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Author has written 5 stories for Rosario + Vampire, Soul Eater, Naruto, Magic: The Gathering, and Final Fantasy VII.

Below is current story data and notes.


Harry Potter Universe:

Siren Bells:

Alas. This story died. It seemed better to burn it, rather than leave it in that unfortunate void where live the Unfinished Stories. Thank you for understanding; and if you don't understand, I sincerely apologise. I'm determined to pump out a one-shot which will essentially be a "Final" or "Summary" Chapter of Siren Bells. Expect something longer than those I put out for the original story; perhaps something in the ball-park of 10-15000 words?


Naruto Universe:

Fading Shadow

Three-Shot. Kind of a prelude to a bigger piece that my imagination's working on. It's serious enough, and separate enough, that I thought it would do way better as its own piece than as a simple prologue. Done.


Rosario to Vampire Universe

Currently experimenting with this category. At the moment, I'm planning on experimenting with various pairings and ideas through one-shots.

Red Moon Rising

Dropped, and thus I'm removing the files. If you want a copy, I'm happy to email you the chapters I've got saved on my external, as I feel like it'd be a bigger disservice leaving them online and creating any expectation of an update that will never arrive. The fact that it died is unfortunate, but it happened. So yeah. Sorry if you liked it; I'll do my best not to disappoint in future.

Cluttered Moon

A one-shot. Herein I experimented with a style of story which focuses on making the main character's feelings crystal clear. I'll be honest, it's not a style that I'm particularly fond of writing. I did like the Whole-Group aspect though. While I'm usually a single-pair sort of person - e.g. my first RV preference was Tsukune/Mizore - I've grown a little fond of the Haremesque style. Just writing all of them in, and lovable bedlam they create, was really fun. Plus, the Harem is kind of the whole point in the original manga/anime, though it does seem to be veering away from that of late ...

Blood Knuckle

One-Shot. Rosario Vampire x Soul Eater Crossover. Mostly an experimental piece; trying to test how well I can pull off the typical "Action" scene. The Tsukune x Kokoa came to me in an epiphany. To be honest, I initially wanted to have Moka as the Meister, and Tsukune as the Weapon. But the interplay between her two personalities was a bit much for the one-shot I had in mind, and Kokoa, as it turned out, fit the bill way better than Moka did. But the emotional undercurrent here was only incidental; it was the action that I was really road-testing. Anyhow. Hope you enjoyed it.

Queen of Hearts

One-Shot. Complete. I like the dynamic that I think I managed to portray here, but the setting doesn't much suit my rhythm or writing-style. Since I can't see myself extending this into a full-length piece of fiction, it will probably remain a one-shot.


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