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Author has written 12 stories for Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Hi…this is my world. If you have continued reading after ‘my world’, I pity you as my world is not something that is that great or sane. Most consider me as eccentric and confused, though I am usually calm and coordinated around strangers and VERY important people. It is this strangeness that is me that has got me into trouble more than once and given birth to my 4 alter-egos, my official muses. Now, on that point, I suppose I had better tell you something about them before the confusion becomes so deadest that you won’t be able to comprehend what I am saying anymore asparagus flapjacks and socks…er…see what I mean? :).
I can say I am an aspiring Psychologist...hopefully next year I can start in a Master degree in Clinical Psychology and maybe even go for a Phd course. but until then...I'm a lass in a fantasy realm of where there is little to no escape.

I have four muses, they are like drifty spirits that all have their own colours. This is because they are basically very hard to tell apart unless I give them names of characters out of books, of whose descriptions they will then adopt. But this is just too scary and I KNOW I would name one of them ‘Legolas’ and I just don’t want that distraction walking around the house. Hee hee.

->Head Muse: is always dressed in white and is all wise, he has an obsession with Double Jeopardy and can spend hours with his face glued to the screen, asking the questions before they are answered without flaw all the time, every time (if that makes any sense). He also has an affinity with Muse #3, due to their ever lasting betting on the fights the other two muses get into and their twin love of calmness and serenity. This muse is the only one I can’t really yell at. How can you yell at calm?
->Muse #3: (my review muse who gives me ideas about how to write a good review of someone's story) is in purple has a liking to knitting. We all think he is trying to make some weird point about an upcoming ice age. If an argument occurs he will choose the neutral side and start knitting…usually a door so he can skiattle outta there. He is VERY sarcastic about EVERYTHING.
->Muse #4: is in red and is very dramatic, he helps me write the serious side to my stories, but he has no sense of humour. Unfortunately this lack of good vibes has lead to a perpetual hate/hate relationship with Muse #2, just look and see. Muse #4 HATES happiness and slash with a vengeance, and just looky what #2 inspires. Oh, by the way, he LOVES popcorn…just a hint, so does #2.
->Muse #2: I left to last coz he's a little more complex. He dresses in bright yellow with pink stripes and this weird green baseball cap, this is because he is ever starved for attention as we all ignore him, consistently. As my quiet “Plot Bunny” he has recently become quite the paranoid one. Due to his intense like of slash, comedy and general good humour, he is continually in some sort of debate with Muse #4 over something or another. Usually ends in a fist fight with both of them having to retire to the Void for a while to recoup. And sometimes they simply fight over popcorn…how sad.
->George: is my little white wooden seal that usually sits on the top of my monitor. Muse #2 seems to like him a lot and even though George never talks, and all he does is grin all day, I have come to adore him too and his empathetic hate of Mary Sues…he’s such the charmer.
->The Void: This is similar to the Outer Void described in the Silmarillion. The place that Morgoth was cast into forever. But not quite. The Muse Void is more like where the muses actually came from, the secret place they blink into when they need rest. This is where my four go when I’m in writer’s block mode, it’s the safest place really, the only place I cannot reach them. Other times they go to Malta and come home with tans on their very pale spirit skins…remind me to hurt them one day.

Now when I say things like ‘the birth of my alter-egos’, it’s not meant to be literal. The fact that they live in my house, eat my popcorn and generally make me go insane when they are not here doesn’t mean they were born. They are actually of Greek origin of which I am still trying to figure out, apparently they are the forgotten sons of Zeus, who got banished. I leace it at that. We all have them in all different ways, mine just turn out to be the Four Musketfreaks.

Muse #3: #La dee da! *twiddles thumbs*
Muse #4: What you on about?
Muse #3: Oh nothing. #La dee da!
Muse #2: Huh? He has a secret, I know it! *points to #3 in a paranoid way*
Vana: No he doesn't.
Head Muse: Shh, TV. *puts on a pair of headphones so he can hear Double Jeapoardy better* Vana: Riiight.
Muse #4: What do you mean, he doesn't have a secret?
Muse #3: #La dee dumdeeda. *starts to grin stupidly*
Muse #2: And I thought I was weird.
Vana: He is just thinking about the dream I had last night.
Muse #4: Oh, the one where you were proposed to by your best friend and you refused, saying could you just go steady for a bit, and then he said 'ok' and got elected premier of the state after this huge parade through the streets of Green City which, of course, does NOT exist and...
Vana: SHUT UP!
Muse #4: What? *whines* it's da truth.
Vana: You don't have to tell the whole world.
Muse #3: AH HAH!! I've got it!!
Muse #2: Oh goody. *rolls eyes and confides in George, the seal smiles and probably says everything is ok. no one really knows what goes on between those two, they keep it secret*
Muse #3: You are feeling lonely for a certain elf and are seeing possiblities that may be consequences of this feverent crush. In other words, if you don't get your mind off him, you will be doomed to celibacy and no guy for eternity. Vana: *goes pale* Can that really happen? Muse #4: Sure. Some crushes have major adverse effects on girls...especially Legolas crushes.
Vana: I have created monsters. *murmers and shakes her head, her muses are becoming intelligent, this is scary*


