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Author has written 12 stories for Persons Unknown, Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis, Falling Skies, Dragon Age, and Hunger Games.

(8/8) - Yep. I'm Back! And a new chapter posted for the 78th Games. Go ahead and check it out!

Hello and welcome to my profile! If you couldn't tell, I'm a great admirer of Dante Alighieri's work and thought making my username his name would make me cool (still in debate whether that is the case or I'm just weird... for sure the latter)

If you want to know more about me, then you'd have to stalk me I guess. (Please don't do that, I'm too awkward to know how to handle that)

Fan Stuff:

Hunger Games:

76th Games:

This piece of fan art was done by the amazing author Hoprocker (author of the 42nd, 43rd, AND 44th Hunger Games) who is also the creator of tribute Willabeana White of District 10 (76th). Check out the tributes she drew from the 76th Games! Pretty awesome I'd say! Sorry for having to move it from your tumblr page, Hoprocker, but for some reason the link provided no longer works. I've moved it onto my pathetic DeviantArt page with links to your Deviantart page and FanFic page. Everyone, go check it out!

h t t p : / / dantealighieri1308 . deviantart . com / art / The-76th-Hunger-Games-The-Haunted-Tributes-407489382?ga_submit_new=10%253A1381875269


Below is a map of the 77th Arena, done by me. It's not the best but hopefully it'll help you understand where everything is. The arena's oddly shaped and there are plenty of locations. Enjoy!

h t t p : / / dantealighieri1308 . deviantart . com / art / The-77th-Hunger-Games-Arena-Map-469674618

Axe Smelling God has done a fantastic blog for the 77th Games! Photos of all your favorite tributes (in their likeness) provided along with basic stats about them can be found here! It's pretty cool so, yes, YOU SHOULD go check it out if you're reading the 77th Games!


h t t p : / / 77thhungergamesthedammed . blogspot . com/

Hoprocker has done it again and created another great piece of fan art, this time for the 77th Games! It features tributes of the Career pack and the four of them look awesome! Check it out! You guys will love it I'm sure!

ht tp : / / twilitprincess . deviantart . com / a rt / The-77th-Hunger-Games-The-DAYUUUMED-448038443

felicitea, creator of Trent Bell of District 6, has done some fanart for the story! They're all drawn in selfie form, a 21st Century twist for these... I'd say probably mid to late 3rd millennium tributes!

The first link is to Flux's alliance. From left to right: Twill Zephyr (D8), Trent Bell (D6), Flux Arello (D6), Tassel La'Bowe (D8), and Jory Edmonds (D5). Jory was just booted from the alliance so she's seething in the background.

The second link/third link are appropriately titled 'sealfies' for a certain arena animal featured in them! The second link is of Watt Dresner (D3) and the cutest creature in the arena. The third is of Sterling's alliance. From left to right: Brielle Purslane (D4), Sterling Taylor (D10), and Clair Amberson (D10). Brielle isn't too pleased that her allies are so easily distracted by cute animals, asking herself 'Sterling Why?'. But boo to her, the seal's awesome. All of these works are fantastic pieces of fanart, enjoy!

ht t p : / / u . cubeupload . com / humanoftheyear / dacrew . png

h t t p : / / u . cubeupload . com / humanoftheyear / sealfie . png

h t t p : / / u . cubeupload . com / humanoftheyear / sterlingwhy . png

Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis:

A loyal reader, A Reviewing Reader, has used my OC characters from All's Fair in Love in War to create her own story, Only a Dream?. The story begins with Nina waking up in America and everyone's memory of her first year at boarding school gone except her own. Convinced it was all some odd dream, Nina returns to England where she begins her 'official' first year. She ends up in Odin House, where things quickly take a turn for the dramatic as dark secrets are brought to light and Nina once more finds herself mired in hidden plots and love. An excellent story by an excellent author, what more can you ask for? The link to it is below and anybody who's a fan of HoA should check it out!


Story Overview:

Current Works:

The 78th Hunger Games: The Absolved

- New Story! Continuing in the universe of my other two stories, but not necessary to have read them!

- Reapings have begun!

- Rated T, but obviously many M elements once the Games start


The Slender Games (Hunger Games)

This one I started on a whim after seeing a parody mash up video of the horror game Slender and the Hunger Games. I'm only two chapters in at this point, but I really want to finish it (considering I have the entire thing planned out, I will).

- A/U 4th Quarter Quell

- 24 tributes fight each other and Slender man while trying to find the 8 pages

- Rated T, most likely M later on

Hiatus Indefinite/Cancelled

Next Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis Story:

Yes, the sequel to All is Fair in Love and War is now listed as Indefinite Hiatus. While I did promise a sequel to that sequel, after four years of no posting, it's safe to say that this sequel isn't happening. Mainly because I lost interest. Sorry guys, I always bemoan writers who do this but at the same time will totally do it myself. Such a hypocrite. I apologize to whoever was waiting for a sequel to this story. Maybe I'll come back to this... but don't get your hopes up. If I do, it'll be a really long one shot of the second half of their junior year that'll tie up some loose ends. But for now, I'm fairly happy with how the sequel ended.

Next Falling Skies Story:

Same case with this story as with the HOA series, I lost interest. Well... it was more than that. I stopped liking Falling Skies, mostly because I got way to frustrated with it. Falling Tolerance was (besides a story) an outlet for me to point out flaws that I found in the canon series, and there were a lot. I could go on for a long time about how character's decisions are irrational, how Tom is the worst leader ever, how the Mason family gets away with so much, and how some plot threads make no sense. It's a sci-fi show and I know you have to give them some rope, but seriously, they've gotten more than their fair share. Honestly, I wasn't turned off by any of the special effects or stuff of that nature. A good show/movie doesn't need those things to be good, what it needs is a believable story, solid actors, and characters people can invest in. Falling Skies failed in those regards, especially in the second season. I've gone back and changed the ending to Falling Tolerance to create a conclusion to the story.

That's all folks! Now go and read some of my stories, and don't forget to review!

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The 78th Hunger Games: The Absolved reviews
Rebellion breathing down their necks, the Capitol once more offers up 24 Tributes for slaughter. Tossed into a hell designed to remind the Districts of the horrors of war, tributes will struggle against Panem's dark past, all while trying to claim to tainted title of Victor, the only hope for salvation. Sequel to the 76th and 77th Games, but not necessary to have read. SYOT OPEN
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"You're a Razor Back, Ben." I said with venom in my voice, "Nobody wants to be seen with you." He shook violently, eyes filled with rage. "Then why are you hanging out with me?" he spat back. I paused, "Because I'm even worse than you. And I need a friend, just like you do." Slight A/U, follows entire first season.
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