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I'm French and I discovered Harry Potter's fanfictions two years ago. I got hooked and it became a great obsession.

After devouring all the fanfictions I could find, I decided to start my own, in French of course, but since I read almost exclusively English fics, I really wanted to translate it and share it with you. And thanks to Avenalanon and MsLefay, my lovely betas, my wish has been granted! With a brand new title:


The story will probably be 41 chapters long. Since I'm editing a bit the french version as I go along, I'm not sure about the final count yet. I'll try to update regularly but it will depend on me and my betas' rhythm. Besides, the chapters are of a more than decent size, so bear in mind that writing that amount of words is not an easy task... If there's a problem with the updates, you can check out my LJ (Homepage above), I'll be sure to give you some news.

Reviews are the author's only reward here, so don't hesitate to tell me what you think about the story! I'll try to answer every comments.

I only read - and now write - slash involving Harry. I just love the character, this innocent boy who tries to deal with an unwanted destiny. I like fluff now and then, but my preference goes to angsty, tortured love stories, so don't expect sugary fics from me.

I don't think I have any squick, it's frightening. I mean, at first, cross dressing, mpreg or sex change were a no go but the more I read the more I realize that if the story is interesting then it can make everything good, even fascinating. The same goes for pairings.

~oOo~ ~oOo~ ~oOo~


Draco/Harry and Fenrir/Harry, but I think I read every Harry pairings possible. I started reading crossovers with Supernatural and Twilight too, even though I promised myself I never would!


Except for my favorite fanfictions below, I love

On the Last Day of Our World by Sansa (Draco/Harry),

the Indago Trilogy by LdDurham (Draco/Harry),

Cactus Angels by Lucilla Darkate (Draco/Harry),

On Daftness (Draco/Harry),

Beautiful World by Cinnamon (Draco/Harry),

Artificial Life by Empathic Siren (Severus/Harry and a bit of Draco/Harry),

Says the Magpie to the Morning by femmequixotic (Harry/Draco),

Guilty as Sin and pretty much all of Riffraff's fics (Severus/Harry and Severus/Harry/Draco),

Lin W's fics (Lucius/Harry),

And check out Dark Cyan Star's yahoo group if you want some great Fenrir/Harry.

Well, enough with me. Keep enjoying fics and thanks for stopping by!

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