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Hey peeps

omg im cool??/ i know!!! im cool just so cool and awesome!!! oh and btw CHECK OUT TROMEDLOV!!!!!

my name is Hannah.

ummm yeah

a little about me

ummmm i love the colour purple, my parents call my love for harry potter an obssesion and i love to read.


my favourite pairs are



Draco/GIRL Harry




I hate slash with passion

i love girl harry fics, time travel fics, AU fics, slytherin girl harry fics, slytherin harry fics, a bit of weasley, dumbledore and hermione bashing, abuse harry fics and yeah

ummmm i love school and i love to dance. tap is my favourite then modern, then jazz, then hip hop and then ballet (bleergh)

ill admit that im a little obsessed with fanfiction

ummm i made this quiz up. you can do it too.

Your name is your name: Hannah

fairy name: spell your name backwards: Hannah

gangsta name: take 2 letters from your name, 1 letter from your mum's, 3 from your dad's and put them in alphabetical order: Acehik

heavenly name: take the first 3 letters of your favourite colour and then the last letter of your least favourite colour: Purgne

emo name: think of the most depressing thing (eg: murder) and then mix it with an a, d, y and an o: Chyeedaose

Owl name: last 3 letters of your name and add hoot and tweet to the end of it: Nahhoottweet

Elf name: think of a random word and them add by to the end of it: Globeby

Fruit name: think of your least favourite fruit and choose a letter from it. Take a letter from your last name, your mums maiden name and your dads job and add izzy to the end of it:Bipiizzy

Superhero name: take the first three letters of your favorite mythical creature, a letter from your mums middle name, a letter from 'brunch' and your second favorite colour: Unianblack

Dragon name: think of something scary and take the first, third and last letter away from it: Ais

Goth name: think of something black and put rock at the end of it: Nightskyrock

Arab name: take the third letter of your favourite animal, the second letter of your favourite flower and the sixth letter of awesome: Rim

Safe name: The first letter of your first name, the word ash, and add the word 'inda' to it: Hashinda

Your awesome name: Put the word 'awe' at the start. Then put 'si' next to it. Then put the third letter of your name, the word 'fan' and 'baby': Awesinfanbaby

Ummmmmm yeah that's the quiz. I hope you liked it and came up with some whacky names. You can email me the results if you want to. Forgive me if I don't update, I have school and my grades are slipping

My friend Jessi made up a short quiz for me:


Who is your favourite Harry Potter character and why?: Well, Draco Malfoy has always been a favourite. I like him the most because he is really funny and evil and good at the same time!!!!!! I also like Luna Lovegood because she is always there for Harry and she is really out going. I also like the Weasley twins.

Who is your least favourite Harry Potter character?: I don't like Hermione very much, no offence to Emma Watson!!!!!!!! I also don't particually like Percy.

If you were J.K Rowling, what kind of a character would you make Harry?: Well, I would make him a girl. She would have red and black waist long hair and green eyes. She would be really out going and fun but could be serious when she wants to. I would make her marry Draco Malfoy instead of Ginny (obviously) Her best friends, again would be Ron and Hermione.

If you could choose, which Hogwarts boy would you go out with?: Draco Malfoy :D :D

What house would you be in?: Hmmm probably Hufflepuff or Gryffendor

What house do you WANT to be in?: Slytherin

How many times have you read the Harry Potter series?: 12 times if my calculations are correct. All the pages are ratty because I read them so much!!!

What is your favourite Harry Potter book?: Deathly Hallows

Movie?: Deathly Hallows

Least favourite book?: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Order of the Phoenix

Least favourite movie?: Again, probably Order of the Phoenix


I said what I meant and I meant what I said ~ Dr. Suess

Today was good, today was fun. Tomorrow is another one ~ Dr. Suess

Today you are you, that's truer than true. There is no-one alive more youer than you ~ Dr. Suess

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes, courage is the little voice saying 'I will try again tomorrow ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Don't follow your dreams, chase them ~ Richard Dumb

If we are to have real peace, we are to begin with the children ~ Mahatma Ghandi


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