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Kayyyy, profile update time! How long has it been? Like, half a year?? ALSO, changed my Pen-name... people who know me IRL don't need to know my identity and the crap I write if they find it...

Anyway, some info about me:

If I do something artistic, it's mostly drawing. So sorry if I don't often update my fics... I'm really bad with procrastination and usually, when I start something I forget about it for a while... So some of my fics might never be finished and others will not be updated for a long time... sorry!!! D':
BUT, hopefully in a few weeks, now that Summer vacation is almost here, I'll have more time to write. EXPECT KUROSHITSUJI.

Also... my brain has been dead lately. Like, creativity: VERY LOW. So... I haven't really posted anything for a LONG time.. :'(

Favorite color: Pink. No Question. Pink is boss.

Fandoms/ Stuff I'm obsessed with: Bleach (still, obviously), Kuorshitsuji/Black Butler (HELL YES.), Legend Of Zelda, Pokemon, Death Note, Vocaloid, Hetalia,... and Alois Tranny-I mean.. Trancy. X3 (ilovehim. don't ask why.)

Music: Vocaloid, Zelda music, video game and anime OST, Rise Against, Florence + The Machine, etc, etc.

Yes. I write mostly Canon-Character x OC pairings... DEAL. ... Haruka x Toshiro stuff might be kinda Mary-Sue-ish... sorry D:
I've kind of grown out my my Toshiro obsession so expect to see a some Alois x OC stuff... or not... *cannot bring self to post anything remotely T-rated... And if it IS T-rated it's only because of swear-words..*

Apparently, according to my friend, I'm like The Undertaker (personality-wise)... yaaay~~!! X3

Pairings that I support:

Guy x Girl
Toshiro x Momo
Ulquiorra x Orihime
Len x Rin
Gin x Rangiku

Yoai (don't judge)
Alois x Ciel (it's cute. you know it is :D )
Ichigo x Hollow Ichigo
Ichigo x Grimmjow
I'm pretty much okay with any yoai pairing. I'm not really crazy for yoai but it's okay I guess.


Also, please feel free to suggest any anime or manga, etc... I'd like to have more possibilities for my writing and to find more good fanfics to read :)

Um, here's a little not-so-little summary of my characters that I have used/will use in fanfics so far (I have WAAAYYY more than just these XD )... fanfics describe their personalities better than this..:

Haruka Miharu. My most frequently used OC. Long brown hair (that she keeps in pigtails), dark brown eyes. Freckles. Cheerful and somewhat childlike. Often hyper and full of energy. (Not a very good description but whatever)

Oliver Miharu. Haruka's twin brother.. Very.. uh... quirky. Hyper, somewhat insane and just very out-there XD Brown hair, dark brown eyes, freckles and sometimes glasses. (Haruka and Ollie have contacts but Ollie sometimes loses them. )

Komiko Shimizu. Black hair thats short-ish at the back and long in the front. Bangs cover one eye. Bangs and long parts have white tips. Red eyes. Pale, tall, thin, strong. Komiko is a fighting-machine. She'll challenge anyone, and kill anyone who gets in her way. She's cruel and hates showing weakness.

Roslynn Summers. Dark brown hair with a red-ish glint sometimes. Mostly kept in 2 long braids. Grey eyes. I haven't developed her personality much but for now: she's a very polite girl that treat everyone with respect. She is somewhat shy. She's incredibly kind, caring and loving... (..I 'm gonna pair her with Alois.. *shot* )

Nicolas (No last name yet) ... Roslynn's butler. .. Still in the works... yeah.. I got nothing for him yet XD

~Love You All~
(Zo, if you're reading this:) IchiHichi over GrimmIchi ANYDAY~ !!!.. That's right.

That is all. You are dismissed now.

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