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Name: Tillie

Gender: Female (WHOOT!)

Age: You'll find out when I feel like it (which is practically never)

Eyes: Blue!!!!!

Hair: Blond...and I will not tolerate any blonde jokes you may throw at me... Unless they are REALLY funny...

Height: Something around 4.5 or 5 feet

Race: Caucasian

Freckles?: Yes, 10,000 too many

Book or Nook?: Okay, I don't know how this happened to me, but I got a nook. I hate bragging about things, but I now have no idea which one of them is better. Well, with the nook you can change font size... But books are funner to hold and to keep. Hmmmmmmmmmmm... I CHOOSE FANFICTION! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Who introduced you to fanfiction: My sister. I love her. BLESS HER HEART!!! (OTL wha???)

OTP: The first fanfiction I've ever read was a Dramione, and I still can go back and settle for a good one-shot. Umm, I liked Klaine for a while, then stopped watching Glee. Occasionally I read one, but it makes me feel guilty and funny inside, so I avoid it. Right now, I am more into the Kingdom Hearts fandom. Even though I've never played the games (I know, I was to shoot me too). I mostly stay towards the Akuroku-Zemyx-Soriku side of the spectrum, but ever-so-often I go into enemy territory and read something that isn't AU/BL/yaoi/shounen ei at all. I know. SHOCKING!

In short, I like Akuroku, but Zemyx is a close second. Not mentioned above, I secretly adore the pairing Vaniven (Vanitas x Ventus, if you don't know). I recently discovered this amazing monstrosity, and want MOAR! Lol... ;A; I am so pathetic. I kind of like Soriku, and tolerate it, but not my favorite.

Waffles or Pancakes: WAAAFFFFFLLLEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C:

Tihs is wreid, but itenrsnitg! If you can raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too. Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed erveylteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

Ptsae tihs to yuor poirfle if you can raed tihs!

Hehe, my teacher found this thing on the internet and showed it to the class, I felt so special when I knew what it was. :')

This is a true story. A girl died in 1933. A man buried her when she was still alive. The murderer chanted," Toma Sota balcu," as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night, she will be on your ceiling. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this on your profile, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded.

Sorry for those of you who just read that, but I didn't want to be suffocated in the middle of the night ;)

FAKE FRIENDS: Never ask for food.

REAL FRIENDS: Are the reason you have no food.

FAKE FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr./Mrs.

REAL FRIENDS: Call your parents DAD/MOM.

FAKE FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.

REAL FRIENDS: Will sit next to you saying "Dang … we really messed up … but that sure was fun!"

FAKE FRIENDS: Never seen you cry.

REAL FRIENDS: Cry with you.

FAKE FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.

REAL FRIENDS: Keep your stuff so long they forget it’s yours.

FAKE FRIENDS: Know a few things about you.

REAL FRIENDS: Can write a book about you, with direct quotes from you.

FAKE FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.

REAL FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds butt that left you.

FAKE FRIENDS: Will knock on your front door.

REAL FRIENDS: Walk right in and say "I’M HOME!"

FAKE FRIENDS: Are for awhile.

REAL FRIENDS: Are for life.

FAKE FRIENDS: Say they are too busy to listen to your problems, but when it comes to them they expect you to have all the time in the world.

REAL FRIENDS: Not only kick everything out of their schedule to listen to what’s wrong, but help come up with vindictive plans to make you feel a whole lot better!

FAKE FRIENDS: Make you say sorry when you want to talk to them at odd hours of the night, or even just hang out at odd hours.

REAL FRIENDS: Come right over and hang out with you, until you either fall asleep, or kick them out.

FAKE FRIENDS: Will ignore this.

REAL FRIENDS: Will repost it

I hope no one sees this...


1. Write the name of a person of the opposite gender. ROXAS FROM KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!!! XD

2. Which is your favorite color out of red, black, blue, green, yellow? Blue
3. Your first initial? T
4. Your month of birth? January

5. Which color do you like more, black or white? black
6. Name of a person of the same sex as yours. Sophie
7. Your favorite number? 11

8. Do you like California or Florida more? California
9. Do you like the lake or the ocean more? Lake
10. Write down a wish (a realistic one). I wish to find someone I can confide in, and maybe have feelings that are slightly romantic...

Alright, answer time!