* * * *

Birthday: 28/12/1983 (AD or BC, it’s your guess)
Gender: Girl…I only know one guy who writes fics and he’s called Osiris Brackhaus. *sighs wistfully* He and his wife Beryll are such an inspiration.
Nationality: Originally Australian, moved to Holland on Sep 30th 2002. Now I live here.
5’8, pale and tends to have greenish eyes whenever I get too much sugar in me. I’ll tell no more, you don’t have to know me.
Likes: Lord Of The Rings (of course), Chocolate, Orlando Bloom, Fabio Lione, Internet, Legolas, Writing (am trying to write a novel along with other poems, may post them one day), Ferrets, Cats, Brown eyes, Men with wolf-eyes, The cold, Elves, Hats (a bad hairdresser experience a few years back provoked this), Travelling, Egyptian/Greek linguistics and mythology, Elvish, Stargate, Blue eyes, Harry Potter, Snakes (only boas, can’t stand vipers), Ice-skating, Snow, Crystals, Archery (need to find a club), Tae Kwon Do, Pointy ears, Medieval clothes and weapons, LARP (Live Action Roleplay) Stripey socks, Stripes in general, Daisies/Forgetmenots (the ONLY flowers I really like), Curly hair, Billy Boyd, Singing, Celtic/Gaelic/Soft-Power and Symphonic Metal music ‘Blind Guardian’ 'Nightwish' 'Within Temptation' 'Rhapsody' 'Evanescense' 'Coldplay' 'Creed', Holland, Mountains, Motor-bikes, Blue and Purple, Mum’s cooking, reading (TONS), Fanfiction, Roleplaying...Ok, you get the general idea.
Dislikes:Christmas (seriously, it’s getting WAY too commercial), Birthdays (mine to be precise), Politics, War, Heat, Anyone who says Orli is too “girly”, Anyone who says Legolas looks like a “girl”, Graphic thriller movies, Spiders, Enclosed spaces, Cars, Speed (not the drug, hate that too though), Totally obsessed fangirls, Too many people (luckily LOTR was great, because I dropped my phobia and just sat and watched in the packed cinema), Horror movies, Staying in one place too long, Poverty, Talking too much, Plot Bunnies…there is more, but it gets REALLY serious and I dislike that (pun intended).
Favorite Quote (s):
-"Si jeuné savais, si veuille pouvait" -If youth but knew, if aged but could-.
-"It can't get worse, knockonwood".
-"I am strange, accept it and move on".
-“Nutters nutters nutters…”
-“Hoi hoi!”
-"Hi...are you an elf?"
-“Be well, Live life and Don’t crash”

If that is enough, I could stop right here. But there is another thing, I am very random, so if I am talking to you or something and something just pops out that makes not sense whatsoever, never mind it, it's just my thoughts coming through my mouth.

* * * *


Sites: - My Live Journal. Enjoy my strange little world.
- Camilla Sandman's site rocks and am currently worshipping it. She is second only to Tolkien and I recommend her stories to EVERYONE as she is the founder of OFUM (Official Fan-fiction University of Middle-Earth).
- Figwit!
- Real Person fanfic, Elijah and Orlando in Middle Earth
- Real Person fanfic, a one shot Elijah one, no romance

-Camilla Sandman, who wrote ‘OFUM’.
-Minka, the most goriest writer for elf torture alive.
-Yours Truly, angstiest elf emotional torture person alive.
-Minka and Yours Truly, just look above and cringe. They have joined.
-Zanna, writer of ‘Princess of Mirkwood’. NOT a Mary-Sue, go read, is VERY good.
-Thundera Tiger, SEE HER STUFF, veeeeeeerryyy good stuff.
-Naheka and Joe the Nazgul, VERY good stories, a must see.
-Writegirl, incredibly good, must see.

-For more, check my Favourites list. I LOVE them all.

* * * *
BASIC SUMMERY: All in all, I love life. I try to do everything that I can afford and live it all to the full. My ambition is to backpack around the world before I turn 30. It WILL happen, I'll make sure of THAT. I have an awful habit of letting my Plot Bunny give me a HUGE bite and making me start on another story before I’m even a 5th through the others. It gets really annoying and I have currently got 17 stories under me belt with only a small amount online (including Orli and Elijah fics on the other site) and only 3 of those are complete with many more to take their place. Talk about hectic. Hee hee. Hopefully though I will wait a bit before I put them ALL on, coz I know how annoying it is to never get an update of anything even when the story is really obvious. I love every story of LOTR or the cast members. I mean it, EVERY story, that includes love and thrills, torture and angst. Even slash sometimes draws my attention if it, how do you explain slash. I don't like really kinky bondage though, I think that's where I've gotta draw the line. Mary-Sues? Don't get me started. I've gotten so worried about some of my stories that I've changed the sex of my original characters to male. AAAARRRGHH, I despise Mary-Sue, she should go get a life. Oh, Yeah. So should I. lol I try to reveiw as many stories as possible but I only review on the last page. So if the story is HEAPS long, I can't always finish it and I go to bed at 6am or something. (which is quite normal for me). To end this rather…er…strange inlook of my life, I shall say Ta ta. ALL my reveiws end with "Ta Ta". It's just something I gotta do and seeing every other idea for a witty remark or a significant quote has been taken, I'm reduced to "Ta Ta". (Bit of news...I actually OWN one of the three Silmarils...basically is one of the only three of its make in Belgium and Holland...hence my AOL screen name *grins*) So anyways. Ta Ta
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