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the insane genius: hotoffthefryer

hotoffthefryer?: so, i came up with the name while i was making fried catfish for my brother, and, as you can assume, the fish came 'hot off the fryer'. Eh, eh, you see my logic?

name: Ryan (and she ish a gurl)

is from: chicago, il, usa

age: 17

dob: 2.4.96.

anything else: i prefer chocolate to vanilla in all things beside ice cream (i hate chocolate ice cream, blegh), pepsi is better than coke, pink rules but blue is pretty dang awesome, in the battle of AF against Hollister vs. Aero vs. AE, i say that Aero wins because i like their online sales, computers trump pen and pencil, iPhone is my baby, and yeah. that would be all. :)

the dish

(*((the notebook))*)

hey guys! so, i constantly get questions regarding who is who in my fanfic, The Notebook. Instead of having you all review and PM me with those questions--because, believe it or not, it is alot filling out all of the characters repeatedly, i'll put them on here.


strawberryshortcakes: sakura

blondebomb: ino

bastardly: sasuke

bandgeek: kin

ramengod: naruto

redhot: karin

wise1: shikamaru

k9swag: kiba

purplepenguin: ami

nh73: neji

greengiant: lee

chipthemaster: choji

bunsofsteel: tenten

flowergirl9: ino

straightbugging: shino

madhatter: konohamaru

teenspirit: tayuya

sigh: sai

whisper: hinata

bigbangtheory: deidara

thepuppeteer: kankurou

U2: itachi

smoothblu: suigetsu

superk: SECRET

lifesabeach: temari

gingerly: gaara

the sand man: sasori

little1: hanabi

i feel like i forgot some.../:


(June 17, 2012)

hola. for all those who randomly roam my profile for odd reasons,

i will be editing, remaking, whatever-else-floats-your-boating a lot of my old stories over this summer. basically, that means i'll be going to some of my older fics and doing some serious revamping. will that hold off The Notebook? probably. a little, actually. i just have to go through all of my stories, to be completely honest, and give them a solid plot. that's what they're all missing.

so. i'll be working on that as quickly as possible, story by story. i don't want to completely delete any of them (EVER) but, yeah, most don't have any hope of ever getting finished and i hate that so, instead of continuing what my plan was before--which was to take things one by one and just finish everything once i finish one thing--i want to finish stuff before i work on anything else. i am not sure that makes a figment of sense.

anywho. i'm editing alot. so expect random updates and even random-er periods of absence. i'm not dead. just reevaluating. i do that alot.

i might, also, obtain a plot-master beta. any recs?



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