1. You are completely in love with this person.
2. If you choose:
Red: You are alert and your life is full of love.
Black: You are conservative and aggressive.
Green: Your soul is relaxed and you are laid back.
Blue: You are spontaneous and love kisses and affection from the ones you
Yellow: You are a very happy person and give good advice to those who are
3. If your initial is:
A-K: You have a lot of love and friendships in your life.
L-R: You try to enjoy life to the maximum and your love life is soon to
S-Z: You like to help others and your future love life looks very good.
4. If you were born in:
Jan.-Mar.: The year will go very well for you and you will discover that you
fall in love with someone totally unexpected.
Apr.-June: You will have a strong love relationship that will not last long but
the memories will last forever.
July-Sept.: You will have a great year and will experience a major life
changing experience for the good.
Oct.-Dec.: Your love life will not be too great, but eventually you will find your
soul mate.
5. If you choose...
Black: Your life will take on a different direction, it will seem hard at the time
but will be the best thing for you, and you will be glad for the change.
White: You will have a friend who completely confides in you and would do
anything for you, but you may not realize it.
6. This person is your best friend.
7. This is how many close friends you have in a lifetime.
8. If you choose...
California: You like adventure.
Florida: You are a laidback person.
9. If you choose...
Lake: You are loyal to your friends and your love. And you are very reserved.
Ocean: You are spontaneous and like to please people.
10. This wish will come true only if you RE-POST THIS BULLETIN in one hour and it will come true before your next birthday

Did you know...?

Kissing is healthy.

Bananas are good for period pain.

It’s good to cry.

Chicken soup actually makes you feel better.

94 percent of boys would love it if you sent them flowers.

Lying is actually unhealthy.

You really only need to apply mascara to your top lashes.

It’s actually true; boys DO insult you when they like you.

89 percent of guys want YOU to make the first move.

It’s impossible to apply mascara with your mouth closed.

Chocolate will make you feel better.

Most boys think it's cute when you say the wrong thing.

A good friend never judges.

A good foundation will hide all hickeys... not that you have any.

Boys aren't worth your tears.

We all love surprises.

Now... make a wish.

Wish REALLY hard!!


Your wish has just been recieved.

Copy and Paste this into your profile in the next 15 minutes and...

Your wish will be granted.

The words below in bold are the ones that you can use to know me a little bit better.

Re-post this if you agree:

