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Hey guys whats up, I'm a new writer to and I will be writing a story about Sesshomaru and Rin. But in an alternate Universe..(2012) haha. Im going to test my writing skills by creating my first story and if it all turns out okay then I will continue to make new updates, and stories. I look forward to writing for you guys :)

Check out my youtube channel TheSpiceAndRice :)

I'm going to start listing anime's that I've seen so that I can get new story ideas for the future, each week I'll post a different anime that I've watched.

Anime week 1- Rurouni Kenshin

Level of recommendation: High

Why I like this anime: This was one of the first anime's I ever saw. A funny story about how I discovered it. So at Border's (my favorite book store went out of business T.T now I'm 'books A million' all the way!) I wanted to pick out a manga that had hot guys and romance in it(I'm a huge sucker for Romance) So I noticed this ridiculously hot guy on the back cover(Kenshin in Battosai mode), I got so excited, then I read it. It was such a entertaining manga. And when Kenshin would turn into his Battosai and start beating the crap out of people he had the sexiest looks on his face. Kenshin's a boss is all I'm saying haha. Then I got bored and didn't feel like reading all those volumes. So I started watching the anime. The anime has like 95 episodes or something, its filled with romantic scenes, sad ones,action ones,ect. There's a few OVA's as well. The first OVA I saw was so freaking sad man. Like forreal it was so upsetting. I never decided to watch the two movies that I think take place after the tv series because I found out that *SPOILER ALERT* they kill off Kenshin with some damn disease. I was glad to find out that in the manga series he apparently doesn't die*END OF SPOILER* because the people who produced the anime decided to disregard the manga series to an extent and did their own thing -_-. Anywayss I've been talking about this too much. Go check out the series for yourself If you haven't already.

Favorite characters: Himura Kenshin, Hajime Saito,Aoishi

Characters I dislike: Megumi,Tomoe,Shishio

7/27/12- Hey guys I've been a little busy with a lot of stuff ahaha, so I haven't been able to update my story in a little over a week however chapter 4 is already completed I just have to type it up now since its been over a week its time for anime week 2!

Anime week 2- Rosario Vampire

level of recommendation: Medium to High

Why I like this anime: Well let me just start off by saying this anime is defiantly not for people under the age of 16. Now its rated M but I personally don't see a problem with 16 year olds watching this show. I think its a freakin hilarious show, keeping in mind that it is and ecchi harem anime. I'm not that crazy about the ecchi part of the show but the harem, romance, and comedy of the show. I could do away with the ecchi parts. The show is basically about a boy that accidently ends up at a highschool for monsters and he meets this vampire girl named moka, he is instantly amazed with her beauty and falls for her blah blah. Shes this super powerful vampire whos power is locked away with the aid of the rosary she wears on her chest, and once its taken off the other side of Moka is released. he meets a few other girls that are all monsters, who fall in love with him. And they all fight for his attention. There are 2 seasons both consisting of 13 episodes, and there is also a manga(not sure if it ended or not) and you can watch this anime in english dub or sub. its conviently available on netflix as well . Anyway, the show is funny, but if your on the younger side of the spectrum then I dont suggest watching this anime, you might get in trouble with your parents ahaha.

Favorite characters : I like most main characters in this show(especially Gene, and Moka)

Characters I dislike: The bat, and Moka's little sister(and on some occasions Tskune)

12/2/12-Hey guys good news! I'll be updating my story within the next week or so. Its been like months since I updated because I got really lazy. Im already working on chapters 5 and 6 so please review and tell your friends about my story! thanks you guys!

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