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The Roads

Stretch Across The Vast Horizon and Sky

Will Lead you to Somewhere

But Your Feet and Heart And Only Those

Will Bring You There.


There once was a human being.

The human being was very smart and kind, like your average human being.

Then an eagle came and killed it. On a road.

The. Freaking. End.


Route X: There's an example of what we DON'T read and DON'T write.

Gekko: Killing characters is a waste of time. A waste. Of fucking. Precious. Time.

Route X: GEKKO! I'm telling mom you swore!

Gekko: So is flaming. I don't flame.

Route X: WE don't flame.

Gekko: Okay, You can call me Gekko.

No, not getto, little nostagia here, GEKKO. Like those little reptilian lizard. Things.

Please, of all the things in the world, DON'T use a honorific. It's... disturbing.

There's only ONE person on this entire site (other than my sister) who knows that and uses it against me. She's my twin sister's evil little best friend. You might know her, she's known as NessieWinsa here.

And she's scary when she gets mad, so don't get her in a tight situation. But then again, she only gets mad at me for reasons I don't know.

I go to a school, far away from you.

Route X: Hiya there, I'm Route X! I'm also known as 'Kiki-chan' and 'Tweety Birdy' in the Anonemous reviews! Remember me...? No. Guess not.

I'm the little lizard's twin sis, howdy! ;D

No matter what my brother says, I'm a good little girl, not EVIL. I'm best friends with NessieWinsa and we both like to get on my brother's nerves XD

We all go to the same school, an Arts school and we're learning to become writers! I'M SO FRICKIN' EXCITED! ... Yeah, I am eccentric.

I like cupcakes and wearing headbands. I'm always up for talking, anything really, so don't be afraid to say stuff. (my brother's an anti-social person T.T... {Gekko: I HEARD THAT!})


Gender: Oh, excuse me everyone, please avert your eyes.

I'm a boy.

Yes, did you not get that? Did you fail biology class? I AM MALE.

Still young and all, but in high school. Same class as little monster and evil witch sis.

Why am I on Fanfiction: Shugo Chara? Good question, maybe SOMEPEOPLE can answer that. Very literally, I was TIED to a couch and made to watch Shugo Chara by my little twin sis and that Loch Ness Monster.

And after a while... I got addicted. (Route X: HELL YEAH!)

I'm learning to write with female characters better, so if you accidentally got me mixed up with a girl, or thought I was a girl, I'll take it as a compliment. (Route X: He's such a Nagihiko... because he can be a girl.)

We all go to an art's school, we learn literature, drama, dance, orchestra, band, vocals etc. etc. etc. depending on which you signed up for.

As you can see, I'm in lit. I'm a lit kid, yeah, I am.


Route X: Yeah, I already wrote about our school, dumb ass T.T

Gender: GIRL POWERR! We're sharing the same user cuz we're TIGHT! (Gekko: NOT.)

We didn't do it on purpose! We were gonna hook up the laptop to the TV and my brother just WOULDN'T GIVE IT UP (something about a basketball game...) so, Vannie and I decided to threaten we would tie him up, but nooo he didn't take it seriously. Well, end of that story. I'm gonna probably be doing more story posting than that guy, he's obsessed with books and watching basketball like a police man's addicted to doughnuts.

Dunno 'bout you, but I don't like spiders. Creepy... crawly... thingies. Yuck.

I'm usually really hyper and I never let a squirrel get away before having a tree climbing contest.

Gekko: I'm honest, straight forward, to the point and a bit blunt.

Really, and I only review if I want to give advise, I have time, or if I like it.

I don't support Yaoi or Yuri.

I'm not the kind of guy who's going to be updating everyday, so don't have a mental break down if a chapter or whatever doesn't show up after a while.

Feel free to PM me or whatnot, I don't bite. Only bash horns with little monster.

Route X: I'm happy, crazy and full of energy! I'm like Yaya, if you know what I mean, and I don't run on sugar or talk in third person.

I'll review whenever I feel crazy, or when I'm on the computer!

Sorry, *sniff* but I don't support those kinds of girl to girl or guy to guy attractions. They make my stomach feel funny and my eyes sore. Apologies. Unless it's Rimahiko 8D

I'll write a lot, if I'm not busy, so I might not be on all the time. Sorry, facts of life. I don't like coffee, but I like cream!

Feel free to PM moi! Parce que j'aime parle avec nouvelle amies/amis! ;D Oops, French... :P

Gekko: God...

Vannie's gonna blow after she reads this, but she's mad at me all the time, so all is well.

Route X: Yep, I'll go get a shovel and dig your grave right now!

Gekko: Haha, very funny.

Route X: See ya!

- R.X. and G.

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