I'm SKINNY, so I MUST be anorexic.
I'm a NEGRO so I MUST carry a gun.
I'm BLONDE, so I MUST be a ditz.
I'm JAMAICAN so I MUST smoke weed.
I'm HAITIAN so I MUST eat cat.
I'm ASIAN, so I MUST be sexy.
I'm JEWISH, so I MUST be greedy.
I'm GAY, so I MUST have AIDS.
I'm a LESBIAN, so I MUST have a sex-tape.
I'm ARAB, so I MUST be a terrorist.
I SPEAK MY MIND, so I MUST be a bitch.
I'm a GAY RIGHTS SUPPORTER, so I WILL go to hell. (God loves all children)
I'm a CHRISTAN, so I MUST think gay people should go to hell. (I strongly disagree)
I'm RELIGIOUS, so I MUST shove my beliefs down your throat.
I'm ATHEIST so I MUST hate the world.
I don't have a RELIGION, so I MUST be evil and have no morals
I'm REPUBLICAN, so I MUST not care about poor people.
I'm DEMOCRAT, so I MUST not believe in being responsible.
I am LIBERAL, so I MUST be gay.
I'm SOUTHERN, so I MUST be white trash.
I TAKE (or used to take) ANTI-DEPRESSANTS, so I MUST be crazy.
I'm a GUY, so I MUST only want to get into your pants.
I'm IRISH, so I MUST have a bad drinking problem.
I'm INDIAN, so I MUST own a convenient store.
I'm NATIVE AMERICAN, so I MUST dance around a fire screaming like a savage.
I'm a CHEERLEADER, so I MUST be a whore.
I'm a DANCER, so I must be stupid, stuck up, and a whore.
I wear SKIRTS a lot, so I MUST be a slut.
I'm a PUNK, so I MUST do drugs.
I'm RICH, so I MUST be a conceited snob.
I WEAR BLACK, so I MUST be a goth or emo.
I'm a WHITE GIRL, so I MUST be a nagging, steal-your-money kind of girlfriend.
I'm CUBAN, so I MUST spend my spare time rolling cigars.
I'm NOT A VIRGIN, so I MUST be easy.
I FELL IN LOVE WITH A MARRIED MAN, so I MUST be a home-wrecking whore.
I'm a TEENAGE MOM, so I MUST be an irresponsible slut.
I'm POLISH, so I MUST wear my socks with my sandals
I'm ITALIAN, so I must have a "big one".
I'm EGYPTIAN, so I must be a TERRORIST!
I'm PRETTY, so I MUST not be a virgin.
I HAVE A'S and B's, so I MUST have no social life.
I DYE MY HAIR CRAZY COLORS, so I MUST be looking for attention.
I DRESS IN UNUSUAL WAYS so I MUST be looking for attention.
I'm INTO THEATER & ART, so I MUST be a homosexual.
I'm a VEGETARIAN, so I MUST be a crazy political activist.
I HAVE A BUNCH OF GUY FRIENDS, so I MUST be fucking them all.
I have Big BOOBS, so I MUST be a hoe.
I'm COLOMBIAN, so I MUST be a drug dealer.
I WEAR WHAT I WANT, so I MUST be a poser.
I'm GERMAN, so I must be a Nazi.
I hang out with GAYS, so I must be GAY TOO.
I'm PUERTO RICAN, so I MUST look good and be conceited.
I'm SALVADORIAN, so I MUST be in MS 13.
I'm POLISH, so I MUST be greedy.
I'm HAWAIIAN so I MUST be lazy.
I'm PERUVIAN, so I MUST like llamas.
I’m a STONER so I MUST be going in the wrong direction.
I’m STRAIGHT EDGE so I must be violent.
I'm a FEMALE GAMER, so I MUST be ugly.
I'm BLACK so I MUST love fried chicken and kool-aid.
I'm a GIRL who actually EATS LUNCH, so I MUST be fat.
I'm SINGLE so I MUST be ugly.
I'm a SKATER so I must do weed and steal stuff
I'm a PUNK so I must only wear black and date only other punks
I'm ASIAN so I must be a NERD that does HOMEWORK 24/7
I'm CHRISTIAN so I MUST hate homosexuals.
I'm MIXED so I must be screwed up.
I'm MUSLIM so I MUST be a terrorist.
I'm in BAND, so I MUST be a dork.
I'm MORMON so I MUST have seven wives.
I'm WHITE and have black friends so I MUST think I'm black
I'm GOTH so I MUST worship the devil
I'm HISPANIC, so I MUST be dirty.
I'm OVERWEIGHT, so I MUST have a problem with self control.
I'm PREPPY, so I MUST shun those who don't wear Abercrombie & Hollister.
I'm on a DANCE team, so I must be stupid, stuck up, and a whore.
I'm YOUNG, so I MUST be naïve.
I'm MEXICAN, so I MUST have hopped the border.
I GOT A CAR FOR MY BIRTHDAY, so I MUST be a spoiled brat.
I'm BLACK, so I MUST love watermelon
I'm BI, so I MUST think every person I see is hot.
I'm an ASIAN GUY, so I MUST have a small penis.
I'm a GUY CHEERLEADER, so I MUST be gay.
I'm a PREP, so I MUST be rich.
I don't like the SUN so I MUST be an albino.
I have a lot of FRIENDS, so I MUST love to drink and party.
I wear tight PANTS and I'm a guy, so I MUST be emo.
I couldn't hurt a FLY, So I MUST be a pussy.
I support GAY RIGHTS, so I MUST fit in with everyone.
I HANG OUT with teenage DRINKERS AND SMOKERS, so I MUST smoke and drink too.
I have ARTISTIC TALENT, so I MUST think little of those who don't.
I don't like to be in a BIG GROUP, so I MUST be anti-social.
I have a DIFFERENT sense of HUMOR, so I MUST be crazy.
I tell people OFF, so I MUST be a controlling bitch.
My hair gets GREASY a lot, so I MUST have no hygiene skills.
I'm DEFENSIVE, so I MUST be over controlling and a bitch.
I'm a NUDIST, so I MUST want everyone to see my boobs.
I read Comics, so I MUST be a loser. (Anime, comics, same dif)
I hang out with a FORMER PROSTITUTE... So I MUST be a whore myself.
I'm TEXAN so I MUST ride a horse
I’m a GOTH, so I MUST be a Satanist
I’m a CROSSDRESSER, so I must be homosexual.
I draw ANIME so I MUST be a freak.
I am a FANGIRL so I MUST be a crazy, obsessed stalker.
I'm an ONLY CHILD so I MUST be spoiled.
I'm INTELLIGENT so I MUST be weak.
I am AMERICAN so I MUST be obese, loud-mouthed and arrogant.
I'm WELSH so I MUST love sheep
I’m a YOUNG WRITER, so I MUST be emo.
I’m CANADIAN, so I MUST talk with a funny accent.
I'm a GUY, so I MUST ditch my pregnant girlfriend.
I'm CANADIAN, so I MUST love hockey and beavers.
I'm DISABLED, so I MUST be on Welfare.
I'm a FEMINIST, so I MUST have a problem with sexuality and I want to castrate every man on the earth.
I WEAR A BIG SUNHAT when I go outside, so I MUST be stupid.
I like BLOOD, so I must be a VAMPIRE.
I'm an ALBINO, so I MUST be an evil person with mental abilities and A MURDERER!
I'm ENGLISH, so I MUST speak with either a cockney or a posh accent, love tea and cricket, and have bad teeth.
I’m WHITE, so I MUST be responsible for everything going wrong on the planet: past, present, and future.
I don't like YAOI or YURI, so I must be a HOMOPHOBE.
I’m not the most POPULAR person in school, so I MUST be a loser.
I care about the ENVIRONMENT...I MUST be a tree hugging hippie.
I have a FAN CHARACTER, so I MUST be an annoying Mary-sue.
I CHAT, I MUST be having cyber- sex.
I'm PAGAN so I MUST sacrifice babies and drink the blood of virgins
I'm PAGAN so I MUST worship Satan
I'm CONSERVATIVE, so I MUST be against Abortion
I'm SWEDISH so I MUST be a tall blond blue-eyed lesbian.
I'm a LESBIAN so I MUST want to get with every single girl that I see.
I like READING, so I MUST be a LONER.
I have my OWN spiritual ideology; therefore I MUST be WRONG or MISGUIDED.
I DISAGREE with my government, so I MUST be a TERRORIST.
I am a WITCH, so I MUST be and OLD HAG and fly on a broomstick.
I DON'T CURSE, so I MUST be an outcast.
I like GAMES, ANIME and COMICS, so I MUST be childish.
I'm SWEDISH, therefore I MUST be WHITE.
I SPOT GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, so I MUST be a pedantic bastard.
I'm GOTHIC, so I MUST be mean.
I’m STRONG so I MUST be stupid.
I'm Australian so I MUST hunt crocodiles and talk to kangaroo’s.
I go to RENFAIRES, so I MUST talk weird, be a loser, and not be up with the times.
I’m GAY so I’m after EVERY straight guy around.
I don’t want a BOYFRIEND so I MUST be Lesbian.
I'm NOT CHRISTIAN so I MUST just need converting.
I love marching band, so I MUST be a friendless freak.
I DRINK and SMOKE, so I MUST have no life.
I am friends with a CUTTER, so I MUST be a CUTTER too.
I cry easily, so I MUST be a wimp.
I can't help pointing out mistakes so I MUST be an over-controlling perfectionist.
I'm a PERFECTIONIST so I MUST check everything ten times, them burst into tears at one mistake
I DON’T LIKE to talk about my personal life so I MUST be having problems


