if you have an idea that you wish to have me write, please send a PM detailing your idea and I'll let you know if I can do it. See you guys around! Peace!

Story ideas: I have some stories in my head that soon will be written. I just haven't gotten the time to do it. Feel free to give some feedback if you want.

Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Goku's Adventure (Crossover of DBZ and G Gundam): What if Goku fought in a Gundam and fought all the fighters and the Dark Gundam?

Goten: The Story of the Saiyan Ashibaki: Goten, the younger son of the Son family, has failed the college entrance exam twice. It was pretty bad for Goten who has failed to live up to the expectations set up by his older brother, Son Gohan, who now is a college scholar at the university. Things couldn't get any worse for the young demi-saiyan when a girl falls literally from the sky and on to his lap. Now Goten must participate a competition called "The Game" where he and his partners must battle other Sekireis to win the competition. What will the young demi-saiyan do? (Coming Soon!)

The Little Mermaid (DBZ Style): Don't hate me on this or call me gay, but after playing Kingdom Hearts it got me thinking. Instead of Prince Eric, what about Prince Son Gohan? It would be the same story as the Little Mermaid but with DBZ characters like Cell working with Ursula. And Goku and King Trident know each other as well in secret though. Ariel falling in love with Gohan, a demi-saiyan. Set in the Little Mermaid time period.

Links and such for the fanfiction story: Saiyan in Mahora

Misa: Okonomiyaki (here: )

Setsuna: French Osechi ()

Konoka: Kaiseki ()

Yuna: Beef Sukiyaki ()

Haruna: Yakisoba ()

Tapion’s Music Box melody (

Tapion's ocarina (

First Opening Video done by SSJ5Gohan (

Another Opening Video, done by another fan (

Second Opening Video (

Music insert for Chapter 35 (

Unrelated stuff that I think is cool:

I went to Vegas with my friends and we went to this club called XS. It was nice but then one song completely changed the scenery. Check it out! I'm sure that you guys will love it.

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