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Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous - Albert Einstein

Unlike most people on this site, writing is not my ultimate passion. I do really like it though, and I always have new ideas for stories, so that's why I'm here. To allow some of my plot bunnies to be released.

And to smother myself in romance.

I have a Tumblr dedicated to my stories, where I post sneak peeks and drawings of characters and answer questions about my stories, those kinds of things. The current URL is feathers-in-the-night

I've been accused of being an evil writer in the past with all my cliffhangers and the suffering of my main characters. Seriously, I don't know what ya'll were expecting, my username literally has the word schadenfreude in it.

I'm twenty, from Denmark and am currently studying Classical Archaeology at Aarhus University. I moved out quite recently and so I'm trying to juggle my new independence, finance, university as well as a handful of hobbies, including painting, writing, sowing and most importantly, singing.

My favourite fandoms are: Lord of the Rings, DC Cartoons/comics, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wicked the Musical, and Assassins Creed III

I have many other movies/tv shows, books ect. I really enjoy and read lots of fanfics from, but those are the big five.

My stories:


Not my best work. It was spawned from a frustration with the lack of good quality Johnny Storm fics. This story kind of started out as an experiment where I basically just began writing and saw where it took me. Because I posted a chapter immediately after writing it, and because I didn’t really have a planned out plot, the result is a story that is kind of inconsistent, and the quality is varied. My OC is a bit of a damsel in distress, and the villain is kinda cliché, and the plot is very basic. So, looking back on it, it’s not a story I’ll brag about, but I had a lot of fun writing it, and it helped me evolve quite a lot. I got to try out some things and figure out what works and what doesn’t, and for that I’m grateful to the story.

Anyway, the story takes place after the second Fantastic Four movie and is about my own character Raven, who was secretly brought onto the space ship with them by her boss, Victor Von Doom. After getting affected by the storm too, she gains the power to control water, as well as absorb unknown amounts of it in her body. However, because she wasn't actually allowed on the ship in the first place, Doom hides her away in one of his labs, brainwashing her into thinking he is the good guy, and Reed is the one to blame for her misfortune. Because of the experiments done to her, as well as the brainwashing, she looses control of her abilites and can't touch water without immediately absorbing it. After Doom's death, his sister (my other OC) sets Raven loose with the orders to kill Reed Richards. She's taken in by the four heroes, who tries to somehow restore her mind and help her learn how to control her powers. Along the way, she befriends Johnny Storm, and the friendship evolves into something more over time.

The story is a third person narration with a shifting point of view between the main characters.

If you’re looking for a cute story about two people becoming great friends and then something more in the end, this is probably an okay candidate. But if you’re looking for a story of very good quality with depth and important life lessons or something like that, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The story takes place in the Fantastic Four movies universe.

Status: Finished

Guidelines to Loving an Incognito Superhero:

Ahhh, my baby that grew into so much more than I had imagined. This story has gotten so much longer, and received infinitively more attention than I had ever hoped to hope. The story was born during a 'What if' moment I had while watching Superman Returns. As I watched it, I wondered what would've happened if another person had been int he room while Lois and Richard compares Clark's physique to Superman's, and if this other person didn't simply dismiss their likeliness, but actually figured it out.

The story about Georgia, the awkward and intentionally invisible office girl who has a crush on her cute co-worker, who also happens to be Superman. After accidentally revealing that she's figured out his other identity, Clark start spending time with her, in the beginning to make certain she is trustworthy, and they gain a strong friendship that ultimately becomes something more. To reach that ‘more’ they have to deal with many hardships, like Clark’s feelings for Lois, as well as a gang of criminals bent on destroying anything and everything that Superman holds dear.

The story is written exclusively from Georgia’s point of view in a first person narration, and focuses much more on Clark rather than Superman. It has a ‘dear diary’ kind of feel to it because it is the kind of story that is very much character driven as opposed to plot driven. It’s the story about Georgia’s relationship with Clark, Jimmy, and her best friend Diana, told through their everyday lives.

The amount of attention this story has gotten, and how extremely nice all my readers have been is absolutely incredible and I am truly grateful and so, so happy with this story.

The story takes place in a universe that is a mix between Superman Returns and Justice League Unlimited.

Status: Finished

Feathers in the Night:

When I first started writing this story, I had no idea how big it was going to be. After how popular GTLAIS had gotten, I had kinda expected it to be the top of my fanfiction 'career'. I was wrong, because it turned out that Feathers would become even more popular!

It's my longest story yet, and my own personal favourite. I'm really excited about it because it's the first time I've ever written a story that takes place in a plot that's already established, as I am following the second season of the cartoon series Young Justice. This story my is not only longest, but also most reviewed work, having claimed the number one spot in OC story section in the Young Justice category.

The story of Morgan, a passionate and head-strong teenager who hasn't been dealt the best cards in life. When she turned thirteen, she found wings starting to grow out of her back and has kept them hidden ever since. Now, five years later, Nightwing randomly stumbles upon her one night in Gotham and sees the wings by accident. Only a week later, when her mother sees her wings and freaks out, Morgan runs away from home and is offered a spot on the Team. Soon, she finds herself in the middle of an alien invasion while slowly unearthing the origin of her wings and trying to ignore her steadily growing feelings for her mentor.