1) My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.
"If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning."

2) My mother taught me RELIGION.
"You better pray that will come out of the carpet."

3) My mother taught me LOGIC.
"Because I said so, that's why.

4) My mother taught me MORE LOGIC.
"If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me."

5) My mother taught me IRONY.
"Keep crying and I'll give you something to cry about."

6) My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS.
"Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

7) My mother taught me about STAMINA.
"You'll sit there until all that spinach is gone."

8) My mother taught me about WEATHER.
"This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it."

9) My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE.
"I brought you into this world, and I can take you out."

10) My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION.
"Just wait until we get home."

11) My mother taught me about RECEIVING.
"You are going to get it when you get home!"

12) My mother taught me HUMOR.
"When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don’t come running to me."

13) My mother taught me GENETICS.
"You're just like your father."

14) My mother taught me WISDOM.
"When you get to be my age, you'll understand."

15) My mother taught me about JUSTICE.
"One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you!"

16) My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL.
"If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!"

17) My mother taught me FORESIGHT.
"Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident."

18) My mother taught me about CONTORTION-ISM.
"Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!"

19) My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY.
"If I told you once, I've told you a million times. Don't exaggerate!"

20) My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.
"Stop acting like your father!"

21) My mother taught me about ENVY.
"There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do."

22) My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.
"If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to freeze that way."

23) My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT.
"If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up."

24) My mother taught me ESP.
"Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?"

25) My mother taught me about my ROOTS.
"Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn?"

1. 93 percent of American teens would have a severe emotional breakdown if someone called them a freak. If you're a part of the 7 percent who would ask the person, "What was your first clue?", copy this into your profile and add your name to the list: TheTwilightsagaismylife, kitandpupandfish

2. If you have ever forgotten what you were going to say, right before you say it, copy this into your profile.

3. If you have ever just wanted to SLAP someone, copy this onto your profile.

4. 92 percent American teens would die if Abecrombie and Fitch told them it uncool to breathe. Copy this into your profile if you would be in the 8 percent laughing their asses off at the others.

5. 98 percent of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you are one of the two percent who haven't, copy and paste this into your profile.

6. If you've been on the computer for hours on end, reading numerous fanfictions, copy this into your profile

7. If you've ever had a mad laughing fit for no reason, copy and paste this into your profile.

8. If you have ever tripped over your own feet, copy and paste this into your profile.

9. If you have ever tripped over air, copy and past this into your profile

10. If you have ever tripped UP stairs, copy and paste this into your profile

11. If you've ever asked a really stupid, obvious question, copy and paste this one your profile.

12. If you ever forgotten what you were talking about in a conversation copy and paste this into your profile

13. If you have ever stopped to look at something in the middle of a busy street, copy this into your profile

14. If you have ever pushed on a door that said pull or vise versa, copy and paste this into your profile.

15. If you think rock paper scissors solves everything then put this in your profile!

16. If you have ever zoned out for more than five consecutive minutes, copy this into your profile.

17. If there are times where you just wanna annoy someone for the heck of it copy this into your profile

18. If you get good grades and still know nothing at all, copy and paste this onto your profile.

19. If you ever read past two in the morning, copy and paste this to your profile.

20. If you love rain, copy and paste this into your profile

21. If you've ever burst out laughing in a quiet room, add this to your profile

22. If, for no warning, you have laughed during a movie part that wasn't funny, put this in your profile.

23. If you've ever copied and pasted something onto your profile, copy and paste this onto your profile

24. If you think that the kids should stop chasing Lucky and leave the leprechaun alone, then copy and paste this into your profile. (Lucky is just a normal leprechaun who wants his cereal)

25. If you think Fred should just let Barney have the freakin' Coco Pebbles and stop chasing him, then copy and paste this in your profile.

