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Name: Meohy (MEE-OH-HEE), an acronym my best friend created for me that means MxM Equals OH HELLZ YES!

Gender: Female

Age: I’m 2,931. Give or take a few years.

Likes: cheesecake, rain, MattxMello (LOVE FOREVER!), nature, entertaining my family at dinnertime, being weird with my friends, reading and writing stories (that’s kind of a given), bashing cliché endings, acting crazy in public, horror films, Bill Kaulitz...and even more recently, DOWNTON ABBEY :3

Dislikes: Butter, nuts, science, the god-awful song that is "Hey Soul Sister" by Train, writer’s block, Misa, Takada, heights, crutches, SPOILERS, and when people talk when they're in bathroom stalls adjacent each other (it's still weird).

Favorite Bands: Evanescence, Flyleaf, Paramore, Safetysuit, Super Junior, Tokio Hotel, Ellie Goudling, Linkin Park, The Smiths, and anything indie and/or chillwave.


Favorite Youtuber: danisnotonfire (so gonna marry this kid!)

So viel kaputt (There's so much broken)
Aber so vieles nicht (But so much not)
Jede der Scherben (Every fragment)
Spiegelt das Licht (Reflects the light)
So viel kaputt (There's so much broken)
Aber zwischen der Glut (But between the blaze)
Zwischen Asche und Trümmern (Between ash and debris)
War irgendwas gut (Something was good)

“Kaputt (Broken)” by Wir Sind Helden

Need to Know: I’m a crazy Death Note fan who flails over MattxMello. Seriously. Every time I see a shiny red sports car, parked or in motion, I stop on the spot and, pointing at it, inconspicuously scream, “MATT’S CAR!” Plus, I drool over anything leather or striped (oh, the people I've scared at malls...). I only hold water guns tilted to the side, but, ironically, hate wearing goggles ‘cause they hurt my eyes with their overly sterile-ness during labs. Grr. Overly sterile lab equipment prevents me from cosplaying as Matt in school.

And sing to me, about the end of the world,
end of these hammers and needles for you
We'll cry tonight, but in the morning we are new
Stand in the sun, we'll dry your eyes

Arise and be all that you dreamed

“Arise” by Flyleaf

L-cabulary, or something VermillionStar and I created, is our theory that anything tacked onto L's name instantly becomes amazing, just 'cause it's L.

Examples of L-cabulary:



And the worst part is, before it gets any better

We're heading for a cliff, and in the free fall

I will realize - I'm better off when I hit the bottom

“Turn It Off” by Paramore

...And a shout-out to all who’ve read, reviewed, or favorited my stories…! I’ve been here for a while now, but everyone’s been so spectacular to me over these awkward and amazing years that we've shared. I still feel like I don’t deserve it, but I’m ever so grateful. You guys make me feel so good about myself, so for that, I love and thank you. :)

Zoom into me, zoom into me

I know you're scared

When you can't breathe

I will be there

Zoom into me

"Zoom Into Me" by Tokio Hotel

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After Misa drags Mello to a rave, all he can think of is the redheaded DJ he saw there. They are from two different worlds, and he knows it's for the best to forget about him, but even so, he can't get the mysterious man out of his head. MelloxMatt. AU.
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Starlight reviews
Mello's an affectionate drunk, Matt gets stalked, A's an ex-rockstar, and BB drives like a maniac. Together, they'll see some crazy nights lit by the stars. MxM, AxBB, AU.
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Near submits himself to emotions just once, but Mello destroys any semblance of his sentiment. A raw look at the complexities of Mello and Near's relationship if they were to love. Rated M for strong language/a slightly sensitive scene.
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The Steps to Resurface reviews
A poem in A's POV as he struggles against suicide until he realizes B is worth living for.
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Shopping Shenanigans reviews
Mello all but robs any store with chocolate. Matt jumps at any opportunity to dance or entertain in public. As strangers at the mall pass, they can only gawk at them. Like they care, though, 'cause they're determined raze the damn place.
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