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I am a new writer in fanfiction. I am a member ages ago but the only thing that I do is to read the stories of other people and comment on them. I enjoy one-shot stories but I do love multi-chaptered stories if the story is the one that I like and particularly if my favorite couples are in there.

Lately, I took interest in yaoi fics, finding it quite interesting, but not that much! I always favored the boy-girl relationship. I like to read all types of stories, at all ratings. I always find beauty in every story if it is beautifully written and has a nice plot.

I always like stories that maintains the original character of the person. Although I like reading stories about what-ifs (meaning if other things happened to the characters in the anime) I also like Aus because I believe that they have a wider scope for a writer’s imagination.

Favorite Anime couples:

Sakura x Syaoran (CCS)

Eriol x Tomoyo (CCS)

Touya x Yukito x Nakuru (CCS)

Chacha x Shiine (Akazukin Chacha)

Ishida x Orihime (Bleach)

Kurama x Botan (Yu yu Hakusho)

Mikan x Natsume (Alice Gakuen)

Hotaru x Ruka (Alice Gakuen)

Ranma x Shampoo (Ranma ½)

Tohru x Yuki (Fruits Basket)

Shinji x Asuka (Evangelion)

Kurapika x Neon (HxH)

Usagi x Seiya (Sailormoon)

Minako x Yaten (Sailormoon)

Fuuko x Tokiya (Flame of Recca)

Yamato x Mimi (Digimon)

Rei x Aya (GALS!)

I have different taste in couples, maybe because I like different combinations in character that I think complement each other.

Sakura x Syaoran

I, in particular, loved this couple… they are too tad cute! Hehe, but that one that I really like is Syaoran Li. I really admire and adore him because of what he is. CLAMP really did a good job in CCS but putting S x S in the Tsubasa Chronicles, well, I think, the chemistry those two have before, suddenly vanished.

Eriol x Tomoyo

Who wouldn’t like this combination! Well, maybe many of those yaoi fans wouldn’t like them but, well, eventhough they are not really a couple in CCS, they really are a good match to imagine…

Touya x Yukito x Nakuru

Well, any combination with Nakuru between the older brother or the moon guardian will do. To tell you the truth I think that any combination of the three will produce a highly amusing, sweet and nice story.

Chacha x Shiine

Well I can only say that this is my least favorite couple of the list. It is simply just because Shiine is too great for Chacha. I know that I vote for this couple however, there is no better partner for Shiine than the clever Shiine! To tell you the truth, I think that Suzu, the ninja is great, however, I think that he doesn’t exactly complement him, maybe if they are both a bit older and if Suzu would at least come up to Shiine’s shoulder in height!

Ishida x Orihime

I love this couple! My true favorite is the ever gallant and noble Ishida, however, Inoue’s charm, sweetness, naivety and good looks, made want her to be paired with him. I looked for stories about this two in the net, but to my dismay, not only does it have less stories, many of them is written poorly and the story plot is consistent… always about Ishida’s rise and fall of power or Inoue’s affection changing from Ichigo to Ishida. I am really getting sick of those stories, I need a fresh one!

Kurama x Botan

The character of this two in yuyu hakusho made me want to pair them up. And they are still quite my favorite couple not only because they are the only ones in the group single in the whole series but also because the chemistry in their contrasting personalities is very good. Level headed and bubble head, withdrawn and naïve, calm and calculating against instinct and emotion… I love it!

Mikan x Natsume

I love this two purely because of their love-hate relationship. Well, now that I think about it, that relationship is mainly on Mikan! Hehe, their attitude towards one another makes me smile of all things.

Hotaru x Ruka

I like this couple because hotaru can always torture the dreamy, wonderful and untouchable ruka! I really like them because it makes me always think of someone who is geeky enough (in some way) could ever control the popular ones more so that she can attract someone of his caliber. Hmmm, it has a nice ring to it!

Ranma x Shampoo

I like Shampoo to be with Ranma because in the anime, I really like her sweetness towards him. Thinking about it, it occurred to me that she is the cutest fiancée Ranma has, she is strong too, which is quite a compensation for a master of the anything-goes school of martial arts. Her being with Ranma out of an Amazon law is I what I think is, just a joke! I mean hello! Never in the anime said that she will be punished if she did not go on with that tradition. If I do remember it correctly, she got punished because of her confusion on the situation towards Ranma being cursed and did not act accordingly as an Amazon would do. And to top it all off, it really is kinda fun seeing Ranma getting an intense reaction towars Shampoo whenever she is close, he even let her get close to him even at the expense of Akane be mad at him! Thinking about the situation, Ranma becomes shampoo’s airen through different method than his other ones.

Tohru x Yuki

Although I also like the character of Kyo, I like Yuki’s character better. He made me remember much of myself anyway. In the anime, I like Yuki’s character to be paired up with Tohru rather than Kyo because, I somehow think that Yuki’s gentleness and his other dominant character will be good to Tohru.

Shinji x Asuka

Many might think that this couple is quite unlikely for me. Truth to be told I think that Shinji better complement Asuka and not the popular choice, Rei. Why? Well I think Rei could only be considered as a family to Shinji with their genetic make-up and all and most importantly, she could pass as Gendo’s mistress! Well, shinji and Asuka’s personality might have totally crashed since the beginning but who knows? Maybe that is their special way of endearment to each other.

Kurapika x Neon

From the first time that I have seen Neon in the anime, I instantly thought about the Kuruta survivor. Well, although she is somehow bratty, I liked the fact that her head bodyguard is none other than Kurapika himself. It makes me laugh to think that even though Kurapika might be popular to the ladies, even with his weird taste in clothing, I definitely know that he can be the one who could tame Neon.

Usagi x Seiya

I definitely don’t like yuri if you think about that. I like this couple only if Seiya is a boy in stories. It really is quite a match if you think about it. Although the bunny is destined to mamoru, I think if only things would be somehow different, if the bunny do not know her future about crystal Tokyo, she would love seiya. His easy going personality with the mixture of kindness together with his looks make him a character not to be easily forgetten by the viewers.

Minako x Yaten

As I have said before, I do not like yuri. I could only consider this if Yaten will be a guy. Their relationship, for me that is, is non verbal. Yaten always bickers with Minako and he always seem kind of allergic to her sweetness, it made me wonder if ever Yaten came back one day, after realizing his feelings for her, but in his return, everything he remembered about her have changed.

Fuuko x Tokiya

The Amazon and the ice block! I like this couple maybe because of their constrasting personalities. I always liked it whenever someone cold and reserve become confused with the mixture of feeling and he don’t know how to express them.

Yamato x Mimi

The wolf and the princess. Sure enough, many would think that it is just so typical since this two is the best looking ones in the group even after many series of Digimon. I really don’t like how Digimon 2 ended. I always thought that Sora will like Taichi and not Yamato. In the first series, it didn’t even look that those two cared about each other. Sora is always worried and supports Taichi. In the series bits of clues came from the pairings between joe and mimi but, if you think about it, some bits of mimi and yamato could be seen. I really liked this couple because it seems that Yamato could really take care of the princess since he is mature and responsible.

Rei x Aya

Although it dawned on me, while watching the anime, that maybe rei really like ran and not aya I still like aya’s character. It even makes me angry sometimes whenever I watch on hoe rei treats her. He looks like he doesn’t care about aya one bit but, I guess he has his own way of doing things.

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