26. If at one time you misspelled or forgot how to spell a word less than four letters, copy and paste this onto your profile. (The word use is not spelled yoosed.)

27. If you have ever run into a door, copy this into your profile

28. If you and your friend break out into song in a public area put this on your profile

29. Copy paste this to your profile if you'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of pushing the button on the TV.

30. If you have ever forgotten and/or spelt your name wrong, copy and paste this into your profile.

31. If you and your friends have made up codenames for boys so they wouldn't know you were talking about them, copy and paste this into your profile.

32. If you like reading, copy and paste this into your profile.

33. If people think you are mentally insane...copy and paste this onto your profile.

34. If you spend multiple hours each day reading or writing or a combination of both...copy and paste this on your profile.

35. If you and your best friend are insane copy and paste this onto your profile.

36. If you've ever just stared at the wall and try to find pictures in the texture, copy and paste this into your profile.

37. If you actually take the time to read other peoples profiles, copy this to yours

38. If you are obsessed with fanfiction copy this into your profile.

39. Pluto was no longer declared a planet on August 27 of 2006 just because it was "Too small" and "Off it's orbit" for a couple scientists likings. If you still think Pluto should be a planet then copy and paste this to your profile. LONG LIVE PLUTO!

40. If you have music in your soul, post this in your profile!

41. If you read people's profiles looking for things to copy and paste into your profile, copy and paste this into your profile.

42. If you wonder who started these thingamawhatevers, copy this into your profile

43. If you haven't died yet, copy and paste this onto your profile

44. 98% of KH fans would try to save Xion if they saw her on a cliff over shark-infested waters, about to jump. Copy and paste this to your profile if you're part of the 2% that would PUSH her off.

Things I Am Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts:

1). The Giant Squid is not an appropriate date to the Yule Ball.

2). I am not allowed to sing "We're Off to See the Wizard" while skipping off to the Headmaster's office.

3). I am not allowed to take out a life insurance policy on Harry Potter.

4). I am not allowed to ask Dumbledore to show me the pointy hat trick.

5). I am not allowed to give Remus Lupin a flea collar.

6). I am not allowed to bring a Magic 8 Ball to Divination.

7). I am not allowed to say that Seamus Finnegan is "after me lucky charms."

8). I am not allowed to start a betting pool on this year's Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. It's tasteless, tacky, and not a good money-making strategy.

9). I am not allowed to joke about Remus' "time of the month."

10). I am not allowed to make light saber sounds with my wand.

12). I am not to refer to the Accio charm as "The Force."

13). I am not allowed to claim that growing marijuana or hallucinogenic mushrooms is "Extra Herbology Work."

14). I will not use my socks to make hand-puppets of the Slytherin-House mascot.

15). If the thought of a spell makes me giggle for more than 15 seconds, assume that I am not allowed to use it.

16). I will not lock the Slytherins and Gryffindors in a room together and bet on which House will come out alive.

17). I will not charm the suits of armor to do a rendition of "The Knights of the Round Table" for the Christmas Feast.

18). I am not allowed to declare an official "Hug A Slytherin Day."

19). I am not allowed to sing my own personal spy music while wandering the hallways.

20). It is not necessary to yell, "BURN!" Whenever Snape takes points away from Gryffindor.

21). I am not authorised to negotiate a peace treaty with Voldemort.

22). First years are not to be fed to Fluffy.

23). I will never ask Harry if his Voldie senses are tingling.

24). I will stop referring to showering as "Giving Moaning-Myrtle an eye-full."

25). I am not allowed to lock Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy in a closet to see who will come out alive.

26). It is not necessary to yell, "BAM" every time I Apparate.

27). I will not steal the Gryffindor's sword from Dumbledore's office and use it to patrol the hallways.

28). I will not poke Hufflepuffs with spoons, nor shall I insist that their color's indicate that they're "covered in bees."

29). I will not tell Draco to “Make like a ferret and bounce.”

30). It is exceptionally tasteless to tell Professor Lupin ‘Once you go black you never go back.'

31). I will not use Umbridge's quill to write, "Told you I was Hard Core."

32). If a class-mate falls asleep, I will not take advantage of that and draw a Dark Mark on their arm.

