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Notice--this account is here to archive my fanfictions from when I was younger. This account will no longer be updated. However, a new account has been formed under my same pen name, which may begin to contain new fanfics, assuming I ever start writing them again. Thank you.

Hiya!!! waves at everyone that's wasting their time reading this What are you reading my bio for? Go read my stories instead!!!

MT: They would, but you won't update.

Well, I have homework.

MT: sarcastically Don't you just love being a junior?

Shut up, FutureBoy. I get enough of that from your sensei. In case you're wondering, this is Mirai Trunks. He's not really a muse or anything...come to think of it, why do I keep him around? He's not much help...Mirai Gohan, on the other hand, is in charge of reading reviews and bashing me when I haven't updated.

MG:You know, if you would put half the energy you put into updating your bio into updating your stories, certain people coughSSHcough wouldn't be out to get you.

Shaddup, Gohan. I didn't ask for your opinion.

MG: Touchy today, aren't we? gets whacked by the Frying Pan of Doom ITAI!!!

Does that answer your question? Don't mess with me.

MG: Fine! Yeesh, I was just being sarcastic...

Uh-huh. Guys, I introduce to you the King of Sarcasm, Son Gohan no Mirai. lame royal trumpet music

MG: Son Grin, bows And my lovely Queen, The Authoress Anshin!

MT: twirls noisemaker, speaks with forced enthusiasm And the crowds go wild! monotone Yaaaay...

Gee, thanks, Trunks-chan. Anyhoo...on with a little info on me.

Name IRL: Sarah! Yay! I'm one of a kind! (Actually, there aren't too many Sarahs out there.)

Nicknames: The Queen of Sarcasm (dubbed so by SSH and LPM) ; Shares the Queen of Evil Cliffys crown with Android 71; Self-named Budokai Master; Dartha Vader (dubbed so by my Sensei, my creative writing teacher Mrs. Raines; LPM is the other Vader Sister, Martha)

Age: 16 (Woot! I'm old enough to drive!)

Birthday: November 14 (So, you know, if anyone wants to send me a present or an e-mail or anything...;)

Fav animes and characters: DBZ - Mirai Gohan, Mirai Trunks, Juunanagou, Bardock Gundam Wing - Duo, Trowa Yu-Gi-Oh! - Joey, Ryou Bakura, Kaiba Escaflowne - Folken and someitmes Dilly Inuyasha - Inuyasha, Miroku, Sesshy Outlaw Star - Gene, Harry MacDougal Slayers - Xellos Hamtaro - Panda Ruroni Kenshin - Sanosuke, Kenshin Yu Yu Hakusho - Hiei, Kurama, Yusuke SD Gundam - Zero the Winged Knight!

Habits/hobbies: Eh...talking too much on the phone, singing random songs for no reason, making up words for the hell of it, using big words because it's fun...the list goes on. The most obvious hobbies of mine would be writing and drawing.

Out of all my friends, I'm the most powerful--more authoress powers PLUS webmistress powers. You can't beat that. And I'm an artist--mostly of DBZ fanart, in case no one has noticed. Go to my website to check some of it out. Oh, and Go-chan over here is my koi. It's a really long story...maybe I'll tell it one of these days...

Big shout out to saiyanessonsugarhigh and Lil-Pink-Mew the Animagus, my best friends. LPM is Juunanagou's koi, so don't mess with us, or you'll be dealing with our boyfriends. (Yes, we live in our own little world. It's least we never get lonely.)

Now, on to the three you can yell at over my writing-- MY MUSES Duo-Damien: A chibi Shinigami. Fangs, braid, bat wings, scythe, the works. He's my angst/humor muse. Interesting combination, ne? He doesn't seem to help much, even though most of what I write is angst. Go figure. Adrian: A neko and a bishounen. He's my fluff/romance muse. He keeps trying to get me to write fluffy fics, but I don't do fluff...maybe he should make me write a Bulma/Vegeta, because I wouldn't write a Gohan/Videl if you paid me to. Shadow: (Creative name, huh?) He's a shadow. Duh. He has cat ears and likes to posess people. Although I haven't seen him in a while...he's not much help aroung here. Shadow's my horror/supernatural muse. I also have some chibis--SD anime characters--that hang out at my authorspace house. Lessee...there's Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing, Dilandau Albatou from Escaflowne, Inuyasha, Link from LOZ, Gortius, a psycho half-elf from my dead ogiginal fic Silver Mist, and Ler, another half-elf from LPM's masterpiece Dragonblade. (She needs to hurry up and revise it so she can post it on FictionPress!) These guys used to be the ones to blame for my personality, but they mostly just hide out in their rooms anymore.

Okay, I guess that's--

Juunanagou: Hey! What about me?

Oh yeah, you. This is Juunanagou. He used to be a chibi, but we permanenetly de-chibified him. He and the Mirai boys actually get along see, LPM and I forced Gohan and Juu-chan into the same room and forced them to work out their differences. Because Juu-chan was from the present timeline, he didn't know quite why Gohan hated him until we made him watch the Trunks special. Gohan decided that since he was the present timeline Juunanagou, he really didn't have anything to do with various events, so he forgave him and directed all of his hatred at Juu-chan's future self. Trunks went along with Gohan's decision, and now the three of them act like brothers. O_O Yeah, I know. It's scary.

MG: Thank you for that lovely story, Ani. Everybody really cares about it.

Oh, shaddup. Why don't you guys go wreak havoc on the chibis or something?

Juunanagou: Say, that sounds like a great idea! grabs Trunks and Gohan each by the wrist and takes off towards the chibi rooms

Well, at least I got rid of them...wait! I forgot someone else!

Bardock: standing in the doorway with his arms folded 'Bout time. Gomen nasai, Bardock-san! My dear friend Tenalki (Demon god of death and SSH's husband, technically my brother-in-law) brought Bardock here back from Hell without my consent one day just because I was complaining about how much I missed him. So...he's been here ever since. Hey, at least I didn't have to drag out the Dragonballs. To anyone that's still reading this--you'll find out that I have a slight obsession with deathfics, especially 'Trunks suicide' fics. It's not my fault, really! I have a chibi Heero Yuy!

Aiee, too much time updating my bio. Go visit my website, 'tis good!

MG: pokes his head back in And it's all about me! Son Grin

Ack, you look just like your father, Gohan-san...

-Anshin, the almighty Authoress and Webmistress d;D

gets whacked with the frying pan for having no modesty ITAI!!! GOHAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE 10/2/2004: To everyone on FF.N that has been reading my stories, especially to my dedicated and beloved fans of 'Mockingbird', I regret to inform you that I have lost all interest in fanfiction. Maybe one day I'll pick back up on 'Mockingbird', as it was my first true writing passion, but even posting the last few updates was hard for me because they were forced. I simply have moved on to writing original fiction, so from now on, I must direct all of you to FictionPress.Com and Elfwood to read my works. (For those of you that really like my DBZ fics, I'll let you in on a secret--three of the characters in 'NeoGenos' were originally based on Gohan, Trunks, and Juunanagou--Gohan's character is still easy enough to pick out.) Thank you to all of you for the wonderful comments I've recieved since joining FF.N, and I will miss you all terribly. See you at FP.C and Elfwood!

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