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Haya! =^_^=

Look upon my pen name! ^^ It is changed! Woo for me.

I wub kitties *.*


Haya! ^_^;;

I suppose you're here to either
A.)Find out about me


B.) You enjoy clicking on things cause your hand makes spastic movements by its lonesome ^^

Name: Laura! LaJaHa--Swany(-,-; named for my incredible 'grace like agility' erm *cough* ) Sir Tomas Patrick the third (We shall't go there ^^;; ) Deranged loon. Maniacal Free-loader.

Age: 15 ^_^ Horah I can dive! Though ehh, not well -.-;

Things I have demolished and/or have wrecked beyond human repair:

-Shift gear(dunno what it is)
-My self esteem -.-;
-My solemnity
-My sanity O-o
-Children's bliss
-My Parental figures' bliss
-My grammer (don't ask)
-My concentration
-My dad's pants...Er...Lets just say he got a lil scared ^^;
-The Lady in the Lake--Er yah, kinda backed over her.
-Every Driver's sound mind
-My inspiration
-Lots and Lots of lil bugs that now decorate the windsheild

...and the list continues to grow...

Sex: Female. Bwehe! Not that you couldn't deduce that from my extreme obsession of writing about extremly hot guys. Though i guess you could think another way...X_X

Hobbies: Wooo! Lets see--Hmmm--Well I hate with an abyssal passion reading...So lets knock that one off right there. I-er- play the French Horn in my school band, aswell as the Mellophone. ^^; Yah, its one of those instruments noones ever heard of or cares about. I aaalllssoo sing! ^^

Maio's Serious Side: -.-; You tend to shatter glass and other assortmants of plastic when you unleash that horrendous curse you call your voice.

Miao: Heh ^^;; er--We've gone over this once and twice and thrice before! @_@ Talking isha no-no until you are introduced. Heh ^^;;

Erm--Yah? Heh--er

I also enjoy writing! A whole lotta buchness! ^^ I'd like to write books one day, but for now I should focus on these stories *

Er--Acting is fun too ^_^ and so is *not* reading summer reading. Thats my favorite of all.

Things that make me tick:
Er--My heart?

A famous quote:

"I am smart because I know I don't know it all."
-erm I dunno.


Miao's Serious Side: Ehem...*cough*

Miao:Awww wazza wrong?

Miao's Serious Side: I think your forgetting something vital...

Miao: ...

The Serious Side: ... -.-;

Miao: ...

The serious side:...Me! -.-;

Miao: ...Oooh! okay..Well-er- This is my highly critical serious side! yup yup!

The Serious Side: I personfie the critic lurking beneath her most darkest thoughts.

Miao: ...Er ^^;; Yup, defintitely in my darkest thoughts. See? Everybody has a serious side! ^^

The Serious Side: They just don't write dialogue between the two like some kind of illogical loony.

Miao: Ehh ^^; O-Okay heh--Er--Well-- Yah...Uhh...@_@ Whadda I do now?

The Serious Side: -.-; Stories, thick minded!

Miao: Oooh yesh! My reviewers! I adore you ^^

-Tainting The Light-

Sniffle* I am almost done with it. I will finish it! ;_; Only a few more gut-wrenching chappters to go.

-Game of Frailty-

I'm working on chapter two ^_^ It should be out. This is my first serious fic bwhaha. Bout time too ^^

-Toxic Intoxication-

Chapter two ish coming! Bwhaha, can you guess who Mr.Right was?

-Where the Pale Moon Glows-

Heh--I'm working on it! I'm working on it! X_x

-Insane Harry Potter fic that I have yet to title-

Bwhaha thats right! I'm writing a Harry angst. I am awful ;_;

-Holding on-

*Sniffle* Quite dead. But when I get that story out it shall be dedticated to my reviewers in this story ^^

-All thats left of yesterday-

ehh--Quite dead.

-New ideas-

Well er- Gotta few Yugioh and Harry Potter ideas..

But thats all for now!


Miao: As they say in spain:

Yo estoy tu ducha de la mono! Comas muerda y viva en un hamon!

Miao's serious side: -.-; And that translates into...?

Miao: I am your shower monkey.Eat crap and live in a ham ^^

The Serious Side: -.-; Thats plesant.

Miao: Feel free to IM or something, I really don't mind ^^

The Serious Side: -.-; Good...Bye...

Miao: Ja ne!

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