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Author has written 7 stories for Lord of the Rings, Gundam Wing/AC, Escaflowne, Labyrinth, and Naruto.
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I need inspiration...hmmm

Let stories...

Coincidences: Pretty much something I wrote with a friend in mind, potential to continue but I'd really need some massive inspiration.

Dream Walking: I had a great plot in mind, but it didn't come out right. And then I finished the series...most likely...not going to be continued.

Keeping five Teenagedsuicidalpilots alive: Something on level with Dream Walking, while I was in the middle of the series this was such a great idea, but then I realized I was just repeating the story over again like so many other stories that I hate. So...yeah. No more of this, although I might remove it and make it an after Endless Waltz theme. Which would be potentially cool.

Misunderstandings: What can I say, I'm having fun with this one, started on a whim but is going strong. If I can go back to my story and actually enjoy it it's worth continuing. That and Kakashi's just so great... technically I haven't finished this yet, but my sequal's already started...odd huh?

Requiem of Change: Wrote this with an eventual Jareth/Sarah in mind, but I kept getting sidetracked with other it's probably not going anywhere for a while. Plus my friend took her copy of the VHS back so now I can't re-watch it for inspiration.

The Nari Clan: In a fit of insanity I wrote this entire thing in one night. I've actually broke it down into four chapters, but it was all written together. So there is an end in sight, for anyone who might be reading it. You just have to wait. Patience is a virtue.

The right to choose: Was really a joke. I was grousing over all the fluff writers one day, about how I liked it written I did. And then people reviewed, and I posted a little more...and on and on and on and then I just got tired of it.

Most of my stories come from massively good ideas, or whims, or just plain boredom. Really well written fics help though, because your ideas can spark mine, and if you have one that I really really like I might just tangent off of it. I do have a massive amount of stories just lying around that are half done, all stockpiled around it's just a matter of getting around to finishing them. If you have a good idea, feel free to suggest it, I can't guarentee I'll take to it or anything but if it's good, and I've got free time you might luck out and get a story.

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