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Proud Gryffindor

status: Half Blood

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Harry Potter and the Blood of the Enemy:Discontinued

Order of realisation: Harry has battled his way through the ministry, only to be faced with Voldemort once again. After losing Sirius and almost killing all of his friends, Harry is drained of energy and Voldemort easily overwhelms him. Harry awaits death, but something stops Voldemort in his tracks. What has he discovered?

Order of Realisation: The Rewrite: Similar story and plot to my previous one (above). A litte more detail, plot development and generally much better writing. Take a look and let me know what you think! Warning: contains a sarcastic Harry.

An Alternate End: The final battle has been lost, Harry Potter is dead. Hermione and Ron mourn over their dead friend, but nobody notices when he begins to wake. Can Harry defeat Voldemort forever, and can his two best friends stand to lose him again? One shot

Harry Potter: What if? : soon to be a collection of short stories that explore the avenues of Harry Potter, what if Cedric had not died? What if Ron had never returned in DH? A short and sweet look at what I thought could of happened in the Harry Potter series

Slytherin? Seriously?: Harry is entering sixth year, he is facing a year of hell. Voldemort starts recruiting and he doesn't mind taking his pick from the Hogwarts students. People start going missing, starting with the Slytherin's, will Harry be able to stop Voldemort before he gets his hands on anyone else?

and among all of this, a new student is causing a lot of trouble. Leah Wills is the reluctant new Slytherin, disowned by her parents and hiding something very strange indeed, she starts attracting some unwanted attention from our very own Dark Lord.

The main focus of my writing is on OofR and my one on James Potter, however this does not mean I won't update on my other and more minor fics.

Flashes of golden light, glinting
Sliver from the arrows that fly with the wind, hinting
They stand with wind blowing and hearts forever growing
Unable to back down and send others into the cold and crumbling ground,
Thoughtless of their own needs only wish to stop those who continue to bleed
Bravery and chivalry lay at heart; these aspects set Gryffindor's apart

The ravens flies with witty cries
Blue a blazing in that fateful sky
Those who descend with glowing eyes always asking why
Curiosity leads those down the path with a source with intellectual supply
Standing tall and proud, Ravenclaws will go by what they have vowed
Knowledge and understanding was what Rowena was demanding

Ambition and cunning keep most Slytherins running
Self preservation comes with each twist and turn through nights of loathing and Observation
Purity of blood is a prize that is honoured above those who they drag through the mud
But not all who dwell within are as cruel and bitter as their own kin
Determination is a trait that runs within their blood
Labelled as evil, can Salazar perceive those who are truly primeval?

Gold and warmth alongside loyalty define those who aren't normally bold
Gentleness and thought make those pure hearts fold,
But be not arrogant, Hufflepuffs drive does not mean that they can't
Hard work comes with their nature, never afraid of admitting what they cannot do
Always standing up to be there and henceforth prove
That Helga pick them because she approved

Written by JadedHowl

Cold floors and dusted doors

A man in black was left to pause.

He carried the body of a fallen foe

Dragged him down to the floor below,

Heal him now, for he will not last

His untainted soul is a thing of the past

Chapter poem from Order of Realisation; mine once again

I usually forget about disclaimers: Harry Potter is not Mine, otherwise I would have killed Harry off xD

My latest update: Sorry the next chapter of Long Lost Living Enemy is taking so long. Been doing a lot of exams lately and I haven't found the time I need to finish it off!

Changed the title of Long Lost Living Enemy to Harry Potter and the blood of the enemy. Almost finished the exams!

Mocks are over, finally! Now I can get down to some hard core writing (:

Just planned out the Hogwarts section of the story; there is a lot packed in there!

Updated a one shot: Order of realisation don't get too excited, I might not carry it on

Next chapter is up, enjoy

A little Down about the lack of reviews on Harry Potter and the blood of the enemy, but I will continue, that's what writers do

Updated Order or Realisation, now I'm writing more on my newest chapter for Harry Potter and the Blood of the Enemy; Hogwarts next!

Another Chapter up For Harry Potter and the Blood of the Enemy, there should be some more on the way soon!

Chapter 17 is up for Harry Potter and the Blood of the Enemy, hope you enjoy it, there are some major hints!

Chapter 5 for Order of Realisation is up, I appreciate it all, I really really do

Just re-planned the ending of Harry Potter and the Blood of the Enemy, really excited to write it!

Order of Realisation now finally has a chapter 6, hope you like it

Should be adding some more to Harry Potter and the Blood of the Enemy and Order of realisation soon


Exams are on the way so I wont be updating much, but I have a New story out called "Harry Potter: What if?" Enjoy!

One more week left of exams and then I am FREE Currently working on "Order of Realisation" and "Harry Potter: What if?"


Trying to upload the next chapter for "Order of Realisation" but Fanfiction.net hates me and the document won't upload ):

That makes so much sense, I had wondered for a while, but now, maybe it will all get better...

Just published a new story called: "Slytherin? Seriously?" Check it out and let me know what you think, all types of reviews are welcome

Is your character Mary-Sue? Check up here online and find out -

I have decided after a lot of thought, that I will be discontinuing Harry Potter and the Blood of the Enemy, for it was a weak story line. I knew the end, I just had no need to get there. I'm sure it won't be missed XD

Hey Everyone, I know I haven't updated any of my storied as of late, but I've been very busy taking A-level exams /: My last one is on Tuesday, so after that I'll be able to look at my chapters and get some updates out. Don't worry, I haven't lost interest in OofR or my newest one

Hey readers, I've been getting some reviews asking about updates and I wanted to let you know that there would have been one this week, if my laptop had not blown up XD I can still access the website obviously but my folders that have all my work on later chapters are currently unavaliable... I will update as soon as I can!

Writing on a laptop that is crashed and ancient ususally provides a nubmer of issues that tend to crop up at times, however, I have been trying to update everything in all fairness. I'm coming for you will have a name change in the next week or so, I am also currently writing another chapter. OofR the rewrite is coming along nicely and I'm excited to update soon. Thanks readers.

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Forgetting reviews
A couple of months after Sherlock's return John is finding it hard to move on and heal. He still accompanies Sherlock on cases but he's beginning to slip and Sherlock notices. He should be better right? But things only seem to get worse and then John moves out to live with his fiancé. When a blast from the past arrives at 221B Baker Street things change and old enemies arise again.
Sherlock - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,178 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 5 - Published: 1/2/2014 - Sherlock H., John W., DI Lestrade, Sebastian M./Seb
Infallible reviews
There was something wrong with Light Yagami long before he got his hands on the Death Note. Something so human, so unavoidable that Light can no longer think of himself as the God of the new world. And now he must hide his humanity, his weakness from L while handcuffed to the man indefinitely. Light thought he was infallible. He thought wrong. Light/L. Sensitive subjects.
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Order of Realisation reviews
After the battle in the ministry, Harry finds himself cornered by the dark lord. With no Dumbledore in sight, Harry waits for death, but before Voldemort finishes Harry, he discovers something about the boy, now Voldemort want's him, alive...
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