33). I will not greet Professor McGonagall with “What’s new pussy cat?”

34). I will not start every potion's class by asking Snape if the potion is acceptable as Body Lotion.

35). I will not call the Weasly twins, "bookends."

36). I will not call the Patil twins, "bookends."

37). I will not start singing and dancing in the middle of lessons and claim someone put the imperious cure on me.

38). I will not tell Ron and Hermione to ‘get a room’ whenever they start fighting.

39). I will not tell Severus Snape he takes himself too seriously. Same applied for Minerva McGonagall.

40). Ravenclaws do not find a sign saying the library is closed for an indefinite time period funny in any sense. Nor does Hermione Granger.

41). I do not weigh the same as a duck.

42). I do not have a Dalek Patronus.

43). I will not lick Trevor.

44). Gryffindor Courage does not come in bottles labeled, "Firewhiskey."

45). I will not dress up as Voldemort on Halloween.

46). I will not refer to Lucius Malfoy as a pimp - even if he does carry a pimp cane.

47). I am no longer allowed to use the words ‘pimp cane’ in front of Draco Malfoy.

48). I will not tell Sir Cadogan that The Knights Who Say Ni have challenged him to a duel, then have all the students say, 'Ni' from various directions.

49). "To conquer the Earth with an army of flying monkeys" is not a career choice.

50). I will not tell the first years that Professor Snape is the Voice of God.

51). I will not tell the first years to build a treehouse in the Whomping Willow.

52). I will not tell Filch that Peeves has left. It is cruel to get his hopes up like that.

53). I am not allowed to skip through the hallways singing the "Wizards of Waverly Place" theme song.

54). I am not allowed to attack the new Head Boy with water ballons.

55). I am not allowed to change the Slytherin common room to red and gold.

56). I am not allowed to tell the Ravenclaws and/or Hermione Granger that the library has been closed down.

57). I am not allowed to tell Lockheart that his fanclub is waiting in the Whomping Willow.

58). Seamus Finnigan is not after me lucky charms.

59). I will not, under any circumstances, ask Harry Potter who died and made him boss.

60). Professor Flitwick's first name is not Yoda.

61). I will not give Hagrid Pokemon cards and convince him they're real animals.

62) I will not sing the Badger Song during Hufflepuff-Slytherin quidditch matches.

63). When Death-Eaters are attacking Hogsmeade, I shall not point at the Dark Mark and shout "To the Bat Mobile, Robin!"

64). When a class-mate falls asleep, I shall not take advantage of the fact and draw a Dark Mark on his arm.

65). Any resemblance between Dementors and Nazgul is simply coincidental.

66). I will not scare the Arithmancy students with my Calculus book.

67). I will not hold my wand in the air before I casting spells shouting "I got the power!"

68). I am not allowed to sing my own personal spy music when wandering the halls.

69). I am not allowed to make light saber sounds with my wand.

70). I am not allowed to paint the house elves blue and call them smurfs.

71). I will not slip Malfoy a Love Potion in his morning goblet of Pumpkin Juice.

72). I will not say the phrase "Dude, get a life" to Voldemort.

73). Should I chance to see a Death Eater wearing a white mask, I should not start singing anything from The Phantom of the Opera.

74). I will not call Dumbledore "Santa Claus!" during the Christmas Holidays.

75). I will not put Muggle fairy book in the History section at the library.

76). I will not send Snape a bottle of shampoo for Christmas.

77). House elves are not acceptable replacements for Bludgers.

78). Starting a betting pool on the fate of this year's Defense Against Dark Arts teacher is tasteless and tacky, not a clever moneymaking concept.

79). I am not allowed to tell Hufflepuffs there is no Santa Clause.

80). I am not allowed to refer to myself as the New Dark Lord.

81). I am not allowed to sneak into Professor Snapes private chambers to watch him sing 'I Will Survive' in the mirror, as it is disturbing.

82). I am not allowed to steal Professor Flitwicks wand, hold it over my head and laugh as he tries to reach it.

83). I will not replace Madam Pomfrey's Skele-Gro with pumpkin juice.

84). I will not replace Professor Snape's pumpkin juice with Skele-Gro.

85). I will not impersonate the Swedish Chef in Potions class.

86).The next time that I see Rita Skeeter, I am not to threaten her with a can of Raid.

87). I will not subvert the lock on the fourth-floor girls' bathroom and sell its location to first-years as "The Chamber of Secrets".

88). When applying for a post at the Ministry of Magic after graduation, I should not cite "Fred and George Weasley" as my greatest influence at Hogwarts.

89). Putting down "Lord Voldemort" is probably not best either.

90). A Muggle "vacuum cleaner" is not acceptable Quidditch equipment, even if it has been enchanted to fly.

91). Hogsmeade village is not "a wretched hive of scum and villainy."

92). I will not tell Professor Trelawney that I prophesied her death.