This story has been recieved so nicely, and because of my fantastic readers (and because the story ends on a very open note) I have begun writing a sequel!

The story is a third person narration with the point of view shifting between Morgan and Nightwing, though slightly more from Morgan's point of view.

The story takes place in the second season of the Young Justice cartoon series.

Status: Finished

Work in progress:

Broken Wings:

The sequel to Feathers in the Night! This story is almost a year old now, and is updated it a much slower rate then Feathers because my lfie has become so busy.

I won't give anything away because that would ruin the ending of Feather in the Night, but I will let you all know that, as sequels so often are, it will be darker and more angsty. It'll dwelve more deeply into the Batman universe, so except for a selected few, the Team won't play a big role, at least not in the beginning. I'm working on incorporating them a bit more, though.

Also, I'm probably going to be screwing a lot around with timelines as well as adding things from different media (There'll be some stuff from comics and some from cartoons and some from movies), so if any Batman purists find it necessary to tell me that they're all the wrong age and wrong time line and wrong universe and just wrong, wrong, wrong, don't worry. I already know I'm not following canon entirely. It's fanfiction, you guys.

Also, I'm just getting this out there immediately: I'm feeling a bit, well, insecure, about this story, I guess, because I feel like you guys will either really love it or really hate it. It's going to much darker and more angsty than Feathers was, and I'll be playing a bit around with some Darker!Dick themes. Maybe you should consider the story an AU? I don't know. He's going to be damaged, so some people might consider him a bit OOC because they're used to a happy, carefree Nightwing and not a dark, brooding, damaged Batman when they think of Dick Grayson. I happen to disagree with that idea, though. Dick isn't carefree and happy-go-lucky and hugs-all-around. It's an idea that fandom created. If you actually dwell into comics, you'll find a lot of a dark, brooding, obsessive Dick. And that's the Dick I'll be focusing on.

Just like the first story in this series, it is told from a third person narration, mainly shifting between Morgan and Dick. However, unlike the last one, it's not unthinkable that I'll be including some small scenes with an entirely different person as the narrator (Like Alfred or Tim or M'gann). As usual, though, Morgan will be the main narrator.

Status: unfinished

Currently unnamed Assassins Creed story:

So, my brother bought Assassins Creed III some time ago, and I was instantly hooked. This game is amazing, and Ratonhnhaké:ton is one of my all time favorite characters of any media.

So, naturally, I got an idea for a fic. (Of course I did, I can't even watch Brother Bear without thinking of a fic.) Normally, I'd just let the idea remain an idea, but just like Feathers and Guidelines and Broken Wings, this story wouldn't leave me alone. In the beginning, I was determined to not write it, because I had actually planned to take a bit of a break once Feathers was finished. (Clearly, that didn't work out, as I began writing the sequel before I'd even finished writing Feathers)

And then instead I planned to only write the Feathers sequel and that was it. But this story persisted, and the second I found myself thinking of the story while listening to music and realizing that this song fits perfectly in this situation or with this character etc, I knew it was a lost cause. As soon as I use songs on my playlist as the soundtrack for my fic, I know I have to write it.

So I'm writing it.

And I'm really excited about it! So far, I've only got the general idea set in stone, plus a ton of ideas I need to sort through, figure out which ideas I can use and which I can't. It's going to a bit of a challenge, as I've only been writing superhero stories for the past few years, and this will be set in such a different setting and time, with different mannerisms and speech patterns. But I'm looking forward to getting properly started!

The story will be about my OC, Marina. From a young age, she was sent to America and forced into Templar business by her father, a low-ranked, seeking-to-better-his-position-within-the-order Templar. After discovering the horrors of they work, she runs away, chosing the life as a street rat and thief instead. She's content to ignore anything that has to do with Templars and Assassins until one day, an Assassin suddenly comes looking for her, and she finds herself dragged back into a past she's been avoiding for five years.

A small summary:

" "Shite." She weaved in and out of the crowds, trying with all her might to blend in and disappear. Marina’s heart was pounding in fear in a way it hadn’t done in years. But running away was something she was good at and she easily let instinct and habit take over, her eyes scanning the streets for some sort of getaway. Being chased was familiar. The guards chased her at least once every week, and they hadn’t yet managed to catch her. This sort of dance had become as natural as breathing. Over the years, she had become as slippery as an eel, causing much frustration from the red coats chasing her.

But even as she skidded around a carriage in the middle of the street, she knew this was not the same as being chased by guards. This man had training and skills that most certainly surpassed those of the red coats, and her too. She was good at maneuvering the city, but she did not doubt that he was better. She would have to rely on luck and quick thinking if she wanted to escape. She had to use her smaller size to slip through the crowds.

She had sworn she was not getting back into that business. She had run away five years ago, and had stayed hidden ever since. Why was an Assassin suddenly seeking her out?"

The story is told from a third person narration. So far, I've only written in Marina's POV, as I'm not sure I'll be telling anything from Connor's POV. That's mainly because I'm scared of mucking him up though, and I'll probably write from his POV soon enough. We'll see.

Status: Not yet posted

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