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Author has written 4 stories for Powerpuff Girls, and Haruhi Suzumiya series.

Welcome to my profile. I don’t really have much to say about myself personally. While I like to think of myself as a writer of original fiction more than one of fanfiction, I have two stories on here that I am relatively proud of, without any promises of greatness. I have currently finished both of them. I don't have plans to continue either, but I do plan to edit and improve them with time, especially The Utonium Trials.

My writing tends towards the serious, interlaced with comedy when appropriate. My fanfictions are primarily speculative in nature, where I ask a “What if” question, and take the story from there. I don’t do huge alternate universes, instead focusing on single points of divergence along with fleshing out the setting, as needed.

My stories are as follows:

The Utonium Trials is a story wherein I ask the question: “What if the Powerpuff Girls, having not physically aged from birth, were persecuted for their quasi-inhumanity?” I wanted to explore a world where the giant monsters they fight were explained. It’s generally a more realistic setting, if darker for the change (then again, you can’t get much more fluffy and light than the original canon for the Powerpuff Girls).

I like to think I put a different perspective on what the rest of the world is like, and what the girls look like in the face of those changes. I explore a little of what it must be like for the girls, who are very intelligent, otherworldly, and powerful, to grow up mentally, without physically aging, and how they might cope.

As with many stories based on serialized shows, there are episodes that I have to pick and choose from as canon. There are several events that don’t really make sense, and others that would contradict my premise. Assume that if my story’s canon explicitly contradicts canon, it didn’t happen in my story (examples include the following episodes: Feel Me, Gnomey or Speed Demon). Assume that events that aren’t mentioned but don’t contradict my story’s canon are probably safe to include.

The story does not contain any romantic angles, but is violent and for mature audiences due to the graphic nature of not only the violence but for other events that occur.

One Thousand and Counting, my second story, originally started as a single chapter, entitled “Twenty-Six Thousand Seventy-Two”. It explores the idea of “What if the Endless Eight lasted much longer than it does in the original canon?”

Don’t worry, I don’t do much repetition, so don’t expect anything like the anime’s run of episodes. I wrote it much in the style of Tanigawa’s original stream-of-consciousness Kyon, and try to capture key moments in this alternate chronic timeline.

It has a part two, which has more elements thrown in, that follow up on the aftermath of the Endless Eight, and how the brigade copes with the added weight of knowledge and emotion that the longer endless recursion of time gave them.

While for the most part the story is not graphic or violent, two chapters contain trigger warnings for those whom it might concern. This is the reason it has the teen rating.

Update 1/13/14: Don't worry, I am still writing this. I just have had other projects and work get in the way. I want to deliver a finished project more than anything, so I don't have to go back and do revisions like I have on past parts.

People shout-outs:

For those who are more interested in “sudden, inexplicable ecchi”. I'll give a shout out to ThisName’sExtremelyOffensive’s work. Not my personal style or interest, but he was kind enough to mention me in his profile. Definitely a good writer, though to say their work is “hyper” is a little bit of an understatement.

For those who prefer more "explicability" in their mature material, I also recommend Alphonso Ling's work. Well-written and humorous, what parts of it I have seen. He was, for ill or good, kind enough to name-check me in one of his stories.

I'd like to thank "I Before A Except After K" for his very kind recommendation outside this site. I greatly appreciate it, and don't really know how to put my gratitude into words.

Fan Fiction recommendations:

For more general fans of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I recommend the following two options:

For those more serious minded, halfeatenmoon has some great contemplative work in small, emotive bites.

For those who like more fun and light-hearted, though no less thoughtful stories, I suggest Durandall’s work, who is best known for Kyon: Big Damn Hero.

I personally have never gotten into the Naruto series, mainly because I couldn’t get past how much I pretty much loathed Sasuke’s and Sakura's personalities. Fortunately, there is an amazing story that is put out by S’TarKan. Team 8 follows the line of thought of “What if Naruto was placed under the tuetelage of a thoughtful and driven jonin, on a team with Hinata and Shino?” It’s very smart and very entertaining. I’d recommend it to fans of the series or not, as it is excellently written.

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