93). I will also not tell Professor Trelawney that I had a vision of her killing the Dark Lord.

94). Sending rings to the nine senior faculty at Yuletide, with the return address "Voldemort", is not funny.

95). Insisting that the school acquire computers and network the buildings is a pointless request as they claim that a quill and parchment is sufficient.

96). Calling the Ghostbusters is a cruel joke to play on the resident ghosts and poltergeists.

97). I may not have a private army.

98). I must not substitute chocolate-flavored laxative for Professor Lupin's prescription-strength chocolate.

99). Nor am I to in any way substitute, alter, hide, or otherwise tamper with Professor Dumbledore's candy.

100). I am not the wicked witch of the west. I will not refer to Professor Umbridge as such either.

101). I will not melt if water is poured over me. Neither will Professor Umbridge.

102). I shouldn't use Photoshop to create incriminating photos of my house prefects or tutors.

103). I will not enchant the Golden Snitch to fly up the nearest fan's nose.

104). I do not know the Avada Kedavra curse, and pretending I do to people who annoy me is not funny, no matter how much they injure themselves diving for cover.

105). I will not test my Potions assigments by spiking Snape's drink with them. Especially not all of them at once.

106). I will not try to hock off my old piercings as "priceless Muggle artifacts."

107). I will not claim my X-Files tapes are "Auror Training Videos."

108). Professor Snape definitely does not have pointed ears, and under no circumstances is he to be addressed as 'Spock'.

109). I am not able to see the Grim Reaper, nor am I to claim that he is standing by the Headmaster, tapping an hourglass and looking at him impatiently. Or, for that matter, Harry Potter.

110).When being interrogated by a member of staff, I am not to wave my hand and announce 'These are not the droids you are looking for'.

111). Thestrals do not resemble the Muggle toys known as 'My Little Pony'.

112). The four Houses are not the Morons, the Borons, the Smarts and the Junior Death Eaters.

113). I am not authorized to negotiate a peace treaty with Voldemort.

114). Despite my personal beliefs, Quidditch would not improved by the introduction of muggle firearms.

115). Though they are doubtless more athletic, battle-axes are not acceptable either.

116). I will not claim there is a prequel to Hogwarts, A History that explains about Bilbo Baggins.

117). I will not use the Marauder's Map for stalking purposes.

118). I am not allowed to introduce Peeves to paint balling.

119). I am not allowed to ask Professor Dumbledore if the size of his beard is 'compensating for something'.

120). I will not create a betting pool on that Voldemort is Harry Potter's father.

121). Headmaster Dumbledore is of no relation to Willy Wonka.

122). Professor Snape's proper given name is not Princess Silvermoon Fairywing Glimmer McSparkles.

123). I will not take out a life insurance policy on Harry Potter.

124). Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are not the magical equivalent of "Batman and Robin".

125). I will not play the Imperial March theme for Professor Snape.

126). However, when Lucius Malfoy visits, I may play it.

127). If I insist on carrying out my plans of producing "Riddle-de-dee: The Voldemort Musical", I will do so under a nom-de-plume.

128). I will not attempt to recruit the title character to play himself. Even if he looks good in tap shoes.

129). I should not refer to Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle collectively as "Team Rocket" either.

130). I am not allowed to discuss my theory that Voldemort is actually the second cousin of Sauron.

131). I am not a 'ninja sent here by Lord Voldemort to destroy Harry Potter' and should stop shouting this at meal times.

132). It's not tasteful to approach Cho wearing a shirt that says All the good-looking ones die young with a picture of Cedric Diggory on it.

133). I will not yell "Hey look It's Lord Voldemort!" at Hogsmeade.

134). I will not tease Voldemort about the times he needs his pink flowery teddy bear to comfort him when he has that bad bad nightmare about Harry.

135). I will not charm a poster of Britney Spears on Draco's wall.

I was born on the day of Luxord+ Axel (lol)

In the month of Xemnas

In the year of Xemnas, Demyx, Demyx, Demyx (so much Demyx O.O)

I'm Demyx+Xaldin (ew) years old.

My favorite number is Roxas.

But my lucky number is Marluxia.

If you get it, put your own on your profile


I was walking around in a Target store, when I saw a cashier hand this little boy some money back.

The boy couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old.

The cashier said, "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll."

Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?''

The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.''

Then she asked him to stay there for just 5 minutes while she went to look a round. She left quickly.

The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand.

Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to.

"It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for Christmas. She was sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her."

I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus would bring it to her afterall, and not to worry.

But he replied to me sadly. "No, Santa Claus can't bring it to her where she is now. I have to give the doll to my mommy so that she can give it to my sister when she goes there."

His eyes were so sad while saying this. "My sister has gone to be with God. Daddy says that Mommy is going to see God very soon too, so I thought that she could take the doll with her to give it to my sister.''

My heart nearly stopped.

