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Warrior of Spectra

The Spectra Chronicles:

In the beginning, there was The God of Death and The Goddess of Life. These two deities created a cycle in which The Goddess of Life would create ageless beings, then when they reached the peak of their existence, The God of Death would destroy the races. This cycle continued for countless centuries. Eventually, the two deities gave birth to a daughter. This daughter had the same abilities as her parent's and was able to control both life and death (the first divine being to ever do so). The Daughter developed a fascination of the beings her mother created. But on that fateful day, her father destroyed them all. The Daughter, realizing that countless lives were destroyed before she was born, confronted her father. The God of Death, though he adored his daughter more than anything, attempted to kill her since his love for destruction was to great. To protect her daughter, The Goddess of life sealed both herself and her mate into an unreachable dimension, leaving the Daughter to recreate the worlds and life itself.

Instead of making life immortal like her mother had, she created life to be finite. She gave mortals their life, their blood, their souls and their freedom...but at a cost. To protect the mortals from themselves, The Daughter entered an eternal slumber to seal away the Discord of the mortals and to protect them, for her love for mortals was so great that she was willing to enter a sleep of no return.

Her true children, The First Dragons, watch over mortal kind and live in isolation to honor their mother.

In time, an Order was formed to protect The Goddess' legacy and to ensure that what she dreamed of would remain protected. This Order goes by many names and many people have based their ideals off of this Order...the Order's name...is The Order of Spectra. Named after The Goddess herself. Their duty is to protect Spectra's legacy and the freedom of all mortals and to battle their sworn enemy; The Forsworn. A group whose ideals oppose that of what Spectra sacrificed for. They seek to enslave all mortals and to bring about a new "Age of Peace". The leader of The Forsworn is ruthless, cold and calculating...and has existed just as long as the immortal First Dragons. She seeks to appease her true master, to do so she started a secret war that spans every timeline, every corner of Space and every world.

Now, as The War that has existed since the beginning of the first Mortal civilization wages on, the consequences of this war not only effects one world...but all worlds. Now...the heroes of their respected worlds must now fight enemies they were never meant to fight. If they fail...if one world falls, all of the worlds fall.

Through these Chronicles, we witness these heroes fight. Will they overcome and achieve victory through these challenges? Or will they be consumed by the Discord within?

Current Stories within The Spectra Chronicles:

Naruto: Sage of Dawn

Sage of Dawn: Uzumaki Chronicles

How To Train Your Dragon: Hel Rising

The Legend of Spyro: The Forsworn

Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: Rise of Persephone

The Spectra Chronicles: The Warriors of Dawn

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