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Hey everyone and welcome to my profile! I'm a huge fan of Transformers and I hope you all will enjoy my stories! I like for people to tell me my mistakes, so go ahead and tell them, I will appreciate them. :)


Name: The name does not matter, however, just call me Banshee.
Age: The age also does not matter, so don't you ask me!
Hieght: 5 foot 9. EEP! I'm tall.
Gender: Female.

Home: Nampa, Idaho.
Race: French Candian.
Languages: French and English.
Favorite Holliday: Halloween and Christmas.
Alliance: Decepticon.
Favorite Transformers Series: Transformers Cybertron and Moviverse.

Favorite Autobots: Wing-Saber, Bumblebee, Hotshot, Ironhide, Optimus Prime, and Override. Also the Dinobots.
Favorite Decepticons: Ransack, Crumplezone, Megatron, Starscream, Blackarachnia, Blitzwing, Shrapnel, Barricade, and Soundwave.
Favorite Predacons: Waspinator, Scorpinok, and Megatron.
Favorite Maximals: Cheetor, Dinobot, Rattrap, and Optimus Primal.
Favorite Bands: Nickleback, Evanescance, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, and Carrie Underwood.
Favorite Games: Transformers War For Cybertron, Left4Dead 2, Heavenly Sword, Red Dead Redemption, Maximo, Sims, Fable 1, 2, and 3, and Legend of Zelda.
Favorite Movies: Transformers G1, 1, and 2, Quarantine, Shrek, Lilo and Stitch, Saw, Anything to do with Dinosaurs/Horror.
Likes: Transformers, OCs, Music, Slash, Yoai, Yuri, Stephen King, Vampires, Werewolfs, Writing, Horror things, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Reading, Action figures, all that fun stuff.
Dislikes: Jerks, P Mary Sue's, reps, Jocks, People who lie (and just why am I allianced with Decepticons?), and people who murder.
Favorite Manga: Pretty Face, Vampire Hunter D, Utahime, the Reformed, and Ultra Maniac.

.:Question and Answer:.

1. What's your favorite food?
2. If transformers came to life, which one would be your gaurdian/sparkmate? Why?
I would choose...uh, well, there's alot...My top three would either be Bulkhead, Blitzwing, or Starscream. Why? Because their that cool. That's why.
3. What's your personality?
I am rather quiet and keep alot of emotions buried inside of me. I am shy but have alot of friends, I also have ADHD. I am not the person who is great at flirting, let alone getting a boyfriend.
4. How long have you been writing?
To be honest, not that long. I started about a year ago, before that I wrote poems and I did have some transformers OCs.
5. What got you interested in Transformers?
Everything! The action, the humans, the giant metal robots with huge guns that transform into cars, *sighs with a smile* they are amazing!
6. Who is your least favorite transformer character? Why?
Is that some sort of joke? Sentinel Prime, duh. I also hate that Director Galloway guy.
7. Who's your favorite human from the Transformers series?
Bud from Transformers Cybertron, Captain Fanzone from Animated, and Lori/Coby from Cybertron.


1. Do you write slash?
I do, but I will probably not post anything.
2. Do you take requests?
Yes, you name it, you got it.


1. Gaia

1. My dear Princess: A Fable 3 story based on my character I call Lumeria. Rating T. Characters: Sir Walter Beck and the Princess.

2. Transformers: Sun and Moon: A Transformers movieverse. When three teens get out of hand, they are sent to a military school. There, they meet Captain Lennox and Sergent Epps and they put the three to work washing cars. After the three stumble apon a 'private' conversation, they began to get suspecious and try to get the two military officers to spill out what they are hiding. Rating T. Characters: Ironhide, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Jazz, Mudflap, Skids, Optimus, Ratchet, the Dinobots, and Wheeljack. OCs used: Pheobe Millstone, Tucker Williams, and TJ Brightwall.

3. Where's my Samurai? A Jazz and Prowl story. It is a slash story (Mech and Mech) but there really wont be anything sexual. Rating T. Movieverse. Characters: Jazz and Prowl. OC used: Ricky Timmons.

.:Upcoming Stories:.

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