The little boy looked up at me and said: "I told daddy to tell mommy not to go yet. I need her to wait until I come back from the mall."

Then he showed me a very nice photo of him where he was laughing. He then told me "I want mommy to take my picture with her so she won't forget me. I love my mommy and I wish she doesn't have to leave me, but daddy says that she has to go to be with my little sister."

Then he looked again at the doll with sad eyes, very quietly.

I quickly reached for my wallet and said to the boy. "Suppose we check again, just in case you do have enough money for the doll?''

"OK," he said, "I hope I do have enough." I added some of my money to his without him seeing and we started to count it. There was enough for the doll and even some spare money.

The little boy said: "Thank you God for giving me enough money!"

Then he looked at me and added, "I asked last night before I went to sleep for God to make sure I had enough money to buy this doll, so that mommy could give it to my sister. He heard me!''

"I also wanted to have enough money to buy a white rose for my mommy, but I didn't dare to ask God for too much. But He gave me enough to buy the doll and a white rose.''

"My mommy loves white roses."

A few minutes later, the old lady returned and I left with my basket.

I finished my shopping in a totally different state from when I started. I couldn't get the little boy out of my mind.

Then I remembered a local newspaper article two days ago, which mentioned a drunk man in a truck, who hit a car occupied by a young woman and a little girl.

The little girl died right away, and the mother was left in a critical state. The family had to decide whether to pull the plug on the life-sustaining machine, because the young woman would not be able to recover from the coma. Was this the family of the little boy?

Two days after this encounter with the little boy, I read in the newspaper that the young woman had passed away.

I couldn't stop myself as I bought a bunch of white roses and I went to the funeral home where the body of the young woman was exposed for people to see and make last wishes before her burial.

She was there, in her coffin, holding a beautiful white rose in her hand with the photo of the little boy and the doll placed over her chest.

I left the place, teary-eyed, feeling that my life had been changed forever.. The love that the little boy had for his mother and his sister is still, to this day, hard to imagine. And in a fraction of a second, a drunk driver had taken all this away from him.

Now you have two choices:

1) Repost this message.

2) Ignore it as if it never touched your heart

(This really touched me. I hope it touches you too. Line Break--)

Answer Random questions of the day: 12/29/11

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 81, and find line 4.

It says: “took it, ‘have you taken ill?’”

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you touch?

I can touch a red blanket, a remote for a stereo, a home phone, two button containers, and 6 home-made book marks for my friends.

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

I think it was The Layover; that new show with Anthony Bourdain in it.

4. Without looking, guess what time it is:


5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?


6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

Does my typing count? I can hear the window blinds moving, and the soft mechanisms of my old fan. Oh, the glory of renting an old house.

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

Yesterday I went to my dad’s house for dinner… I had pizza.

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?

Somebody else was answering this survey….

9. What are you wearing?

I am dressed in a blue elastic skirt, and orange Hollister T-shirt, and a thick jacket that had a hoody.

10. Did you dream last night?

I am pretty sure I did, my memory is just TERRIBLE.

11. When did you last laugh?

That was when I was reading a story in Demyx’s POV. He is so cute and adorable. I just want to squeeze him to death! Why did Sora have to kill him? TT.TT

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?

Paintings of little children that my mother insists on keeping in my room… I just realized how creepy-looking they are…

13. Seen anything weird lately?

The pictures on my walls…and my key chain that I made that looks like a 5-year-old made it. I suck.

14. What do you think of this quiz?

It’s pretty fun.

15. What is the last film you saw?

I re-watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince two or three days ago…WHY DID DUMBLEDORE HAVE TO DIE?!?!

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

The rights to Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts franchise, and…A VOCALOID! I WILL MAKE CRYPTON CREATE A VOCALOID OF ME! Hehe, I will get recorded for my voice bank too. Nyuh~!

17. Tell me something about you that I don't know:

…I have never played Kingdom Hearts, but I rely on watching the cut-scenes online?

18. If you could change one thing MANY THINGS about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?

Make war disappear, world peace, and make discrimination go away. …I would also make my friend enjoy yaoi. XP

19. Do you like to dance?

No; if you like watching a fish flop helplessly on the ground, then you will absolutely love my dancing skills.

20. George Bush


21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?

I’ll take a note from JK Rowling’s book(s), and say Luna. Isn’t it fun to say? Luuuuunnnnaaaa~!

22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?

Lea. I think I would want to name him Lea. Pronounced: LEE! X3

23. Would you ever consider living abroad?

That sounds pretty cool…

24. What do you want God to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?

“Sorry, but don’t see your name on the reservation list. Go back.”

Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I've tasted of desire,

I hold with those who favor fire.

But if it had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To say that for destruction, ice

Is also great

And would suffice.

- "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost

My sister is favorite person in the world, I just wish she wasn't so loud.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Holier than Thou by nicayal reviews
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